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That was why Chen Xiang had brought her along …. If that treasure land truly had a large amount of divine medicines, he could have just brought Yue'er for a few laps and she would be able to sense them …

Along the way, Chen Xiang did not encounter any legendary Special G.o.d beast. It was said that as long as they were far away from the Supreme Divine Palace, they would encounter some powerful Special G.o.d beast. If they did not have the strength to repel the Special G.o.d beast, it would be extremely dangerous.

Chen Xiang became extremely vigilant on the road because the last time he left Supreme Divine Palace, there were already two G.o.ds following him …

Thinking back to the two Sword Hall's Heavenly G.o.d Chen Xiang, he started to worry again. Because the elders of the Sword Hall had already targeted him and wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h his G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, what made him more at ease was that the Sword Hall still had not investigated Zhang Zhuo's cause of death. This way, they wouldn't suspect him anymore.

Just as Chen Xiang thought that he was fortunate enough to not meet the Special G.o.d beast along the way, a bolt of lightning flashed before his eyes and struck his chest.

He hurriedly dodged to the side in order to avoid the aura. It was extremely terrifying. If he did not dodge, he might have been injured …

"It's a Lightning lion! It's a Special G.o.d beast!" Yue'er cried out in alarm. "This guy has some Divine Lion Race blood in him, so he's considered very strong amongst the wild divine beasts. We need to be careful when facing him. The scariest thing is speed!"

Yue'er had just finished speaking when another bolt of lightning flashed past. This Lightning lion's extreme speed was as fast as lightning! Chen Xiang was simply unable to see his appearance clearly …

Chen Xiang felt that the Lightning lion's most terrifying part wasn't its lightning fast speed but his silent concealing ability. Otherwise, he wouldn't even have come in front of him …

Chen Xiang dodged once again with teleportation

This allowed him to know that the human he was dealing with was not simple. He had stopped several hundred meters away from Chen Xiang at this moment.

Chen Xiang had already clearly seen the Lightning lion's appearance. It was a white lion, but it was not that big. It was just like a horse.

"Why is it white?" Just as Yue'er was puzzled, a wondrous scene occurred. The originally snow-white Lightning lion suddenly turned black.

What surprised Chen Xiang and Yue'er was that the Lightning lion suddenly disappeared after transforming into black and blue …

Upon closer inspection, the Lightning lion did not disappear. It was just that several colors had appeared on its body. Those colors were exactly the same as the surroundings, making it difficult to see it from a distance. It was an extremely clever disguise …

In addition, with the Lightning lion's terrifying concealment ability and speed, it would be difficult for her to survive if it were not for someone with hundreds of battle experience and quick reaction speed …

And just now, Chen Xiang had felt such a threat …

"This guy isn't that strong, but his methods are very powerful." Chen Xiang's expression became serious.

"I can see that he's moving, but he doesn't need to worry." Yue'er transmitted her voice to Chen Xiang.

The Lightning lion let the color on its body change continuously, just like its surroundings. With its speed, it seemed like it was invisible …

Chen Xiang knew where the Lightning lion was moving, but he did not know where it was.

"He's getting closer and closer to you on the tree," Yue'er transmitted to Chen Xiang. "This guy is very smart. If I wasn't there to attack you from above, you would probably have been injured by him by now."

Although his body was relatively large, the trees here were all very ancient, giant tree Lightning lion s. The fact that he did not even cause the slightest bit of a commotion while running up the tree did not make Chen Xiang feel any admiration.

"I must capture this fellow and subdue him!" This was a thought that suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's mind.

Chen Xiang pretended to look around, letting the Lightning lion think that he did not see him and even took a few steps back and forth.

"Come on!" Just as Yue'er shouted out, Chen Xiang had already acc.u.mulated her strength and unleashed the fast and slow transformation within the Seven devil-slain kungfu.

It was not easy to hit him accurately with the Lightning lion's speed but to him, the Lightning lion that had already changed from fast to slow after using the Seven devil-slain kungfu would become extremely slow.

"Eat my fist!" Chen Xiang shouted as his acc.u.mulated Six Realms' Power fiercely smashed his fist towards the Lightning lion's head. This punch was as though he could smash a mountain into the Lightning lion's chin from the bottom to the top.


A dull explosive sound burst out like a thunderclap. The true energy wave — — The Lightning lion was sent flying by this fist … …

After striking the Lightning lion with his fist, Chen Xiang continued to use his Seven devil-slain kungfu to continuously attack the Lightning lion s. In Chen Xiang's eyes, it was still very slow, so he quickly caught up to it.

The Lightning lion had originally been sent into the air by him, but now, it was quickly hammered down to the ground by him …

However, just as the Lightning lion's body was about to smash onto the ground, Chen Xiang had already teleported to the ground and fiercely kicked its legs upwards, sending it flying high into the air.

After repeating this process for more than ten times, the Lightning lion was no longer able to swallow a mouthful of blood …

"You think you can sneak attack me with your little ability?"

Chen Xiang heavily stepped on the Lightning lion's head. The Lightning lion really could not take Chen Xiang's terrifying Six Realms' Power. This Six Realms' Power, after being released by Chen Xiang using his mystical technique, combined with his own technique and technique became even more terrifying.

"Has anyone forced him to become my mount?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Without this Lightning lion, he's not just a normal wild divine beast. He has a little bit of the Divine Lion Race's bloodline and is also quite powerful. So, it's impossible for you to force him to form a contract with you," Yue'er said.

Hearing that there was no other way, Chen Xiang raised his fist and was about to attack.

"Hehe, so he's that afraid of death! He's willing to make a contract with you!" Yue'er smiled coquettishly. "Hurry up and tame him!"

Chen Xiang channeled the power of his soul into the Lightning lion's Divine Deity and quickly made a contract. After that, the Lightning lion would be his beast pet.

After contracting with the Lightning lion, Chen Xiang gave it a name of "Little Lightning". What surprised him the most was that the Lightning lion was only around a hundred years old, which meant that it could be considered very young.

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