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About an hour later, a man walked into the inn. After entering, he directly went to the tables of the purple-clothed men from Purple Smoke Divine Mountain and sat down.

"You came pretty fast." A purple robed man said. This purple clothed man was the leader of several people and was also a bit strong.

The person you wanted me to investigate has already been investigated by me. He is indeed from our Supreme Divine Palace, and he is also a relatively capable fellow. He is a Alchemist, and he is also in the tenth hall of the Dan Hall, capable of refining Xiaping Dan. The man replied, "I'm also from the Dan Hall, but I'm in the third hall. Compared to the tenth hall, our third hall is a little lacking. It's mainly because the tenth hall master is too powerful."

Chen Xiang was shocked, this man was actually from the Supreme Divine Palace, and he was even from within the Dan Hall. He should be one of those legendary young Alchemist.

"Where's the other guy?" The purple robed man asked.

He does not have any backing. If you guys want to go to the Supreme Divine Palace to find Chen Xiang, then you should carefully consider it, because the tenth hall master is very scary. " The disciple from the third hall said.

Zhan Xi, how about we make a deal, you think of a way to lure that brat out. As long as we can successfully lure him to the place we specified, we can give you some benefits. "

Zhan Xi smiled slightly: "That's not a problem, you are willing to pay with fifty million Shen Yuan stone?"

Fifty million Shen Yuan stone was not a small number, but the purple clothed man readily agreed.

Chen Xiang secretly remembered the name "Zhan Xi". He was secretly furious in his heart, this guy actually wanted to sell him off, since he already knew, at that time, he would definitely not be fooled.

You guys might want to wait, because in another two months, it will be the compet.i.tion of our Supreme Divine Palace. As you all know, after that, I will lure him out. Zhan Xi said.

As they spoke of the later matters, they felt that they were more important and left the inn.

Chen Xiang had already obtained something useful, and he did not stay for long. Walking out of the inn, he continued to stroll around the village, wanting to see if there were any divine medicines that he needed.

Walking along the road, he suddenly saw a familiar face on top of a booth. He immediately walked over.

"Old granny..." Fei Fei, how is she? " The familiar person that Chen Xiang saw was Xu Lingfei's grandmother, the old man who sold him the G.o.d Root before.

Chen Xiang had changed his appearance before, but the old granny quickly responded when she heard Chen Xiang's question. She smiled benevolently: "She's doing very well right now.

"Old granny, aren't you accompanying her? Will she be lonely by herself?" Chen Xiang also laughed, he looked at the divine medicines on the old man's stall, and saw that they were all ordinary low grade divine medicines.

"At first, Fei Fei cried really hard, but in the future, she will get used to it. Sometimes, she has to steeled her heart and let Fei Fei get used to this kind of life, otherwise, when I leave, what will she do?" The old man chuckled, "Young man, what divine medicine do you like? I'll give it to you."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, what I need is Zhongpin medicine, I really did not expect to meet you here."

The old man laughed: "This place is my hometown, so I will be very safe here. When Fei Fei has the time in the future, she will also return here."

This was her homeland, didn't that mean she was the Gra.s.s Wood Elves? Which meant, that Xu Lingfei was one too.

But Chen Xiang was still suspicious, if this old man was really Gra.s.s Wood Elves, then her strength should be very strong. At that time, Xu Lingfei would not have been captured by Zhang Zhuo's group.

"Granny, I heard that the people here are all very powerful. They don't look like one." Chen Xiang asked with suspicion.

"I used to be very powerful, but due to some incident, I became very weak. At that time, I was in a bad mood too, so I took Fei Fei and left this place." The old man sighed, his eyes filled with grief.

Chen Xiang did not pursue this matter any further. After all, this was someone's problem.

"My old man is back. He's great. If I met him earlier, I might not have been bullied anymore." The old man looked at the back of Chen Xiang and revealed a warm smile.

It was obvious that the old man she spoke of was the companion she had just found.

When Chen Xiang turned around, his jaw almost dropped. That old man was actually his master, Huang Jintian.

Huang Jintian looked at Chen Xiang in shock. He felt it was a little strange, because Chen Xiang had disguised himself and was hiding his presence.

"Little Red, who is this little demon?" Huang Jintian laughed as he walked over. At the moment, he did not have a sloppy appearance, but looked to be very energetic.

"Master, it's me." Chen Xiang smiled mischievously. "Congratulations Master, you're no longer single."

This time, it was Huang Jintian's turn to be stunned. In the past, he was the one who sneakily went to Chen Xiang's side, but now it was Chen Xiang's turn.

"d.a.m.n brat."

Seeing Chen Xiang, Huang Jintian could not help but start talking loudly, slapping towards Chen Xiang's head, as though Chen Xiang was always slapping Xiao Chou's head.

"Old man, how can you hit someone? This guy saved Fei Fei and me before." When the old granny saw Huang Jintian hitting Chen Xiang, she immediately became anxious and ran over, wanting to reprimand Huang Jintian.

Huang Jintian curled his lips: "He's my disciple. I taught him since he was young to draw his sword to help when facing injustice, he should have saved me."

The old granny could not understand why they would become master and disciple upon seeing each other, but after thinking for a while, she finally understood why Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian had already known each other for a long time.

Chen Xiang muttered in his heart, Huang Jintian had only taught him a few tricks back then, teaching him how to trick people and so on.

"She's your mistress, hurry up and call her." Huang Jintian laughed.

"Greetings, Mistress." Chen Xiang immediately bowed.

"Little Hong'er, let's pack up and talk when we get back." Huang Jintian walked over and helped put away the stall, then he took Chen Xiang and the old granny and left.

That old granny's name was Yao Xiao Hong, and they got to know each other a month ago. At that time, Yao Xiao Hong had just returned from the Heavenly G.o.d Basin and met with danger on the way, so Huang Jintian was the hero who saved the beauty. The two of them fell in love at first sight, and in the end, they became a pair …

Huang Jintian proudly talked about how he had defeated those few powerful Special G.o.d beast along the way.

Chen Xiang had said before that the Undead Race's calamity was extremely terrifying. Huang Jintian had pa.s.sed through it a few times previously, but he had not succeeded in overcoming it, so it caused his memory to be lost and his cultivation to become crippled. If he could pa.s.s through the calamity that was about to befall upon him, then he would be able to obtain the memories he had lost before.

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