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When Xie Ao said this, it was as if he had a very strong backer within the Supreme Divine Palace.

"Have you gone back yet?" Xie Ao looked around. Although he did not know where he was, he had a compa.s.s that could guide him back to Supreme Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang shook his head. The reason he brought Yue'er here was to find the divine medicine he needed. Although he had already found a divine medicine, it was not what he needed.

On the surface, it looks like the relationship between the Six Realms Divine Palace and the Supreme Divine Palace is pretty good, but the disciples of the two shrines will often come into conflict with each other in secret, especially in this place. "Su Yun said in a low voice. Xie Ao warned.

Chen Xiang nodded: "I understand, I'll come back later."

Xie Ao's injuries had already healed, the divine medicine he brought with him had a strong healing effect, and his divine soul was not damaged at all. It's just that his physical body was rather serious, so he could return by himself now.

After Chen Xiang said goodbye to him, he took out that blue colored flower. This was a Zhongpin medicine, but he didn't know how effective it was.

He plucked a petal and ate it. Originally, he had guessed that this blue color belonged to the category of healing wounds. However, after eating it, he felt that his stomach was very hot.

Just by eating a petal, a terrifying energy quickly condensed in his abdomen. Because there was too much energy, this energy was compressed in his abdomen and continued to heat up, as if it was about to explode.

Chen Xiang immediately channeled his divine arts to refine the medicinal power. Even though he could refine it, he still could not understand what kind of medicinal power it was, because it was not fire.

Looks like if I want to practice the Six Realms' Power quickly, I can only rely on the Six Realms mirrors. "" Okay. Chen Xiang had always hoped to find a divine medicine that contained Six Realms' Power s, and after he refined it into a pill, the Six Realms' Power would become even purer and denser.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to eat another pill, but when he thought about how he almost lost control of the situation earlier, he gave up. If he had tried to quickly use his cultivation technique to refine it, the pressure would have exploded on his stomach. Although it wouldn't have killed him, it would have left a big hole in his stomach.

"Return and let the pavilion master take a look." Chen Xiang kept the blue flower, and then ran in one direction.

Yue'er could only communicate with Xing Yue at night to find out where the divine medicine was located, so Chen Xiang could only madly run about.

Little Lightning was a Special G.o.d beast with a stronger spiritual sense. Chen Xiang could ride on his back and relax a lot more. Firstly, his speed was very fast, and if he met a strong beast, he could sense it and then take a detour.

It wasn't even night yet when, who was flying far away from the village, suddenly saw a small village. This made him very shocked, as a village like this actually existed in this kind of place.

"Little Lightning, you should enter for a while." Chen Xiang allowed Little Lightning to enter the ring, and after teleporting a few times, he arrived outside the village.

He used his divine soul to take a look around. This village was relatively large, and there were a few thousand people. Right now, it was extremely lively inside.

"What village is this?" Chen Xiang walked in. There was an intersection here, but no sign of what kind of village it was.

Once he entered the village, Chen Xiang felt a few auras that he was very familiar with. These auras were from the Upper Heavenly G.o.d s from before.

Sensing these auras, Chen Xiang immediately changed his appearance. After confirming that his own aura would not leak out, he continued to walk into the bustling place in the depths of the village.

The villagers in the village had all built treehouses. They lived on the trees, and they also built mansions on the ground that were rented out for people to live in.

"The villagers gathered here should be regular people who enter this treasured land to gather divine medicine. I found out that the villagers here are all special, they don't seem like humans, and they all possess very strong strength. Could they be the legendary Gra.s.s Wood Elves?" Yue'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "If that's really the case, then this Gra.s.s Wood Elves can be said to be a rather terrifying force to this Super G.o.d Realm."

This was the first time Chen Xiang had heard of this Gra.s.s Wood Elves.

"Why are they so terrifying? They can actually become a great power in this Super G.o.d Realm." Chen Xiang was very suspicious of this, although there were many people in the village, but there were very few aboriginals, and these Gra.s.s Wood Elves s seemed to only have a few hundred people.

"Gra.s.s Wood Elves, they can absorb the power of plants and vegetation for their own power, and they are good at growing them. Of course, this is not the most terrifying thing about them, their true strength lies in their ability to control plants and vegetation, and the ability to turn large trees into terrifying monsters." Yue'er replied, "According to the legends, a single Gra.s.s Wood Elves is able to control a hundred million trees. It's extremely powerful."

Chen Xiang did not think much of it: "How can you control trees? It's very easy to destroy trees, even if it's over a hundred million, to other experts of the Heavenly G.o.d level, it's not very scary."

Yue Er snorted: "You have to know, after they control the trees, they can absorb the power of the other plants and infuse it into the trees they control. You must know how many flowers, plants and trees there are in the Super G.o.d Realm, right?

"Those ancient trees have been growing for a million years, or even ten million years. They contain an extremely terrifying power within them, and once they are released, they are not inferior to the G.o.d of profound G.o.d. If we borrow strength from other plants and flowers, they will become even more frightening."

Fortunately, the Gra.s.s Wood Elves Clan are quite gentle and do not have the intention to wage war, so we do not need to be too worried about such a thing happening, we just do not need to provoke them.

Chen Xiang would definitely not provoke such a fellow. Right now, he only wanted to understand the location of this village, and he could come here by himself in the future.

Walking on the road, Chen Xiang saw that many people were doing business here. The aboriginals here were also selling some divine medicines, but they were all low levelled and of poor quality.

He entered a wooden pavilion that was five stories high. Just as he entered, he saw the G.o.ds of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, who were sitting on the first floor, drinking a kind of green liquid.

Chen Xiang walked over to the counter and asked. He then realized that this juice was unique to this place, it required a hundred Shen Yuan stone s to drink a cup, and had the effect of awakening one's spirit, quickly removing the fatigue in one's body. Many people who came here drank this, and even drank quite a few cups.

Chen Xiang came to a table and ordered two cups. After drinking one, he immediately became energetic, as though he had just rested. His body was initially a little tired, but now it had been completely eliminated.

Other than that, Chen Xiang also saw a kind of white juice, it was used for healing. A big man with wounds all over came in just now, after he drank a cup, the wounds on his body quickly recovered.

The reason why Chen Xiang sat there drinking, was to find out what the G.o.ds of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain were doing, and to find out what kind of plans he had.

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