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It took Chen Xiang a few days to understand the method of the strong Spirit blood from the Heavenly Alchemy.

"Looks like it uses up a lot of Divine Sense Sea's power. I wonder what effect the Six Realms' Power of my Divine Sense Sea will have if I use it on it!" What was expended was the power within the Divine Sense Sea. Because Chen Xiang cultivated the Six Realms magic kungfu, all he had right now were six streams of G.o.dly power.

And what the Mysterious power could do, the Six Realms' Power could too.

After finding the method, Chen Xiang started refining the Regeneration Dan. He first burnt the few types of divine medicines to a certain degree, then used his Spirit Essence to see the Spirit blood and used the "Strengthening Technique" that he had just comprehended.

Before using this method, he had to first figure out which divine medicines were too weak, and then strengthen the Spirit blood of these divine medicines. All he had to do was balance these Spirit blood.

The only thing he needed to do was to use a powerful spirit technique, and the Six Realms' Power in his body would quickly rush out of the Divine Sense Sea, turning into a light green glow and flowing out of his palms. It would enter the pill furnace through the fire entrance of the pill furnace and then wrap around the divine medicine and permeate into the divine medicine little by little, strengthening those weak Spirit blood.

At this time, Chen Xiang also used his Spirit Eyes, and carefully observed the Spirit blood. When the Spirit blood was weak, its color would slightly change, and as it grew stronger, its color would also deepen, so it was very easy to see.

As long as the color depth of the divine medicines were similar, they could begin to fuse together!

This kind of situation wouldn't happen to low quality divine medicines. Although low quality divine medicine Spirit blood would also have a large difference in strength, but because the energy contained within the divine medicine wasn't enough to detonate, it could be forcefully merged!

On the other hand, the middle grade and above divine medicines were different. The powerful energy concealed within would explode if the Spirit blood was not stable at all!

"It's about time!" Chen Xiang never thought that he would have to spend three days to get the color of the Spirit blood to be identical, and that he would have to use up a lot of Six Realms' Power s.

"It's because I'm not familiar with this technique that I have to use it bit by bit. Therefore, if I'm familiar with it after such a long period of time, the time I need can be shortened by a lot. It's not a problem for me to produce a pill quickly!" Chen Xiang used his divine sense to form a hand, grabbing the Spirit blood inside the ball of Medicine aura and fusing them together.

At this moment, Chen Xiang's heart was thumping hard, he was nervous, if he failed, he would have to find a new method! However, if he succeeded, it would be much easier and faster to refine Zhongpin Dan than other Alchemist s. He did not even need to refine a large number of Shangpin holy Dan, this was something that made him very excited.

When the few Spirit blood fused together, Chen Xiang's forehead could not help but exude a large amount of sweat. When he saw the Spirit blood fuse into a ball, he let out a long sigh.

"Done!" Chen Xiang was overjoyed and heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, the Medicine aura s and medicinal powders had all fused together into a very dense ball of air.

"As expected of Zhongpin medicine. If we combine several of them together, we can produce such a dense amount of Medicine aura. Seems like we can condense quite a few pills!" Chen Xiang was extremely happy in his heart: "If you use the Holy Pellet as support, after the fusion is done, you have to release the Holy Pellet's energy. When the energy is released, a large portion of the Medicine aura will be lost, so the amount of Medicine aura that leave the pellet is very small!"

Chen Xiang had understood it before, the young Pill G.o.d who made Supreme Divine Palace only had two pills, but he was still not sure how many pills Feng Yujie could make out of these pills. He still had to continue burning these Medicine aura s to make them purer.

"According to this method, if you can only condense an ordinary pill, you should be able to condense at least five pills!" Chen Xiang was even more excited, the more he could condense, the better. This way, he wouldn't feel like he was losing out even if he sold them at a low price.

Now that he had solved the problem, he did not need to add Shangpin holy Dan s to refine the pill. This could reduce a lot of costs and the amount of energy needed to refine the pill, at the same time increasing the number of pills!

After Chen Xiang refined that large lump of Medicine aura to a very pure state, he was somewhat agitated in his heart.

"Seven pills!" It should not be a problem! "

He rewarded this group of Medicine aura with seven points, and then carried on with the process of condensing the pellet!

After a short while, Chen Xiang succeeded in condensing the pellet. He opened the furnace and saw that there were seven light yellow Regeneration Dan s inside.

"Great, as long as I copy a little more, I can quickly refine a large amount!" Chen Xiang wiped his sweat and hurriedly walked out of the bas.e.m.e.nt with the seven Regeneration Dan.

When they arrived at the top, Feng Yujie was currently sleeping on the same bed as Shui Bingyan, while Yue'er was sprawled on the ground next to Shui Bingyan.

Shui Bingyan slept soundly and looked good in her sleep. Feng Yujie, who was at the side, woke up early, and when she heard the door to the bas.e.m.e.nt opened, her eyes shone open. She had been waiting for Chen Xiang's good news.

"Do you want to kiss her?" Feng Yujie laughed.

"I don't dare, she's strong!" Chen Xiang curled his lips.

Feng Yujie had already walked down from the bed and arrived beside a table.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Look!"

Feng Yujie saw that Chen Xiang had opened a jade box and there were seven Regeneration Dan inside. She almost shouted out happily, but she was worried that she would disturb Shui Bingyan, so she restrained herself.

"How did you refine it?" Without using Shangpin holy Dan s, you can use two portions of Regeneration Dan s' medicinal ingredients to refine seven pellets! " Feng Yujie placed the Regeneration Dan on his palm and carefully examined them, "They are even of high quality!"

Chen Xiang chuckled: "My first furnace was a failure! These seven pills you saw were all refined in the same furnace! "

"Impossible!" Feng Yujie shouted lightly. She had refined Regeneration Dan many times, she knew Regeneration Dan well enough, she felt that her four pellets were already the limit, and she had to use her best to be able to condense four.

Chen Xiang laughed but did not speak. He took a close look at these Regeneration Dan and discovered that they were all hot. The temperature was about the same.

But she still quickly shook her head. She could not accept this kind of thing that she felt was impossible!

"Sister Feng, you can do it too. I'll teach you tomorrow. I'm a bit tired now, so I'll go take a bath first!" Chen Xiang walked into the bathroom and quietly washed off the perspiration on his body. Then, he sat on a chair and crossed his legs to rest.

Feng Yujie also leaned over, laid in Chen Xiang's embrace, and gently caressed his cheeks as she gently said: "I'll accompany you!"

Chen Xiang kissed her red lips and laughed. Then, he hugged her and went to the other bed, where they slept in each other's embrace.

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