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Feng Yujie asked in a low voice, "Little Scoundrel, you and Qilian seem to be able to condense more than ten pills at once, right?"

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded. "If she was also of the G.o.d's strength, and we cultivated together, she should have already cultivated the Alive Slain Method like she is now for many years. That's why she and I can condense a little more."

Feng Yujie did not understand much about these Spirit Orbs. Even Chen Xiang did not know much about them, but only Lv Qilian was familiar with this area, so she could roughly guess how many medicinal herbs the Spirit Orb could replicate.

"Mn, you and I both have the strength of G.o.ds, so before, we could only kiss each other to condense Spiritual Beads that could be quickly replicated with Divine Medicines. But now … "The Spiritual Beads that we condense will be even better."

Chen Xiang took out a jade bowl, preparing to start copying the medicinal herb …

"Forging Regeneration Dan requires four kinds of blue spirit pearls before each one can be replicated … So to make a copy, I need to make eight blue spirit pearls. I wonder how many purple pearls are needed?" Feng Yujie was also looking forward to seeing that she had already cut out a portion of the Regeneration Dan's medicine and placed it into two bowls.

Chen Xiang nodded to Feng Yujie, indicating that Feng Yujie could put the pearl inside.

The purple spirit pearl was only the size of a rice grain. After both Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang had finished cultivating, it had congealed in Feng Yujie's mouth. When Feng Yujie looked at the spirit pearl that he and his beloved man had condensed for the first time, a sweet feeling arose in his heart.

She put a purple spirit pearl into the bowl. When the purple spirit pearl touched the water in the bowl, it instantly melted and turned into a deep purple color …

After absorbing the violet water, the divine fruit quickly grew to the other half. Soon, two divine fruits appeared in the bowl …

"The water hasn't cleared out yet. So you can continue copying it?" Chen Xiang said in surprise.

Feng Yujie picked up the two divine fruits and cut them apart before placing them into a bowl. In the end, there were only four of them …

Just a purple bead could change a Zhongpin medicine. Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were both very surprised because this already exceeded their expectations.

"That's great!" Feng Yujie happily kissed Chen Xiang's cheek. "Our ten purple pearls can turn into forty …"

Chen Xiang laughed, "Let's cultivate double for two more days and we will be able to cultivate up to twenty more pills. Then, we will start to refine pills in the remaining time."

Feng Yujie nodded her head. Although her face was red, when she looked at Chen Xiang, it was filled with charm power.

In the past, Chen Xiang could completely suppress the temptation of Feng Yujie. However, after experiencing the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess once, Chen Xiang realized that he had no way of resisting her. This also made Feng Yujie happily laugh at how she failed to seduce Chen Xiang previously.

In just two days, Feng Yujie had already condensed twenty purple pearls. She left ten of them for the reserve twenty to duplicate Regeneration Dan s' medicinal ingredients.

"Sister Feng, are you still refining that divine jade pellet?" Chen Xiang asked. That divine jade pellet was a divine pellet that Feng Yujie had refined using the Original source refining for the first time, and its effects were not bad as well.

"Of course I won't sell it for now. I plan to take it out after the compet.i.tion at Dan Hall …" As long as she did not restrain the enticing power, Feng Yujie's clothes and her inherent charm would be added on top of the fact that she had already become Chen Xiang's woman.

Feng Yujie saw that Chen Xiang could not hold it in anymore. She laughed and retracted the strange seductive power that was on her body, then laughed: "First refine the pill, I wonder if it can be completed in a few days."

Chen Xiang secretly took a deep breath, hugged Feng Yujie and kissed her cheeks. "It's alright if we can't refine it.

Even if the two of them were to refine pills together in the secret chamber, they wouldn't find it dull and full of motivation …

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie could use the Original source refining to refine four batches of Regeneration Dan s per day! Two people would refine eight batches of Regeneration Dan s per day, and they had refined a total of fifty batches of pellets out of the pellet in six days … …

There were still two days until the disciples of other forces would head to Supreme Divine Palace. They were busy for a few days, so they needed to rest.

Feng Yujie hugged Chen Xiang. Seeing that Chen Xiang was a little tired, she used her jade hands to caress his chest gently.

"Undying from exhaustion." Chen Xiang faintly smiled, then lightly inhaled and relaxed his entire body. He began to rest. He needed to recover fully …

The second day, Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie walked out of the secret room. When Shui Bingyan saw them, he hastily went over to greet them and pa.s.sed them two cups of ice-cold water.

"This is the ice tea that I refined. It's very delicious! The big senior brother and the hall master both said it's very good!" Shui Bingyan said as he giggled.

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie took the iced tea from her. Just as they were about to drink it, they felt a very refreshing and cool sensation, allowing them to drink it in one gulp.

"Her icy face is getting more and more powerful, and she can even make such delicious iced tea," Feng Yujie praised. This made Shui Bingyan feel extremely happy, as if he was a child being praised by an adult.

Chen Xiang laughed, "BingYan is too bored staying here these few days. Let's go, let's take you out for a walk."

Shui Bingyan had long wanted to look outside. Hearing Chen Xiang's words, he immediately cheered and jumped out of the courtyard while holding Feng Yujie's hand.

Yue'er flew into Chen Xiang's backpack and smiled sweetly, "The taste of the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess is pretty good, right?"

Chen Xiang pressed his finger on her head, "Don't speak carelessly about this matter."

Yue'er stuck out her cute and pet.i.te tongue as she laughed, "Of course I won't speak carelessly. However, obtaining the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess is one of the goals of those princes. After all, the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess possesses the inheritance of the Nine Divine Kings … Of course, other than that, there was the Nine Heaven World. I don't know about the specifics …

Chen Xiang did not know about this matter. He and Feng Yujie only dual cultivated Alive Slain Method, but they did not cultivate. Other than that, he planned to give it a try.

At this time, the inside of the Supreme Divine Palace was relatively deserted because everyone had gathered in a city outside of the Supreme Divine Palace. The city was called Heroes Gathering Divine City and it was constructed quite grand and it was very close to the Supreme Divine Palace and it looked just like the Supreme Divine Palace.

This city was established to welcome the other disciples of the Super G.o.d Realm. In the future, this city would gather the commoners of some nearby villages … This would be quite beneficial for the disciples of the Supreme Divine Palace. At least, it would be more convenient to purchase divine medicines and other things in the future.

Feng Yujie brought Shui Bingyan and walked in the front. Their clothes were all relatively simple, but their outstanding appearance caused quite a few men to look at them …

There weren't many people in the city yet, but it could be seen that among the disciples of other forces were the disciples of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain that Chen Xiang was more familiar with.

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