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Chen Xiang didn't know much about Xiao Changle, but this guy knew a lot of things about him. The matter of him killing the purple robed man in the cave, must have been found out by Xiao Changle.

"Don't worry, I didn't see what you did in the cave." Xiao Changle patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

Chen Xiang nodded, then cupped his fists: "Thank you senior for understanding, farewell."

Chen Xiang immediately ran, Xiao Changle said that he was from Six Realms Divine Palace, and the killing array that he had set up with the Six Realms mirrors in the cave was probably seen by Xiao Changle, so he must have already known that had Six Realms mirrors, thus he ran so fast. He was worried that Xiao Changle might want to see his Six Realms mirrors.

Chen Xiang continuously teleported, only stopping to rest after walking out of the great mountain and arriving at a piece of prairie did not stop until he had dashed madly for two consecutive days.

"Do you have a clue? Just what kind of background does this guy have? It's too scary. Even when facing strong people like Yi Bidong, I don't feel this kind of pressure." Chen Xiang exhaled, then released Little Lightning. Riding on Little Lightning's back, he returned to Supreme Divine Palace.

Yue'er said: "I have never heard of his name, but I can roughly guess his strength. He should be someone who has reached the pinnacle of the Supreme G.o.d Realm, and is only a little bit away from surpa.s.sing the realm of the Supreme G.o.d. He should be a Supreme G.o.d who possesses nineteen Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang exclaimed: "No wonder it's so scary, is there such a powerful being in the Supreme Divine Palace?"

Yue'er crawled out from her backpack and ran into Chen Xiang's embrace, saying, "Yes, Supreme Divine Palace's Palace Master should have that kind of strength."

Chen Xiang had never seen the hall master of the Supreme Divine Palace before, he had only heard that this hall master rarely appeared. Unless something big happened, he would never come out to settle things, even if it was the Large Compet.i.tion.

"Doesn't that mean that this Xiao Changle possesses the same terrifying power as the Supreme Divine Palace's Hall Master? Does that mean that there are a lot of these fellows in the Six Realms Divine Palace? said in surprise. said that he was from the Divine Wind Valley and joined the Six Realms Divine Palace later on.

"In the past, Six Realms Divine Palace was very powerful, especially during the time of the Six Daos Divine Monarchs … However, after the disappearance of the Six Daos Divine Monarchs, the Six Realms Divine Palace also declined. Everything Yue'er knew, she knew from the higher-ups in the Beast Divine Palace. She had a n.o.ble position in the Star Moon Divine Race, so she knew a lot of things.

Chen Xiang returned to the Supreme Divine Palace. He did not expect that it would take him so long to walk out of the depths of the treasure grounds.

Returning back to the Tenth Dan Hall, Chen Xiang saw Shui Bingyan and Feng Yujie organizing some medicinal herbs in the courtyard outside.

Seeing Chen Xiang and Yue'er return, Shui Bingyan walked over happily, "Elder Brother Shen, Yue'er, how do you do?"

Yue'er really liked Shui Bingyan. She flew out from her backpack and threw herself into Shui Bingyan's embrace, playing with him with her cute little paws.

"Has BingYan adapted yet." Chen Xiang sat down and helped Feng Yujie get those dried up miracle medicines, he did not know what they looked like.

Feng Yujie chuckled: "Your worries and mine are superfluous. Although this girl is simple, she is not easy to deceive. She has a very strong sense of perception and is very sensitive to whoever has ill intents towards her. She doesn't need to adapt to our human environment."

Chen Xiang looked at Shui Bingyan's innocent and brilliant smile, and sighed: "I hope our human environment isn't so treacherous to her heart."

"What are these?" asked. There were many divine medicines, and all of them looked like gray fruits, but the roots of the fruits were intertwined together.

"The Divine Aura Fruit and the Void Primordial Spirit Fruit, the main two kinds of Zhongpin medicine in refining the Divine Concealment Pellet, are intertwined together. Now we need to separate them one by one." Feng Yujie said: "Did you get anything from going to the divine medicine trove?"

"My harvest is not bad. How did you get these medicinal ingredients? Did you buy them?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't know why that guy called Xie Ao gave it to me, but for some reason, he gave it to me without taking my Shen Yuan stone." Seeing Chen Xiang's smile, Feng Yujie knew that it had something to do with Chen Xiang, and quickly asked: "What exactly is going on?"

Chen Xiang chuckled: "I saved this guy, moreover, he can be considered to be someone I know. He is Nine Heaven World."

Feng Yujie opened her mouth in shock and exclaimed: "So it's Evil Emperor, how did he become like this, I can't even recognize him, no wonder the Qi on his body gave me a familiar feeling."

"You've met him." Chen Xiang didn't think that Feng Yujie would enter the Evil Emperor and see her. What was strange was that she didn't recognize him.

"Of course I've added him. However, at that time, he was completely different from how he is now. He was basically two different people. He had also seen me before. Merely, at that time, I had used a different appearance." Feng Yujie said.

Chen Xiang took out that blue colored flower. When he met Xie Ao in the Divine Medicinal Treasure's grounds, it was precisely because of these blue colored flowers that he simply told Feng Yujie about the past.

Feng Yujie spun the blue flower, and said with a frown: "I don't know what kind of flower this is, but from your description, it seems like the effects are not ordinary."

"I even suspect whether it is a Zhongpin medicine. I just ate a petal, and the effects are already very scary." Chen Xiang said. Right now, the blue flower in Feng Yujie's hand was missing a petal.

Suddenly, a voice came from the direction of the small yard, "This is the [Dead Profound Evil Flower]. You can still live after eating a petal, this is your fate. If you don't know how to handle it, a hole will be blasted in your stomach."

This was the voice of hall master Luo Tianjun, he had already come out of seclusion.

He walked out of the room, and instantly arrived beside the table, taking the Death Profound Evil Flower from Feng Yujie's hands.

After Yue'er heard this, she immediately flew over and said in shock, "This is the legendary Death Profound Evil Flower that could let the Supreme G.o.d pierce through the heart easily."

Hearing Yue'er's description, Chen Xiang's heart suddenly had a lingering fear. He was glad he only ate a petal back then, otherwise he definitely wouldn't be able to sit here so comfortably right now.

Luo Tianjun glanced at Yue'er. Even though he was in closed-door training, he knew a little about what was happening outside.

When Yue'er and Shui Bingyan came in a while ago, he immediately found out. Yue'er was, after all, a Star and crescent beast, so it was very easy to see through her.

"This is only a Medial Grade Death Mysterious Black Evil Flower. If it were a Superior Grade flower, then this little demon's reputation would probably grow back." Luo Tianjun returned the flower to Chen Xiang, and then warned her sternly: "You can't eat it anymore. This flower is an evil medicine that can kill people."

Chen Xiang immediately nodded his head, but he was ecstatic in his heart, if he refined the pill, the power would definitely be great. The stone on the mountain where Long Xueyi's remnant soul was previously on, also had a terrifying power, he had not refined it yet.

"Hall Master, have you heard of Xiao Changle?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked, upon hearing his question, both Feng Yujie and Luo Tianjun's face changed, they actually knew who Xiao Changle was.

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