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Chen Xiang came to Huang Jintian's residence. The small house was far away from the bustling village, so it was relatively quiet. This was not Huang Jintian's residence, but rather Yao Xiao Hong's old granny's place that she grew up in.

This village was the gathering place of the Gra.s.s Wood Elves, Yao Xiaohong. She grew up here. She wandered around for a long time outside before returning to this place once more …

Huang Jintian had entered the Supreme Divine Palace with Chen Xiang, but Huang Jintian did not join the Supreme Divine Palace. Instead, he chose to explore the Super G.o.d Realm. However, from the looks of him, it seemed as if he was planning to settle down.

Chen Xiang took a sip of the fruit juice Huang Jintian had poured for him. It was extremely fragrant and sweet.

"Master, your great calamity …" Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, he gave Huang Jintian a fierce glare because he did not want the wife he had just met to know about this matter …

Huang Jintian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Don't worry about me, isn't it just a calamity? When we get here, I'll definitely be able to get through it. Don't tell this old woman that if she finds out, she'll definitely worry about me everyday."

Chen Xiang chuckled, indicating that he also hoped that Huang Jintian could pa.s.s through that great tribulation. He felt that suddenly becoming a pair with this old granny might allow him to have more confidence in transcending this great tribulation …

"You brat, aren't you fine inside the Supreme Divine Palace? Why are you running out now? Why don't you just hide inside and not stir up any trouble?" Huang Jintian poured another half a bowl of that delicious fruit juice for Chen Xiang.

Yao Xiaohong was outside, sweeping the floor and humming a small tune. Although she looked like an old lady, at this moment, she gave off a very young feeling …

Chen Xiang sipped that fruit juice. Although it was good, he was unwilling to drink it all in one gulp. "I'm going to look for the divine medicine master! Just what kind of fruit juice is this?! So delicious!"

Huang Jintian put away the bottle, "This kind of divine fruit is something that I traded my life for. Don't think about drinking it all!"

Chen Xiang laughed, "Just give me a small piece of that divine fruit."

When Huang Jintian saw Chen Xiang's smile, he knew that if he didn't give it to him, Chen Xiang would never stop. He just needed to cut a small piece for Chen Xiang.

"Brat, you better stay inside the Supreme Divine Palace for me! I feel like something big is going to happen to you! When I'm bored, I'll help you predict the future!" Huang Jintian warned repeatedly.

"Master, you don't need to tell me that I already have this kind of premonition. In fact, even if I stay in Supreme Divine Palace, I probably won't be able to avoid it." Chen Xiang sighed.

Huang Jintian knocked on Chen Xiang's head. "Are you trying to stir up some trouble again?

Chen Xiang rubbed his head and muttered, "Master, these Divine Nations are after me because I have the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques on me. Some time ago, Yi Bidong was called to Divine Nations to interrogate me, and he said that in another month or so, those Divine Nations s will send people over to attend our compet.i.tion."

Huang Jintian knitted his brows as he paced back and forth in the small hall. He seemed to know a bit about the affairs of the Divine Nations s, "There's still more than a month before the compet.i.tion begins. It's just as I predicted ….

"It's alright, how could you find it out?" Chen Xiang curled his lips.

Huang Jintian took out his copy of the Tianyan G.o.d record and started flipping back and forth as he muttered to himself, "No, something big must have happened. What kind of big event is it?! I can't even calculate what's going on with the Heaven extended method anymore."

Chen Xiang was also very curious. He said, "It can't be the Supreme Divine Palace's Large Compet.i.tion, right? This can also be considered a huge matter."

Huang Jintian shook his head, "It's definitely not my calculations. The biggest things that happen in the future are all related to how the world works, and this matter seems to be related to you. Because I've calculated it from you since the very beginning."

"So strange …" Chen Xiang couldn't understand what would happen in a month's time that would affect the operation of the world. No matter how much trouble he caused, he wouldn't be able to do such a thing, right?

Yao Xiao Hong came back from the outside and when she saw that Chen Xiang's cup was already under her control, she scolded him, "Old man, why aren't you pouring food for him? Why are you not walking around?"

Yao Xiao Hong saw that Huang Jintian was frowning as if he was thinking about something important, and did not continue talking about it. Instead, she took out a small bottle and poured some juice into it before smiling benevolently at Chen Xiang, "Young people should drink more so that they can have the strength to exterminate evil."

Chen Xiang smiled as he took a sip before repeatedly praising the fruit juice. He finally understood why Huang Jintian was so precious now.

"Master, I'm leaving first. I still have to go find some more divine medicines." Chen Xiang shouted at Huang Jintian after he finished drinking the fruit juice.

Huang Jintian was walking back and forth as if he was performing some kind of trick with his Heaven extended method. When he heard Chen Xiang say that he was going to leave, he casually said, "Let's go. Be careful on the road."

After Yao Xiaohong saw Chen Xiang out of the door, she exhorted him with a few sentences that she was very concerned about Chen Xiang and treated him like a grandson …

Chen Xiang's heart felt warm when he felt the elders' care for him, and then he walked toward the direction Yao Xiaoxiao pointed in.

Yue'er left the village and said, "That old granny is not bad. However, she seems to have already lost her strength. Otherwise, she would not be so old. She must have experienced terrifying things. Luckily, she still maintains a high level of talent as a Gra.s.s Wood Elves. She should be able to sense some divine medicines and know where they are easily."

Now, Chen Xiang understood why Yao Xiao Hong could possess some of the more precious divine medicines. It turned out that she had this kind of ability …

Even though he was far away from the village, Chen Xiang still did not let Little Lightning out. Because he was worried that if he met the G.o.ds of those Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s, they would not be able to recognize him but he could recognize Little Lightning.

When he left Yao Xiaohong's home, he had once asked this elder about this place and found out that it was still a precious divine medicine. As long as he was lucky, he would be able to find a precious divine medicine here …

Chen Xiang carried his backpack and walked alone in the middle of the ancient forest. When the sun went down, the forest inside the ancient forest would emit strange sounds due to the cold wind and rustling of leaves. Adding to the thick clouds in the sky tonight, the ancient forest was extremely dark, which made it seem somewhat eerie.

"This forest doesn't have any glowing flowers or plants! It's really dark!" From afar, a grumbling voice could be heard.

As Chen Xiang was walking along, he suddenly heard someone speaking. This was what he wanted to say, but what surprised him was that he was familiar with this voice. If he remembered correctly, this person's name was Zhan Xi, the young Alchemist of the Third Dan Hall that he met in the inn.

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