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If Shui Bingyan had heard the name, he definitely wouldn't have known what kind of stone the Dao heart stone was. After that, Yue'er used her strength and transformed a rock into a rock on her little claws. Although it looked no different from a normal rock, if Shui Bingyan knew it, he would have immediately recognized it.

"It's this kind of stone. BingYan, have you seen it before?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I've seen it before, but I have two. I can give you one, but this stone is hard to find." Shui Bingyan said as he took out a white stone.

This stone was even bigger than what Chen Xiang had imagined. The Dao heart stone was white in color, and there were naturally Spirit grain formed on the surface of the stone, so Shui Bingyan could recognize it at a glance.

Shui Bingyan was a little shocked to see Chen Xiang, and said: "If you want to find them, it will still take a while to find them. I only found three after all these years, I have already used one for myself, this piece is for you."

"This... "It's too big, can it be broken?" Chen Xiang did not want to take such a big piece to complete the mission order, because the mission order said that only a small piece was enough.

"Of course you can. It's very easy to get rid of it." Shui Bingyan's jade-like hand moved forward like lightning and smacked the Dao heart stone, causing it to instantly shatter. It originally had an irregular shape, but after it shattered, it became many round granules.

Chen Xiang immediately caught it. There were one hundred and fifty pieces of these Dao heart stone, and each of them was as big as a thumb ball. After breaking them, they would naturally split into the shape of beads.

"That's good." Shui Bingyan laughed.

Yue'er asked for one pill, and gave Chen Xiang the rest to keep.

Shui Bingyan anxiously wanted to experience the human world. After she found the Dao heart stone for Chen Xiang, she immediately rushed towards the sh.o.r.e at a fast speed.

Seeing that, Chen Xiang anxiously teleported to catch up.

"BingYan, have you come to the sh.o.r.e yet?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I've never been here before. I once thought of leaving by myself, but they told me that there were a lot of powerful people who were unable to leave. They were all heavily injured or died on the way back." Shui Bingyan shook her head. After she arrived at the sh.o.r.e, she smiled at Chen Xiang: "Elder Brother Shen, you should be able to bring me out safely, right?"

Chen Xiang never thought that the natural array formations in this place would not only make powerful humans and beasts feel a headache, even the powerful dao spirits inside would also feel fear towards them.

"So that's how it is. The formations here should all be for Dao spirits. If the Dao spirits were to come into contact with these formations, they might become even more powerful." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "BingYan, don't worry. I'll bring you out soon enough. It was right that you didn't go out by yourself previously."

When he thought about how Shui Bingyan, this silly beauty, had ran out naked, Chen Xiang felt his heart ache.

"Yes." When Shui Bingyan reached the sh.o.r.e, he stopped running around, because she wanted to follow Chen Xiang. She knew that Chen Xiang was much weaker than her, but Chen Xiang gave her a feeling that he was very capable.

Chen Xiang turned around and looked at this mysterious ocean. Yue'er had said before that this place did not have any seas to begin with, and had only appeared recently.

"BingYan, has this sea existed since long ago?" Chen Xiang wanted to know if there was a tunnel that led to G.o.ds Realm deep within the ocean.

"I wasn't this old before, but I suddenly grew up a while ago. At that time, I was sleeping, and after sleeping for a long time, I woke up and became very big." Shui Bingyan was also full of questions about this, but she had asked her own kind and couldn't get an answer.

Shui Bingyan's answer meant that she didn't know why, but it made Chen Xiang believe even more that there was a pa.s.sage leading to the G.o.ds Realm, because the seawater that appeared afterwards came from the G.o.ds Realm.

Shui Bingyan was playing with Yue'er. Yue'er looked cute, but she was completely different. She was a very clever and mysterious Demon Cat.

"Yue Er, will you follow me back to the Supreme Divine Palace?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Sure, but can you get that ice face inside? Not everyone can enter Supreme Divine Palace." Yue'er seemed to like Shui Bingyan a lot, and Shui Bingyan was even more fond of this cute little cat.

"Not to mention one, I can even get ten inside."

said confidently. Although he had been targeted by the Divine Nations, as long as nothing bad happened to him in the near future, he was still doing pretty good in the Supreme Divine Palace, and adding the Dao heart stone he had obtained, as long as he gave the Dao heart stone to the Chief Hall Master of the Soul Hall, not only would he be able to get a portion of the Shen Yuan stone, he would also be able to get a good divine soul.

Chen Xiang brought Shui Bingyan and according to his route, he would return directly to the Supreme Divine Palace.

… ….

The Silver lion had already been dead for a period of time, so the Prince Divine Lions took out a pearl filled with cracks. His face was filled with confusion, because he could not understand why the Silver lion would die, and he gently crushed the pearl in his hand. He did not feel any pain even though the Silver lion had died, but he was very curious how the Silver lion had died.

He remembered that the reason he sent out his Silver lion was to capture Chen Xiang, the person who had saved Qi Shi. And the Silver lion should have returned a long time ago, because in his eyes, capturing Chen Xiang was an extremely easy task.

"I must investigate carefully. If it really was that human who killed him, I must make him pay." Prince Divine Lions immediately left the Beast Divine Palace.

One of them had been sent by him to capture Chen Xiang, and the other had been followed by the White crocodile and Qi Shi. Now, one had already died.

The originally confident Prince Divine Lions had already realized that Chen Xiang and Qi Shi were not easy to deal with, so he rushed back to his Divine Lion Race in the middle of the night. He was going to use his elite strength to investigate this matter.

… ….

Chen Xiang had came to the entrance of the Supreme Divine Palace, and after he had left the Supreme Divine Palace for a month, he had finally returned alive. Right now, he was staying outside the Supreme Divine Palace, he originally wanted to be a little faster, but in order to take care of Shui Bingyan who had entered human society for the first time, Chen Xiang played with her for a few days, allowing her to recognize some things she had never seen before.

Because Shui Bingyan could not enter the Supreme Divine Palace, he could only accompany Shui Bingyan outside. He was not at ease with Shui Bingyan and Yue'er outside, so Chen Xiang asked a pa.s.sing disciple of the Supreme Divine Palace to help him notify the old man of the Supreme Hall. For this, he paid two thousand Shen Yuan stone.

When the old man from the Supreme Hall came out, he immediately felt it was strange and unexpected. Chen Xiang had actually returned so quickly, and was even coming back alive, he suspected that Chen Xiang had went back to that place.

Until now, Chen Xiang still did not know the old man's name. He had asked Luo Tianjun for his name, but Luo Tianjun did not tell him anything.

"Brat, you have hands and feet, why didn't you go in to find me and instead let me out?" When the old man saw that Chen Xiang was perfectly fine, and that he was extremely spirited as well.

As an antique that had lived for many years, when he saw a beautiful woman beside Chen Xiang, he subconsciously understood something.

"Elder, can you bring her into Supreme Divine Palace?" Chen Xiang laughed and asked, he knew that this old man was very capable, walking to the back door or something shouldn't be a problem for him.

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