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Seeing that Xie Ao was about to lose, the man in purple clothes had a sinister smile on his face. Because Xie Ao had injured him, he must get revenge properly later.

"Don't kill him, don't let him die so easily." The purple-clothed man looked at the black blade mark on his shoulder and shouted angrily.

Just as he finished shouting, Chen Xiang teleported behind the purple robed man. The G.o.d Slaughtering Sword that was filled with Six Realms' Power pierced into the back of the man's head, and the Six Realms' Power inside the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword also exploded outwards, instantly destroying the man's Divine Sense Sea.

Chen Xiang secretly sighed in his heart, because he did not control his strength well, with this strike of his, he had completely destroyed the man's Divine Deity and divine soul.

When Chen Xiang teleported over, he brought s.p.a.ce Domain along with him, so the energy fluctuations released by his attack did not leak out.

However, his actions had already been noticed by others, and the other purple clothed men had all seen Chen Xiang killing their comrades.

This was no small matter. The few men in purple could have killed Xie Ao already, but they had all rushed over in fury.

Chen Xiang released an illusion that remained where he was, while he himself had teleported to Xie Ao's side, grabbing the injured Xie Ao, he teleported far away from the place where the battle had taken place.

Although he was already out of danger, Chen Xiang did not stop and continued to quickly teleport.

The usage of this kind of spatial energy surprised Xie Ao. Now, he understood why Chen Xiang was able to escape his pursuit in an instant.

Chen Xiang brought Xie Ao and ran frantically throughout the night. When it was day time, Chen Xiang himself didn't even know where he had run to, all he knew was that they were extremely, very far away from the place where the big battle took place last night.

They were by the side of a small stream, and Xie Ao was using the water to wash away the terrifying wounds on his body. Although he had not battled with the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain and the Earth G.o.ds for long, his entire body was covered with injuries.

Chen Xiang asked: "Is your divine soul injured?"

Xie Ao shook his head. He did not speak the entire way, and after he finished treating his wounds, he took out some divine medicine and consumed it himself. Then, he took out a bottle of medicinal powder and smeared it on his wounds.

"Oi, do you want me to return those divine medicines to you?" Chen Xiang took out a blue flower, and looked at it carefully: "What kind of flower is this, I don't know what it is."

Xie Ao said: "I don't know it either, but it's a precious Zhongpin medicine, and an ancient breed at that. Only the Alchemist who has a deep understanding of ancient divine medicine know what it is."

"Do you want it or not?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No." Xie Ao said straightforwardly: "You saved me, and then … This could have been yours. "

Chen Xiang nodded his head, Xie Ao wanted these ingredients to be used for sale, moreover he had quite a number of Shen Yuan stone, he did not lack these.

"Where did you come from? Why do I feel a sense of familiarity? You shouldn't be born and bred in this Super G.o.d Realm." Chen Xiang said, if he was given a familiar feeling, then it was most likely from the G.o.ds Realm or his own Nine Heaven World.

Xie Ao frowned: "I am indeed not from the Super G.o.d Realm, the only person who knows about this is me, how do you know?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Tell me about your origins, maybe I've heard of your name, because I'm not from the Super G.o.d Realm, I come from the Nine Heaven World."

"Nine Heaven World, how many years has it been … I came from that place as well, and was previously called Evil Emperor there. Now that I think about it, how laughable is it that even with my little strength, I dare to call myself emperor. " self-deprecatingly said. Presumably, he already knew how terrifying these Divine Nations Emperors were, which was why he had such a sigh.

"It's actually Evil Emperor." Chen Xiang said in surprise: "I have heard of your name before. You and Qi Shi are good friends, and I have also been to your Evil Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang being able to say so many things that were familiar to the Evil Emperor caused Xie Ao to be extremely surprised, and he also developed a sense of familiarity towards Chen Xiang.

Xie Ao had always been an extremely solitary person. It was precisely because he came from the Nine Heaven World that he did not fit in with the rest of the people here.

"That's right. You're able to enter my Evil Divine Palace and come out safely. You're quite capable." Xie Ao nodded: "You know Qi Shi."

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Not only do we know each other, we are also good friends … … Old Jiang, I recognize all of the Azure Dragon, Long Xueyi, and Ice Dragon. "

"Oh right, Qi Shi is right here, but his condition isn't too good." Chen Xiang said.

Back then, the relationship between Evil Emperor and Qi Shi was not ordinary, and they were both old friends.

"How many of them are still alive?" Xie Ao sighed, all of these were just memories of the past. Back then, they were all extremely powerful figures in the Nine Heaven World, but in this place, they were nothing.

"Both the Super Old Fire Beast and the Dan Emperor are dead." Chen Xiang said: "The rest are basically still alive, they should all be in G.o.ds Realm."

With regards to life and death, Xie Ao seemed to have become indifferent. After knowing that the Super Old Fire Beast and the Dan Emperor had died, he could only let out a sigh and recovered.

"Qi Shi is really here." Xie Ao's eyes were filled with excitement. After all, that was the good brother that he had shared a lifetime with.

"He's here, but he went to a very dangerous place. I can't go look for him now." Chen Xiang said: "Thank you, senior. If you want to find him, go and find out about him at Beast Divine Palace. You won't be able to find him now."

Xie Ao nodded, then patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "In the future, if you and that girl need any sort of divine medicine, come and find me first. As long as I have it, I'll definitely give it to you."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Then, I shall thank Senior first. Senior, did you get all of those divine medicines from here?"

Xie Ao finally had a smile on his face, this was the first time Chen Xiang saw him smile.

"Yes, I have a special ability. I can feel the divine medicine, and every once in a while, I will come here for a walk, so I can often find some divine medicine. This precious land is very strange, and the divine medicine here will only take a short time to mature." Xie Ao said: "It shouldn't be a coincidence that you were able to find these blue flowers, right?"

Chen Xiang only chuckled, and did not reply.

Xie Ao looked at Little Lightning, he remembered this Lightning lion, but it was Chen Xiang's mount now. Previously, he had also been entangled by Little Lightning, and he was secretly surprised at Chen Xiang's capabilities, he did not really understand Chen Xiang that much, so he wanted to quickly meet Qi Shi and get to know him better. Right now, he had already seen Chen Xiang's extraordinary abilities.

"Senior, if I kill that fellow, would that Purple Smoke Divine Mountain come knocking on my door?" Chen Xiang asked worriedly.

"It would be better if they came, but I'd like to see what they say." Speaking of Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's bandits, Xie Ao felt angry in his heart.

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