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Yue'er checked the contents of the jade token and let out a soft cry. She didn't say anything, only her eyes flashing with a white light.

Chen Xiang asked a few times but she did not answer, so she could only wait patiently.

After a full hour had pa.s.sed, Yue'er slowly said, "This place is very dangerous."

"I know, that's why I came to find you. You should be familiar with that place." Chen Xiang was mentally prepared, because seeing Yue'er's current reaction, he knew that it was much more terrifying than he had imagined. If Yue'er wasn't willing to go, he wouldn't have barged in himself.

Yue'er replied, "I'm not familiar with it either, but I can give it a try. That's right, do you know what use those stones have?"

Chen Xiang saw that kind of stone on the jade tablet, but he did not know what it was used for, and the details of the mission token were not explained either.

He shook his head: "I'm not sure, but the person looking for this stone is very strong in the Supreme Divine Palace. It's said that he almost died inside."

Yue'er nodded. "The one looking for s.h.i.tou should be the descendant of the Herculean G.o.d Tribe. He is the chief hall master of the Soul Hall."

Yue'er was even clear about this, Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, the origin of this kitten made him more and more curious.

"Is there any use for it?" Chen Xiang asked.

As long as you have a small piece, you can form a dao heart. With a dao heart, you can directly absorb the power of the Great Dao. If you have a special cultivation method and your own comprehension, you can see through the Great Dao's Laws and obtain the power of the Laws. Yue'er said: "This Soul Hall's Chief Hall Master has always been wanting to find this kind of Dao heart stone and refine the beast's divine soul inside … That's what he said, I don't know what he wants, but in short, he came to the Beast Divine Palace before and entrusted us to help him search, giving him a very generous reward. "

"I still haven't found it." Yue'er said: "I also want to see this Dao heart stone, although I am using the power of the spatial laws, I am unable to directly absorb the power of the Great Dao. You have the Six Realms mirrors, so you can directly absorb the Six Realms' Power through the Six Realms mirrors, but you are unable to see through the secrets of the Great Dao Laws, unless you have a dao heart."

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat and he anxiously asked: If I had a dao heart, then that means I can skillfully use the power of all kinds of laws.

Yue'er nodded. "That's right. You can absorb Dao energy and use many different types of Laws at will. This is something that many experts yearn for."

"If I find this good stuff, will I give it back to him?" Chen Xiang was conflicted. This was a priceless treasure.

"He just wants to get a small piece, and it's not easy to find either. If we can find it, giving him the size of a grain is enough for him to form a Dao heart. This chief hall master of the Soul Hall is still pretty good." Yue'er replied, "When do you plan on leaving?"

"The faster the better, of course. Let's go now." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, let's go." Yue'er thought of working with Chen Xiang and had a kind of indescribable antic.i.p.ation. This was because the last time she worked with Chen Xiang, she was extremely happy.

Yue'er took out a backpack from her Storage magic treasure and let Chen Xiang carry her inside.

"Yue Er, where did you come from? The reason you're hiding in this bag is because you're afraid of being recognized, right?" Chen Xiang asked: "You little thing, from the first day I saw you, you have been acting mysterious."

Yue'er tenderly snorted. "I have a big background. You only need to know this. Even if I told you now, you wouldn't understand."

Chen Xiang walked out of the city and arrived at the Heaven Stairway. He needed to struggle for a while longer to get there.

"A Special G.o.d beast like you that cannot morph should have the right to fly. Can't you bring me flying? That way, I can quickly reach the ground." Chen Xiang was running wildly on the stairs. When he saw people coming up, he would hurriedly stop and avoid them.

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, his backpack moved a bit. Yue'er was no longer inside, so when Chen Xiang raised his head, he saw a large white hawk appear above him. This white hawk used its claws to grab both his arms, and then brought him down to the ground.

Littlemoon also understood how to use the power of the s.p.a.ce Laws. After continuously shuttling through s.p.a.ce, she was soon able to see the ground.

The big white hawk flashed with a white light and disappeared. Chen Xiang also felt that his small backpack was heavy, Yue'er had already changed back.

"Was that your original body just now?" asked. Just now, even when he used the Chaos Divine Eye, he was unable to see through it.

"Of course not, my main body is a cat. I just used the Transformation Technique." The cat replied in a low voice, "Let's go, we'll go to the mountain range outside first."

Chen Xiang already knew the way, so she didn't need Yue'er's guidance to directly travel through s.p.a.ce to leave. Not long after, she left Beast G.o.d Mountain far away, and the enormous Beast G.o.d Mountain could no longer be seen.

After half a day, he arrived at a swamp, and it was already dusk. The blood colored sunset dyed half the sky red.

The purple smoke scattered in the air, and Chen Xiang could see it clearly from afar. This showed that this purple smoke was very thick.

Yue Er flew out from her backpack and said, "We're almost there. As long as we pa.s.s this Purple Smoke Volcano, we'll be close to the mountain range. Purple Smoke Volcano just appeared not long ago."

Chen Xiang touched the water in the swamp, feeling the warmth of the water, it unexpectedly contained a trace of firepower.

"This water can be ignited just by a little." Chen Xiang said: "Let's hurry up and leave this swamp. If this place burns up, it would not be fun."

Chen Xiang brought Yue'er and quickly walked out of the swamp. After he distanced himself from the swamp, he suddenly felt a weak cold air coming from behind them.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang frowned, he felt that it was very strange, if it was suddenly ignited behind him, he would have felt that it was normal, but the cold Qi that came from behind him, made him feel as if he was being frozen.

He immediately released his divine soul, and his divine soul quickly floated up into the air. He only saw that the marsh behind him had actually been frozen.

"It's frozen." Chen Xiang shouted in shock, "I remember this cold Qi!"

Yue'er said in a low voice: "It's a Silver lion, there's only one. It's strange, why would you be targeted by the Prince Divine Lions, you should be chasing after Old Bai and the rest."

This morning, Qi Shi was frostbitten by this Icy cold power, so he was extremely familiar with this type of cold energy.

This Icy cold power was spat out from one of the Silver lion's mouth. Now that the Silver lion had appeared in this place, it was obvious that it had its eyes on them.

"Continue walking. If he wanted to make a move, he would have already done so. However, right now, he is only following you. He might have other motives." Yue'er said: "This Silver lion is not easy to deal with. With eleven Divine Deity, and only one coming now, the other one might go chase after Old Bai."

"This darn Prince Divine Lions, I only casually saved Qi Shi, but he actually sent a G.o.d Beast with such strength to deal with me." Chen Xiang cursed.

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