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The Upper Heavenly G.o.d s were all very strong, and by relying on the remnants of the Lightning lion's Qi, they were able to chase after Chen Xiang.

"This group of fellows have some ability, stop messing around and get rid of them. I'm worried that if this continues, I'll be caught by them. They are all Upper Heavenly G.o.d." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and used s.p.a.ce Domain to cover Little Lightning, which would allow him to hide his Spirit Qi. Then, he released a spatial door for Little Lightning to enter, far away from the place she was standing just now.

After Chen Xiang used his Spatial Force, the few Upper Heavenly G.o.d s that were in hot pursuit suddenly stopped, because they did not sense any Qi left behind by Little Lightning and did not know how to chase after.

"We'll go back and take a look at them later. If these guys can't catch me, they'll definitely go deal with Xie Ao." When Chen Xiang was escaping just now, he had also sensed Xie Ao's aura and was closely following him from behind.

Although he had been scammed by Xie Ao once, Chen Xiang still had a good impression of him. If not for Xie Ao selling the medicinal ingredients to him and Feng Yujie, they wouldn't have refined the medicinal ingredients that quickly. After all, those divine medicines were relatively rare.

Xie Ao followed closely behind. He had originally thought that the G.o.ds of those Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s would block Chen Xiang and clash with him. At that time, he would be able to sneak an attack from the chaos.

However, the situation now was that Chen Xiang suddenly ran away, the Upper Heavenly G.o.d s thought that Xie Ao and Chen Xiang were together, and Xie Ao was still behind, so they chased after Xie Ao.

If he fought alone, Xie Ao would definitely not be afraid of any of them. But if they attacked together, Xie Ao could only run away.

"How could this be? Chen Xiang ran off just like that." Xie Ao did not know of Chen Xiang's methods, which was why the development speed he saw was greatly different from what he imagined.

If not, Chen Xiang would not have been forced to teleport to escape. Xie Ao did not have Chen Xiang's ability, so the pressure he was facing now was extremely great. Adding to the fact that he was extremely close to the G.o.ds, he was slowly being caught up to.

"Don't run." A man from the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain shouted coldly. He released a cloud of purple smoke and formed a formation, enveloping Xie Ao within.

Xie Ao took out a black blade, and crazily slashed several hundred times at the huge purple net that covered it. In an instant, this huge net that looked extremely st.u.r.dy was cut apart by streams of black blade energy, becoming purple smoke and dissipating.

But at this time, the few Upper Heavenly G.o.d s had already surrounded Xie Ao, it was already too late for Xie Ao to escape.

"Only the appearance of your comrade will be able to save you. Otherwise, we will kill you. With how many divine medicines he s.n.a.t.c.hed away from us, we will definitely take them back." It was obvious that he was the leader of this team. If he had obtained that batch of divine medicines, he would have shared more, but now, all of them had been taken away by Chen Xiang.

After all, this was something that Xie Ao had discovered first, and it was also because of him that Xie Ao had fallen into such a dangerous situation. He, Xie Ao, did not have any enmity with anyone, and so, he did not wish to see Xie Ao die because of him.

"He won't come back, but if you want to kill me, that's too naive. I'm not that easy to kill, so I'll tell you this: if you want me dead, one of you must accompany me in death. Do you want to see who has the worst luck?" When Xie Ao said this, the few Purple Smoke Divine Mountain G.o.ds were secretly shocked.

Xie Ao was not afraid of death, this made Chen Xiang, who was at the side, secretly admire him, the aura that he emitted from Xie Ao's body, was completely influenced by him.

Chen Xiang hid at the side and watched. He had already used the s.p.a.ce Domain to envelop him and Little Lightning, so they were not discovered.

"Don't listen to his rumors. Kill him first." The man from Purple Smoke Divine Mountain shouted angrily, a purple sword appearing in his hand. A purple smoke surged, his eyes flashed a burst of purple light, and his entire body became like a purple shadow, instantly floating next to Xie Ao. The sword pierced out, fast and strange, because when he went over, his entire body seemed to be distorted, as if the reflection of water below the ripples of the water.

As a result, it was very difficult to see where he was coming from, and he didn't even know which side he was attacking from.

Xie Ao dodged but he did not retaliate. When the purple sword pierced his body, he suddenly turned into a cloud of black mist and dispersed.

This black mist was very dense, and the Evil Qi was very familiar to Chen Xiang. Previously, Xie Ao gave him a very familiar feeling, as if he knew this person.

After Xie Ao turned into black mist, the other Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s immediately took action and released a translucent purple light barrier, enveloping the surrounding area. They were worried that Xie Ao would turn into black mist and escape.

Chen Xiang was also trapped inside, but there was no restricted s.p.a.ce, so it was still easy for him to leave.

The upper half of Xie Ao who had turned into black energy now had a human shape and the lower half of his body was covered with black energy. In his hand was an extremely large black colored long blade.

"I'll fight you guys."

Xie Ao was furious, he was the one who suffered the most, the divine medicine was found by him the first, who knew that he would encounter these villains who specially stole the divine medicine, but in the end, the divine medicine was obtained by Chen Xiang, and he had to take the beating for Chen Xiang.

Xie Ao roared, his eyes turning black, looking extremely terrifying, the blade in his hand released a terrifying killing intent and evil aura.

The ferocious black blade in his hand howled and slashed downwards, the black blade leaving behind a black afterimage. After Xie Ao unleashed this slash, he immediately dodged and continued to attack the other purple clothed men.

As for the purple-clothed man he had just hacked into, a black b.l.o.o.d.y wound appeared on his shoulder. The blood that flowed out was black, and the area where it split apart was extremely terrifying. It was emitting a thick pitch-black, boiling liquid.

"This guy is very strange, you guys have to be careful. I'll deal with the wounds first, I'm worried that the injuries will continue to spread." The purple-clothed man who had been cut by the sword roared.

Because they had seen Xie Ao's attack before, the other purple-clothed men were prepared, so Xie Ao's following slash did not succeed. Instead, he was surrounded and attacked by the other purple-clothed men.

Chen Xiang had already silently approached the purple-clothed man who was injured by Xie Ao. The G.o.d Slaughtering Sword in his hand was held very tightly and the Six Realms' Power poured into the sword's body like a raging river. If it wasn't for Chen Xiang's s.p.a.ce Domain, that aura would have definitely been felt by now.

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