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When Chen Xiang was undergoing the Supreme Divine Palace's trial, it was because Yue'er had told him where the traps were, that he was able to smoothly pa.s.s through.

Yue Er, this mysterious kitten, was born with this mysterious and powerful spiritual sense, so she could discover these hidden traps.

"Looks like I can only go around it." Chen Xiang released his divine sense to sense the trees in front and discovered that a large area of trees was covered in this kind of situation. If he wanted to take a detour, he would have to travel a long distance.

In this sort of situation, he couldn't teleport either. If he did, he would fall into such a terrifying natural killing array in an instant, and then there would be no way for him to escape at all.

"Break it. These killing formations are very easy to break. The formation is created by the arrangement of the trees and the roots underground. As long as you break it, it shouldn't be hard for you." Yue'er flew back and forth a few rounds, carefully observing the outside of the killing array.

Chen Xiang tried and discovered that he could use his power to enter the killing array. Although a large amount of it had been absorbed, it was enough for him to break through the killing array.

The most effective and direct method was to use a strong force to blast down the trees in front of them, creating a path that they could pa.s.s through.

"This formation is very strange. Even if you destroy the roots, the roots will quickly grow back and continue to form the killing formation." Yue'er said, "It's best if you don't destroy the trees and just the roots. This way, you won't destroy the killing formation. I think it's better to maintain this state."

Chen Xiang finally understood and released his spatial energy to penetrate the ground and separate all the roots from the ground. That way, he would be able to cut them off easily.

This killing array was very big, it was formed by a large forest. Chen Xiang walked forward, destroying the roots underneath the ground. As long as the roots were not linked together, the killing array would be incomplete, unable to form the power to attack.

It took him half a day to get out of the killing array.

"I left quite a few footprints along the way. If that Silver lion caught up, it would be very easy for it to find out. I wonder if it could see through the mystery of this killing array." Chen Xiang said.

He turned his head to look behind him and discovered that the severed roots had already sprouted out from deep underground. He inwardly exclaimed in admiration at the regeneration ability of these trees.

"If I use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine these trees into pills, I should be able to refine a healing pellet." Although Chen Xiang had that thought, he did not attack it. He could not bear to destroy this kind of Ancient Forest, furthermore, he needed to use it to deal with the Silver lion.

Yue Er said, "We will be able to leave this forest very soon. The roots of the trees here aren't very strong, so this place is at the edge. The center of this forest is where a large amount of the divine energy can be gathered.

Although Yue'er confirmed that there were no traps ahead, he still didn't dare to use teleportation. He could only run on his two legs.

Indeed, he only ran for half an hour before exiting the forest. What he didn't expect was that after exiting the forest, he actually arrived at a beach.

The blazing sun hung in the sky, and the scorching sunlight shone down, causing even Chen Xiang to feel hot. He stood on the golden beach, and looked at the blue ocean wind in front of him.

He looked at the two sides of the beach, but he couldn't see the end. It was obvious that the coast here was very long.

"Why is there a sea here? Don't tell me we're inside an illusory magic array?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious about this, because the information he had gathered from the mission token was completely different from what he had encountered before.

Just as Chen Xiang was blowing the comfortable sea breeze, a loud roar came out from behind him.

"It's that Silver lion." Yue'er giggled with her tender and sweet voice. "Just by listening to the roar, you can tell that he's in great pain. He's been tricked. Let's hurry up and go along the sh.o.r.e."

Chen Xiang looked at both sides and randomly chose a direction, then started running wildly on the beach. He took off his shoes and stepped on the cold seawater, while playing and running, it didn't seem like he was running for his life.

Yue'er quickly flew a circle around Sea Mountain, licked her lips, and then returned to Chen Xiang's side and said: "It's not an illusory formation, this ocean should only be present later on. Furthermore, very few people have entered this place during this period of time, so it's just that I don't know how these seawater came about.

"This sea has only been formed not long ago, but the seawater is extremely ancient. What is going on? Isn't this a bit too strange?" Chen Xiang said.

"There is only one possibility, and that is that the water in this place came from another world. From the looks of the energy contained in the water, it's very likely that it's the G.o.ds Realm." Yue'er's voice became serious, "There might be a path that leads to the G.o.ds Realm."

Chen Xiang immediately became excited, he had wanted to return to the G.o.ds Realm since a long time ago. If there really was such a pa.s.sage, he could secretly return with Feng Yujie in the future.

"Yue'er, you met me last time in G.o.ds Realm, then you went back to this Super G.o.d Realm. Chen Xiang stopped and looked at the vast ocean, as if he wanted to see through everything and find the path that leads to the G.o.ds Realm.

Yue'er urged: "Quickly run. Although we don't know how is the Silver lion, in order to increase the distance between us, you must not stop."

Chen Xiang did not know how long he would have to run along the coast.

At night, the starry sky by the seaside was even more beautiful, and the moon was bigger. Yue'er stuck out her little head from her backpack and looked at the beautiful moon and stars in the sky. Her little eyes were filled with joy.

Chen Xiang was still running frantically. He knew that Yue'er liked the night a lot, because she was a Star and crescent beast. She loved the stars in the sky the most.

"Didn't you ask me in the day how I got to the G.o.ds Realm?" Yue Er suddenly said. She giggled and said, "The stars and the moon helped me pa.s.s. This is the power of the stars and moon. I can only go pa.s.s by myself."

Chen Xiang was just about to say something when he felt the familiar cold energy. He was startled and looked behind him only to see that the water three kilometers behind him had been completely frozen, and was still continuing to stretch forward. They quickly arrived at his current location and continued to stretch forward.

"This guy is angry." Yue'er shouted, "Quickly run!"

Chen Xiang had already started sprinting, he was still using teleportation to increase his speed, he used his soul to fly up high to the sky to dive. Under the starlight, he saw a giant lion covered in silver light sprinting on the ice.

"This guy was worried that there might be a trap, so he froze the water surface, forming a path for himself to walk on." Yue'er urged Chen Xiang to increase his speed, because the Silver lion's speed was extremely fast. If he could reach a certain distance, he would be able to launch an attack at Chen Xiang from afar.

Right now, Chen Xiang was not a match for the Silver lion. If he was sealed in ice, he would be in danger.

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