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Luo Tianjun let out a long sigh: "No wonder this kind of flower would appear in such a precious land of divine medicine, it was planted by this guy. He's still the same as always, always like to plant this kind of thing."

Chen Xiang was startled, Xiao Changle truly loved flowers, and this kind of terrifying [Death Profound Evil Flower] was actually planted by him.

Luo Tianjun looked at Feng Yujie: "Girl, do you recognize this guy as well?"

Feng Yujie nodded. "I'm young … We were quite familiar with him when we were young, I didn't expect him to be here. "

At that time, the Nine Divine Kings was extremely prestigious, and since Xiao Changle was able to recognize Feng Yujie, it meant that Xiao Changle had a pretty good status at that time.

"Hall Master, he said that he is from the Six Realms Divine Palace. What is his position in the Six Realms Divine Palace?" Chen Xiang asked, this Xiao Changle knew some of his secrets, he had to figure out Xiao Changle's ident.i.ty now.

"He is the hall master of the Six Realms Divine Palace. Although this guy is from the Six Realms Divine Palace, he is also an alchemist, and strictly speaking, he can be considered my martial uncle, no one knows his ident.i.ty in the Six Realms Divine Palace, only a few elders and hall masters of the Supreme Divine Palace know about him."

Luo Tianjun's words caused Chen Xiang and Yue'er to be extremely shocked. They never thought that Xiao Changle was actually the Hall Master of the Six Realms Divine Palace.

Feng Yujie frowned: "He was originally from the Divine Wind Valley, why did he run to Six Realms Divine Palace?"

Luo Tianjun said, "He controls the wind laws. Later on, because the Divine Wind Valley and the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain jointly did something that would harm the disciples of both sides, at that time, Divine Wind Valley and the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain both sent a portion of their disciples away. That was when he entered the Six Realms Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought back to when Xiao Changle asked him about the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques. Obviously, Xiao Changle already knew that he had fused with the Divine Deity of the Six Daos Divine Monarchs, and even knew that he had the Six Realms mirrors, but he did not say anything.

"How is he?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Not bad, just that she likes to dress up more than women and flowers more than women. The rest are still quite good." Luo Tianjun laughed mischievously: "You should have seen him in the precious land of divine medicine."

Chen Xiang nodded his head. It was indeed just as Luo Tianjun had said.

"Hall Master, he said that he will be coming to the Supreme Divine Palace soon, what is he doing here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"He should be the one who brought the disciples of the Six Realms Divine Palace to join in the fun. Our Hall Master should have made an agreement with him that the compet.i.tion this time will possibly compare to the other forces. When the time comes, the three great halls will be gathered together and other forces like the Divine Wind Valley and the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain will also come." Luo Tianjun said: "It will be more lively later on."

"That's what Hallmaster told me before. That's why I went into seclusion, because when the time comes, we old bones will have to go up on stage and regain some face."

"Camel." Someone suddenly shouted from outside the door, his voice was like thunder.

Hearing the voice, Chen Xiang knew who it was. It was the chief hall master of the Soul Hall, Zhu Xiangyuan.

Chen Xiang helped him find the Dao heart stone, but half of the compensation he gave Chen Xiang had not been paid off, which was equivalent to giving him a decent set of divine soul.

The reason he's here now, should be to send us off with his divine soul.

The moment Zhu Xiangyuan came in, and saw Chen Xiang, without saying a word, he threw a pearl over to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang took the pearl, and felt that it was very scalding to the hand.

"This is a fire attribute divine soul. I've already finished refining it so it's very easy for you to fuse it." Zhu Xiangyuan smiled and said: "Be careful when fusing with them. This fire attribute divine soul is extremely overbearing, don't get burned."

Luo Tianjun thought it was strange. He had only closed himself off for a few months, yet Zhu Xiangyuan had already gifted him with divine soul. It had to be known that even old bones like them would find it difficult to obtain such a high quality divine soul from Zhu Xiangyuan.

"What's going on?" Luo Tianjun felt that it was strange, so he looked at Zhu Xiangyuan and asked.

"He helped me find the Dao heart stone …" Just as Zhu Xiangyuan finished speaking, he realized that he had leaked his mouth, because he had promised Chen Xiang not to tell him about this matter.

Hearing that, Luo Tianjun's eyes immediately became round, he glared at Chen Xiang, and then left. It seemed like he went to Supreme Hall to look for the old man.

Zhu Xiangyuan chuckled at Chen Xiang: "Don't worry, I won't let your hall master cause any trouble, I'll go watch him right now."

Zhu Xiangyuan left as well as he let out a helpless sigh.

Yue'er continued to play with Shui Bingyan, they were both chasing after him and playing around. When Chen Xiang and the others were talking earlier, Shui Bingyan also sat obediently by the side and listened quietly.

"Sister Feng, how did you know that Xiao Changle?" Chen Xiang asked: "If he sees you now, would he still recognize you?"

Feng Yujie laughed: "Of course I recognize him. Back then, Nine Divine Kings had set his eyes on this guy, so he was doing quite well in Divine Wind Valley. The G.o.d King had often given him pointers, so when I was young, I often cultivated with him.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. I even found this in the divine medicine land." Chen Xiang took out the Tianhai flower and laughed, "Is this a Tianhai flower?"

When Feng Yujie saw it, she cried out in surprise, "It's the Tianhai flower! This is great! This is a divine medicine that is difficult to find in order to refine the Divine Sense Sea Pellet."

Chen Xiang said: "Seems like I'm not mistaken."

Feng Yujie carefully stored it away. This was a very precious thing to her.

"Brat, I have already improved the Regeneration Dan." Feng Yujie also had some good news to tell Chen Xiang. Seeing her pleased smile, Chen Xiang couldn't help but reach out and caress her face.

"How did it go?" Chen Xiang knew that Feng Yujie was using this to vent his anger towards the young Alchemist that had refined the Regeneration Dan.

"Although Regeneration Dan s can regenerate their flesh and bones, their speed is very slow and they aren't very effective against G.o.ds who have relatively stronger flesh and bones." Feng Yujie said: "But the Jadeback Divine Pellet that I refined could regenerate bones and flesh quickly. If my body was just a bit weaker, I could complete it in an instant, and it would be much better than the Regeneration Dan by many times."

Feng Yujie faintly sighed: "The only thing that is lacking is that this kind of pill is slightly more difficult to refine, and we need to add another Zhongpin medicine. Although the effects are very good, the price would definitely be very high, if not it would be difficult to reverse the price.

Chen Xiang looked at the divine soul in his hands and said: "I have a way, that fellow's Regeneration Dan s are not endless, I think that he already has some in stock, and he is only selling them to a few people. If we can quickly copy the Regeneration Dan's medicinal ingredients and quickly refine them, then we can definitely compete with him."

"I know that as well, but how do we solve this problem? Replicating the medicinal ingredients is not a difficult task, what's more difficult is to quickly refine the ingredients, after all, this is a Zhongpin Dan. It requires a batch of Shangpin holy Dan s to concoct." This gave Feng Yujie a headache.

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