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As Chen Xiang and the others were discussing, there was a knock on the door. Someone was knocking on the courtyard door, Three Gu Brothers had already left, while Luo Tianjun was still concocting pills in his isolation.

"It's Elder Yi." When Chen Xiang sensed this aura, he started to worry. Previously, Yi Bidong said that he was called over by the Divine Nations, and it was very possible that it was for him.

Chen Xiang hurried to open the door, seeing the serious look on Yi Bidong's face, he knew that he would not bring any good news.

When Yi Bidong entered, he saw Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan who had just walked out, and was even more surprised when he saw Yue'er who was flying over. He did not expect that not long after he left, Chen Xiang had already brought two women along, even Beast Divine Palace's cat girl was brought in by him.

Yi Bidong recognized Feng Yujie, so when he saw him, he nodded.

"Let's talk inside." Yi Bidong said.

After entering the hall, Yi Bidong sat down and drank a few mouthfuls of the tea Feng Yujie brought over, then said: "Overall, it's not too bad. Those Divine Nations already knew that you were in the Supreme Divine Palace, and they also planned to deal with you.

Feng Yujie said, "Elder Yi, how many powers have Nine G.o.ds Nation left in the Supreme Divine Palace?"

Yi Bidong was one of them. Chen Xiang was more curious about Yi Bidong's ident.i.ty, since he was on the side of the Nine Divine Kings, but those Divine Nations s did not dare to do anything to him. They would even look for him to discuss things.

"Boxing Hall and Sword Hall are basically the same. Dan Hall and Soul Hall are both neutral, but I and a few elders are all biased towards Nine Divine Kings. Those nine Divine Nations s have very important matters to take care of right now, and they only have a little bit of concern for Chen Xiang. They won't use too terrifying power to deal with him." Yi Bidong said: But if the things they sent out do not work out, they will draw their attention, so Chen Xiang does not have much time left, I think he will have to leave in at most ten years.

Chen Xiang replied, "Ten years is enough time."

Yi Bidong nodded his head, "In two months, it will be the great compet.i.tion of the four great halls. At that time, the Divine Nations will send people over to supervise the compet.i.tion, because they will be selecting the most outstanding disciples from these compet.i.tions.

Feng Yujie rolled his eyes and asked: "Elder Yi, do the Divine Nations know about my situation, I want to take a look at the Divine Nations."

The reason why Feng Yujie came here, was to find an opportunity to investigate about the Divine Nations. As for Yi Bidong, he only knew a little, he could not stay in those Divine Nations s often, so he did not even know about the details.

You are not too much of a threat to them, and if they think that you are not bad, they still plan to recruit you into their Divine Nations. In their eyes, you, the G.o.ddess of the Ninth Heaven, are nothing to them. " Yi Bidong sighed: "These Divine Nations do not care about the matters of the Nine Divine Kings anymore."

This could only mean that these Divine Nations had become very scary. Even if they were to revive, it would not be a threat to them.

was even more curious about the Nine G.o.ds Nation now. To think that the Nine Divine Kings was actually so powerful, in his eyes, the Nine Divine Kings was a very powerful existence, he was only trapped, but now, it seems that even if the Nine Divine Kings was released, they would still not be able to beat him.

During the compet.i.tion, people from the Divine Nations will come and take a look at your situation. Yi Bidong warned her once again before leaving.

This was only two months away. Although Yi Bidong said that the Nine G.o.ds Nation did not plan to use her strongest power to deal with him, he was still very uneasy in his heart.

When Chen Xiang returned to his room, he found Shui Bingyan and Yue'er playing around. Seeing Chen Xiang come back with a serious expression on his face, Yue'er asked, "What happened?"

Yue'er, Sister Feng, in these two months, it would be best for you two to let BingYan familiarize yourself with the human world as soon as possible, in case anything else happens, I might have to leave Supreme Divine Palace. Chen Xiang said: "Nine G.o.ds Nation might be making a move against me."

Feng Yujie frowned: "Elder Yi said that it's not that serious yet."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "Hard to say, because Elder Yi doesn't know about my situation. If those fellows sent by the Nine G.o.ds Nation find out about my secret, it might be different."

Chen Xiang gave Feng Yujie eight million Shen Yuan stone, he wanted to buy some divine medicine as soon as possible during this period of time.

"I don't know what's going on with that Xie Ao, but he seems to have quite a few rare divine medicines on him. I've asked around before, not only did this guy sell them to me, he also bought quite a few precious divine medicines from him for other pills, including the Three Gu Brothers." Feng Yujie said: "But he has never sold any divine medicines of the same kind. It seems like he does not know how to duplicate them."

Speaking of which, Chen Xiang felt that Xie Ao seemed to have an ancient divine medicine garden.

"It seems like he will be the one to kill off the divine medicine this time." Chen Xiang laughed, then asked: "Sister Feng, how is your improved Zhongpin medicine, your Regeneration Dan was robbed from your business, have there been any changes over these few days?"

"I don't know what's going on with those guys, but they really sold the Regeneration Dan very cheaply. Furthermore, there were quite a few Regeneration Dan in their hands." Feng Yujie scoffed, "I've seen these two guys before. They're both young and angry brats, and they even have some ill intentions towards me.

Chen Xiang caressed Feng Yujie's face and laughed: "Who asked Sister Feng to have such charm?"

"When I refine the Regeneration Dan that I modified, I will challenge these two little ghosts." Feng Yujie seemed to have made good progress. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so confident.

At night, Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie rested below the Earth Room while Yue'er and Shui Bingyan rested upstairs.

The bas.e.m.e.nt room was quite s.p.a.cious and setting up a bed was not much of a problem. Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie had been here for a month, and since they had returned, the two of them naturally had to get closer to each other. Furthermore, Feng Yujie had used some of his spirit pearls to replenish his energy.

When he woke up in the morning, Chen Xiang had realized that Feng Yujie wasn't by his side. Feng Yujie had always woken up earlier than him, and when he arrived at the top, he discovered that Yue'er and Shui Bingyan weren't there either.

"Bing Yan and Yue'er should have gone out with Sister Feng." Chen Xiang arranged his clothes, just as he opened the door and walked out of the courtyard, he saw Xiao Chou walking over.

"Master." Xiao Chou shouted and quickly ran over. He had already found out from the Chief Hall Master that Chen Xiang had completed the mission order.

Zhu Xiangyuan said that it must be kept a secret, but he felt that it shouldn't be a problem to tell Xiao Chou. It was because Xiao Chou was his disciple, that was why Xiao Chou knew about it.

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