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The seawater along the sh.o.r.e was frozen over, forming a thick layer of ice. Silver lion began to run wildly on it, their speed was also very fast, and they were slowly shortening the distance between them and Chen Xiang.

"Run to the surface of the sea and see how much sea water he can freeze." Yue'er suddenly said, "Don't worry, I will use my utmost strength to sense the killing array on the sea surface."

Chen Xiang immediately changed his direction and charged towards the depths of the ocean. In the blink of an eye, he had teleported a few times and he could no longer see the sh.o.r.e anymore.

The Silver lion also knew that Chen Xiang had ran to the surface of the sea. He was also very surprised with this piece of sea.

When the Silver lion was trapped in the killing array in the forest, he knew that Chen Xiang had purposely lured him here, and made him suffer a huge loss. Therefore, he had to take Chen Xiang down, or else it would be difficult to dispel the hatred in his heart.

Chen Xiang did not know how much damage the killing array had done to the Silver lion, but he saw that the Silver lion's body had a lot of wounds.

"Littlemoon, that killing formation is made of trees. Wouldn't it be fine if we just flew over there?" Chen Xiang said: "I should have tried it before."

"You're courting death. That killing formation has covered the skies, so if you were to fly through it, you would be in an even more miserable state." After Yue'er finished her sentence, she suddenly shrieked, "Quickly stop!"

Seeing Yue'er's reaction, not only did Chen Xiang stop, he even teleported a distance away.

"How …" Just as Chen Xiang said this word, a few white lights suddenly appeared on the surface of the water in front of him, emitting a very threatening cold aura.

White light surged out of the water surface, and the cold Qi caused a layer of frost to form on the exterior of Chen Xiang's body. That terrifying cold Qi directly penetrated through his profoundwu clothing and entered his body.

He even felt that his strong Supreme G.o.d bone was a little stiff, his entire body was frozen, unable to move, this kind of cold force was too terrifying.

Chen Xiang immediately released the power of the spatial laws, preventing the terrifying cold energy from invading him. He used the Chuangzao fire to expel the cold energy from his body, and only then, was he able to move.

The white light that shot out from the bottom of the sea had already turned into dozens of white blobs of light. These blobs of light were as tall as a person and floated above the sea, emitting waves of terrifying cold air with the white light.

Chen Xiang subconsciously thought of something.

"It's a Dao spirit that controls the Laws of Ice." Yue'er said in a low voice, "Don't move. Even if you wanted to escape, it won't be that easy when you encounter something like this."

Right now, Chen Xiang was personally feeling the power of these dao spirits. This kind of Ice Law Power was countless times stronger than the Silver lion that came over here.

Yue'er had also said before, if they made too much noise while they were in there, it was very likely that they would lure the Dao Spirits out. The Silver lion chased after Chen Xiang and sealed up the entire coastal waters, and now that he was out of the ocean, it was possible that it would release Icy cold power all the way out into the open.

The ball of light in front suddenly exploded, even though Chen Xiang had strengthened his s.p.a.ce Domain, the cold Qi still penetrated through, causing him to shiver.

After dozens of b.a.l.l.s of white light burst out, Chen Xiang was stunned. He originally thought that there was some kind of terrifying monster hidden within the ball of light, but he didn't expect it to be dozens of women.

These women were all completely red. They were naked, and these dozens of women were extremely beautiful. Their eyes were hollow, giving people a very pure feeling, although they were naked and naked, they did not have any of Chen Xiang's demonic desires, and he did not know why, but this feeling was very strange.

At this time, they were using their tender and beautiful feet to step on the water surface, gracefully walking towards Chen Xiang, while Chen Xiang was just standing there blankly. There was no time to think about the beautiful things that would happen, the bodies and looks of these girls were all excellent, causing him to praise them repeatedly in his heart.

The sea breeze blew gently, and the long hair of these women fluttered in the wind. Their chests stood straight in the cold wind, and their two cherry-red faces were even more beautiful.

The Silver lion had already arrived behind Chen Xiang, and he saw these women. Although he was shocked, he did not put them in his eyes.

The Silver lion took out a long sword, he came up behind Chen Xiang and swung it down.

Chen Xiang obviously noticed it, but Yue'er told him not to move, so he broke out in a cold sweat and followed Yue'er's instructions, standing there without moving an inch.

"Brat, if you had cooperated properly before, perhaps I would only have caught you and brought you back. Young Master would not have killed you, but now …" "Too late." The Silver lion's face hardened, and slashed forward.

The sword slashed towards Chen Xiang's neck, but when it came into contact with his neck, it suddenly shattered.

The Silver lion was shocked. His divine sword was not weak, as it was a high grade divine weapon. But in the blink of an eye, it was frozen into ice shards by the cold energy that he was the most adept at.

The group of ladies in front of Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared.

"Ahh …" The Silver lion suddenly roared in shock, Chen Xiang could not help but turn her head, and realised that the beautiful ladies were all behind the Silver lion, and in front of the group of girls, was a tall lady with a sword in her hand.

This woman was also completely red. Being naked, she was taller than the other girls, and in her hand was an ice sword. What made Chen Xiang astonished was that her face gave Chen Xiang a familiar feeling, she looked very pure and beautiful, but even though her body was releasing a terrifying cold aura, she still gave people a feeling of innocence.

It was because of this feeling that when Chen Xiang saw the beauty's jade body, he did not dare to have any ulterior motives.

The Silver lion was penetrated by the ice sword, and quickly melted into ice, before finally falling into the sea and disappearing.

Chen Xiang was so scared that he did not dare to move. He stared at the beauty and did not dare to look around either.

"You … You are different from us. " Her voice was very sweet and light, and it was obvious that she did not speak very often. As for the girl behind her, she also suddenly disappeared.

Chen Xiang was startled, then took out a set of clothes and handed it over, and smiled at the woman: "You shouldn't be like this, if you want to wear a set of clothes, then a woman's body cannot be casually shown to others."

After Yue'er heard this, she whispered, "If you see it for yourself, then don't show it to others."

When the woman received the clothes, she accidentally touched her beautiful chest, causing it to slightly tremble, causing Chen Xiang to secretly cry out a few times.

"Clothes." When the woman said this word, she seemed to not know what it was.

"Like this." Chen Xiang tugged at the clothes on his body and said: "It's something that covers my body."

"Why should I hide it? Isn't that great? Being able to get close to the main road, you should be like me." She looked at her clothes and frowned slightly, then pa.s.sed it back to Chen Xiang.

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