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"Master, how did you do it?" Initially, he had thought that since he possessed the strength of a G.o.d Beast, he would be stronger than Chen Xiang. However, he no longer dared to think like this, because even Zhu Xiangyuan, the Chief Hall Master was unable to accomplish the mission that Chen Xiang had completed.

"Hehe, it's just luck. That's what you came to find me for." Chen Xiang laughed.

"This... Didn't I give you five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone last time? Master, now that you have over ten million Shen Yuan stone, can you return that five hundred thousand to me? Xiao Chou laughed and said, "I'm very poor now."

Xiao Chou had thrown him a Storage bag, after all, Xiao Chou was his disciple, so he could not be so stingy. Right now, he was not lacking anything, but the herbs that Feng Yujie was going to purchase were mostly very expensive, and the middle grade mystical medicine that he had purchased previously, had gone to four million Shen Yuan stone people. As for the Bone level Dan and Feng Yujie's Shangpin dan, they were definitely very expensive as well.

Therefore, before Feng Yujie could refine a divine pellet that could allow him to earn a large amount of Shen Yuan stone, he had no choice but to continue refining more Shen Yuan stone.

"For the time being, you can keep it. When I'm lacking in the future, I'll come and ask for it from you." Chen Xiang laughed mischievously: "Looking at your appearance, you don't usually spend Shen Yuan stone s, do you?"

"Of course I won't use it carelessly." Xiao Chou's face was full of dejection. He had a premonition that the five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone would be taken away by Chen Xiang soon.

Xiao Chou said: "Master, Grandfather told me that in the dangerous place between the Sovereign G.o.d Realm and the Six Paths of the G.o.ds, there is a natural treasure trove of divine medicine. It is easy to find many Zhongpin medicine inside there, aren't you lacking these right now?

The grandfather that Xiao Chou spoke of was Zhu Xiangyuan. The reason Zhu Xiangyuan asked Xiao Chou to come to find him, was precisely to pa.s.s this news to him.

"Do these people know?" Chen Xiang looked around, afraid that someone would hear it.

"A few people know about it, but it's not easy to get there, so master shouldn't have any problems." Xiao Chou suddenly lowered his voice: "Master, that guy called Xie Ao frequently goes to that place. You and Master's wife frequently bought divine medicines, so this guy must have also killed you before."

Chen Xiang's heart was moved. He had suspected that Xie Ao had discovered some kind of mysterious medicinal garden, and it was just as he had expected. It was just that that place was not a very mysterious place, it was just very dangerous.

Xie Ao must have his own way of entering that place, which was why he was able to obtain some precious divine medicine from time to time.

"That fellow is currently extremely rich, and he is very mysterious. Although he only has the name of a 'G.o.d of Heaven', his power should be even greater." Xiao Chou said: "Master, if you have nothing else to do, you can go over there to take a look."

Of course Chen Xiang had to go take a look. After he dismissed Xiao Chou, he went to the Supreme Hall, thinking that Feng Yujie would be there.

"They came in the morning and have already left. That girl said she is going out to purchase medicinal ingredients." The old man said to Chen Xiang.

"Elder, in the area where the six paths and a supreme being meet, is there a treasure land with a large amount of divine medicines?" Chen Xiang asked, the old man knew a lot of things, he must be extremely knowledgeable.

"Yes, you want to go." The old man was no longer underestimating Chen Xiang.

"Hmm, give me some useful information." Chen Xiang nodded: "I want to look for divine medicine inside."

The old man took out a jade tablet and handed it over to Chen Xiang: "It's all inside, but it's actually nothing much. There's a mysterious treasure ground there, and it's an independent s.p.a.ce, and it's relatively large inside, and there's even a definite amount of danger. Although there are many divine medicines, not everyone can find a lot, it requires a certain amount of luck."

Chen Xiang returned from the Supreme Hall, and waited patiently in his room for Feng Yujie and the others to return. In the afternoon, Shui Bingyan and Feng Yujie returned, holding hands.

"I'm going out for a while, Yue Er is coming with me, BingYan, you can stay here with Sister Feng." Chen Xiang said.

Shui Bingyan treated Feng Yujie as if she were his own older sister. Feng Yujie also treated her very well, today he brought her out to play in some small villages and bought her many good things.

"Mn, I will definitely listen to elder sister's words. Elder Brother Shen, you don't have to worry about me." Shui Bingyan also understood why Chen Xiang was worried about her, because she currently did not know much about this world. On one hand, it was because she was worried that she would encounter a bad person, and on the other hand, she was worried that she would randomly use her terrifying strength.

"Leaving now? In such a hurry? Where are we going?" Feng Yujie asked.

Chen Xiang handed over the jade tablet to her, and showed her the contents inside. It was the jade tablet the old man had given him, and on it was the information about the divine medicine treasure land.

After Feng Yujie finished reading, he said in pleasant surprise, "That Xie Ao should be the divine medicine that we get from here. If we can find the divine medicine that we need from inside, then we don't need to buy it from that guy anymore. It's so dark that we can die."

Chen Xiang nodded with a smile: "Take good care of BingYan, I will definitely return with a great harvest."

… ….

Chen Xiang brought Yue'er and quickly left the Supreme Divine Palace. In the six hours after he left, it was almost dusk. Yi Bidong suddenly came with an ugly face.

"Where's Chen Xiang?" Yi Bidong did not see Chen Xiang, so he asked Feng Yujie.

"He went out. It's already been a few hours. Elder Yi, is there anything you need from him?" Feng Yujie asked.

A while ago, he went to the Beast Divine Palace. The Beast Divine Palace sent a message over, telling us to investigate Chen Xiang and ask if he knew anything about a Silver lion. Yi Bidong frowned, he did not know about Chen Xiang going to find Dao heart stone.

"We'll have to wait for him to come back. He did leave for over a month." Feng Yujie knew, but she couldn't say it out loud. That Silver lion was one of Prince Divine Lions's subordinates, if Prince Divine Lions knew, this kind of person who loved face would definitely come looking for her.

Yi Bidong nodded his head: "It shouldn't be related to him. Chen Xiang is only a little bit of strength now, I have seen that Silver lion before, even I have to use a bit more effort to deal with it, what more Chen Xiang."

Feng Yujie smiled apologetically: "That's right, Chen Xiang is still too weak now, he's basically nothing in this kind of place."

Feng Yujie was now even more surprised at Shui Bingyan's strength. He had previously told her that Shui Bingyan had only killed the Silver lion in an instant.

He was chasing the b.u.t.terfly in the yard, just like a little girl.

Then I will ask about it when he comes back. Beast Divine Palace will send people over later, I might need to find Chen Xiang and ask about it. Yi Bidong said as he walked out of the hall. When he pa.s.sed by the courtyard, he glanced at the Shui Bingyan who was playing around with him. He only knew that this was brought back from outside by Chen Xiang.

Yi Bidong was also unable to see Shui Bingyan's true strength, which secretly allowed him to relax.

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