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Qi Shi's background was actually so huge, and he possessed the Divine Lion Race's royal bloodline. It was no wonder that he was able to become the emperor of the Nine Heaven World back then.

The White crocodile said in surprise: "So that means you are one of the seven sons of the Lion King, what place are you at?"

"I'm the boss." Qi Shi looked at the pearl which was used to seal the divine soul of the Super Old Fire Beast in his hand and continued to speak: "Qi Yan is number seven, he is the youngest, and we are both the same mother. The others both have their own mothers, so we have a very good relationship."

Seeing Qi Shi's face filled with grief, Chen Xiang patted his shoulder. "His divine soul is still there, we can revive him.

Qi Shi sighed: "The Nine Divine Kings that resurrected us, but now, even the whereabouts of the Nine Divine Kings is unknown, we do not have that ability."

The White crocodile had some understanding of what happened that year and said, "Back then, during the fierce battle at the Divine Beast Mountain, countless outstanding divine beasts were lost. If not for Nine Divine Kings rushing over in time, more would have died."

Qi Shi looked at the White crocodile and asked: "Old Bai, you have lived for so long, can't you change into the human form? Your entire body is white, and from your beast profound energy, you should be considered a different person.

"Cough cough …" The White crocodile laughed: "I can change my form, but the moment I transform my form, I will lose some of the privileges Special G.o.d beast has here. In any case, I have been like this for so many years, I am already used to it."

"I was still a little crocodile during the great battle of the Beast G.o.d Realm. I heard these rumors while I was in the river. I didn't expect so many years to have pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. I even saw the seniors who partic.i.p.ated in the great war back then." All those years ago, when they were fighting, they, the little ghosts, would listen to stories all day, which was why they had a lot of respect and admiration for people like Qi Shi.

Qi Shi laid down, put his head on his arms, raised his head and looked at the sky that he was once very familiar with, and let out a long and sorrowful sigh.

Chen Xiang said: "Big Brother Qi, the injuries on your body are still very serious. Don't act recklessly during this period, I will think of a way to help you recover."

When Chen Xiang was healing Qi Shi, he had a clear understanding of how serious the injuries on his body were. Especially the injuries on his divine soul, they couldn't be healed in a day or two.

Qi Shi's body was very strong. Although his divine soul had already awakened the memories from that year, his divine soul was still very weak. After all, he had already been reborn twice.

"I cannot despair. Back then, I could exterminate a group of people with a lift of my hand. I absolutely cannot allow myself to lose my confidence like this." Qi Shi's eyes suddenly became resolute, causing him to heave a sigh of relief, he was afraid that Qi Shi would lose his will to fight.

The White crocodile said, "For an injury like Big Brother Qi, only magical pills can help him recuperate. There are many of these things only in human territory, and magical pills in this kind of place are poor and expensive."

Chen Xiang was a Alchemist, and the White crocodile was right. Qi Shi's injuries could only be cured quickly and thoroughly by using a divine pellet, but a high levelled divine pellet was required.

Even if it was a Zhongpin Dan, they would need many of them.

"Old White, can you bring me to a place? That place is very dangerous. With Chen Xiang's current strength, there's no way you can bring me there safely." Qi Shi looked at the White crocodile with a pleading look. He could tell that it was very important to him to go to that place.

The White crocodile said: "No problem, anyway I'm very free here everyday, it's time to go out for a walk."

Chen Xiang asked: "Big Brother Qi, what is that place?"

Qi Shi did not say, nor did the White crocodile ask. After the White crocodile agreed, Qi Shi jumped onto his back.

"Brat, you'll be very safe here. No one will dare to respond to you on the Beast G.o.d Mountain." The White crocodile laughed and then left with Qi Shi.

Chen Xiang was stunned. He said he would leave and then, Qi Shi's injuries had not recovered by much.

He thought that Qi Shi and the White crocodile might have secretly sent a sound transmission to him before. He suspected that the White crocodile also wanted to go to that place.

"This guy, where is he going? Why didn't he tell me?" Chen Xiang cursed as he sat by the lake.

"They should be heading to the Lion Emperor's mausoleum, the tomb of the Divine Lion Emperor." A clear and sweet girl's voice was heard. Although the voice sounded young and tender, it carried a sense of maturity.

When Chen Xiang heard this voice, he immediately knew who it was.

"Yue Er, Cat." Chen Xiang turned his head and saw a white kitten flapping its wings and flying towards him.

This caused Chen Xiang to be extremely happy, because he had always been looking for Yue'er. He knew that Yue'er was inside the Divine Palace, but not everyone could enter the Divine Palace.

"You …" I didn't expect to see you so soon. " Yue'er flew over and landed on Chen Xiang's shoulder, but Chen Xiang grabbed her off and caressed her cute little head while smiling, causing Yue'er to meow.

"Why did you come here? I was thinking of a way to sneak into the shrine to find you." Chen Xiang laughed and rubbed her tail, causing her to grunt and fly out of his embrace to sit on his head.

I grew up here, so I'm very familiar with this place. After knowing that you left with Old Bai, I immediately rushed over, but fortunately, I was able to make it in time to see the First Prince. Although he was much weaker, his personality was still the same as before. Yue Er said.

"You little thing. You are indeed an old monster that has lived for many years." Chen Xiang laughed, "Right, what kind of place is the Lion Emperor's Tomb that you mentioned just now? Why do they have to hide it from me, and not let me know?"

Yue'er said: "The Lion King is an ancestor of the Divine Lion Race, he was once a beast race Divine Lord, and when he died, he was buried in that place, and that place was not some extraordinary place, it was just a large mountain, although there was no construction there, but a very terrifying natural formation there, when humans entered, it immediately turned into ashes, and before that, human G.o.d Kings died in there. It is said that the moment they stepped into that natural formation, they turned into ashes."

Chen Xiang now understood that Qi Shi understood him very well, that was why he did not tell him what kind of place that was.

"So powerful." Chen Xiang took a deep breath. He actually had the thought of wanting to try.

"Rumor has it that before the Lion Emperor died, he exploded with hatred for humanity. After touching the natural way, a powerful formation formed naturally to protect his body and prevent him from being hara.s.sed by humans." Although Yue'er was a little girl, she knew a lot of things.

Chen Xiang pulled her off his back, hugged her and caressed her skin. Then, he asked: "Then why did Qi Shi go to that place for?"

Yue'er meowed, "Of course, we are going to look for the Lion King's inheritance. I have looked for it there before, but I couldn't find it, if it was the first prince, then it would be very possible. That's why Old Bai agreed to go with him, because he wants to witness the birth of the new Lion King."

Chen Xiang took out a command medallion, which was the detailed content of the order he received. He pa.s.sed it over to Yue'er and said: "I've received a job, I need to go into a mountain range to find a type of stone, I'll just need to find one."

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