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"Yeah, in the human world, the number of people killed by humans is no less than the amount of people killed by beasts. It's almost the same no matter where they go." Chen Xiang laughed: "Big Brother Crocodile, how many Shen Yuan stone can you earn in a day?"

"I made at most five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone a day. I was just running around and occasionally shouting. It was very easy, much happier than fighting and killing outside." The White crocodile laughed.

These Shen Yuan stone were all condensed out of very pure Mysterious power. They could also be quickly absorbed by beasts and then refined for cultivation.

"Big brother crocodile, are you free to enter the main hall?" Chen Xiang looked at the palace in front of him that was surrounded by tall walls.

"You are not allowed to enter as you wish, unless someone from inside leads you in." The White crocodile said: "Human child, just take a look. If you barge in randomly, you will die."

Chen Xiang had already seen that many of the beasts that were flying in the sky would avoid this enormous palace that was in the center and would not even come close. This was the Beast Divine Palace of the Beast G.o.d Mountain, it was said that there was a powerful All-beast Divine Lord hidden within.

"Big Brother Crocodile, is All-beast Divine Lord really inside?" Chen Xiang asked, he had heard the conversation of the people on the road and knew of the existence of the All-beast Divine Lord.

"Of course he's inside, otherwise our Ten Thousand Beast Mountain would have been pushed down a long time ago. Although the All-beast Divine Lord did not show himself, and even said that he would always be sleeping under this mountain, his divine might will never be extinguished. Whenever our Beast G.o.d Mountain is in trouble, the Emperor will show his divine might." The White crocodile said.

They had already reached the city wall's entrance. Chen Xiang got down from the White crocodile's back, and looked at the open city gate. Inside, there were two very large Silver lion s walking out, and behind the two Silver lion s, there was even a large carriage, the carriage was as big as a house.

Seeing the two Silver lion s, the White crocodile quickly moved out of the way.

"How impressive." Chen Xiang said softly, the aura of the two Silver lion were very terrifying, the moment they walked past him, they pressured him to the point that he almost suffocated.

"That's right, the one on the carriage is the son of the Divine Lion Race's Lion King, he has special privileges in the Beast G.o.d Mountain." The White crocodile looked in the direction of the carriage with envy.

"Human child, you still don't have a place to go, do you want to go back to my nest? My place is big, and you're too young, it wouldn't take up too much s.p.a.ce. Even staying in this hotel would take hundreds of Shen Yuan stone a day." The White crocodile blinked its huge eyes and asked.

"Big Brother Crocodile, don't eat me when you're hungry at night." Chen Xiang laughed and said, he was already on the body of the White crocodile.

Many humans had ridden on him before, but none had ever chatted with him like Chen Xiang did. Even some of the more benevolent beasts had done, so he treated Chen Xiang very well.

Because Chen Xiang frequently came into contact with beasts, he did not conflict with beasts. Back then, the Four Great Divine Beasts, Qi Shi, Long Xueyi, the Ice Dragon, and the others … These were all beasts, and they all had a good relationship with him.

As long as the beasts didn't hurt him and didn't have any enmity towards him, he could still befriend them.

The White crocodile's nest was indeed very big, and it was also open-air. It was right next to a lake, far away from the market, and its environment was very good.

Chen Xiang leaned against a tree. The small lake was illuminated by the bright starlight, and with a gentle breeze, it sparkled and sparkled, making it look extremely beautiful.

The White crocodile was already resting. Chen Xiang was enjoying the beautiful scenery and fell asleep not long later.

Aooo …

Early in the morning, Chen Xiang was awakened by this loud roar. The White crocodile also opened its eyes wide and turned to look at the center of the city.

"It's the howl of the Silver lion. Something has happened. Come, let's go take a look. We shouldn't be afraid of anything big just to watch the show." The White crocodile chuckled.

Chen Xiang was completely speechless, this White crocodile also had the Heaven Ranked Spirit Beast that humans liked to watch from the sidelines. He jumped onto the White crocodile's back, and in a few blinks of an eye, the White crocodile arrived at a large road, sprinting towards the center of the city.

Aooo …

This time, it was two Silver lion roaring together. This was the other Special G.o.d beast of the Great G.o.d level, just the roaring sound itself was already very terrifying, the power from the roar caused many weak beasts to lie p.r.o.ne on the ground.

To emit such a commotion, it was as if something major had occurred. Moreover, it was located in the center of the city.

On the road, many people and beasts were fleeing in a hurry. Only a small number of the more powerful G.o.d Transforming Beast statue, Chen Xiang and the others were rushing over to watch the commotion.

When Chen Xiang went back yesterday, he had chatted with the White crocodile about a lot of things. He was very curious about the Divine Lion Race, so he asked around.

Of course, only Prince Divine Lions who used these two Silver lion to pull the carriage were arrogant.

Not long after, they arrived at the side of the entrance to the great hall. In front of the entrance to the divine hall was a very s.p.a.cious plaza. They didn't even need to walk to the entrance to see what was happening.

"Why does this guy look so familiar?" Chen Xiang saw a man wearing a white fur coat standing in front of the two Silver lion, wielding a huge white blade. The blade in his hand emitted a terrifying white flame, causing the two Silver lion s to be extremely angry.

"Isn't this Qi Shi?" Chen Xiang was extremely shocked in his heart. Qi Shi was different from how he was in the past, he used to look like a sloppy boy, but now, Qi Shi's clothes were very clean and decent. His hair was combed neatly, and his handsome face was full of seriousness.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xiang was unable to recognize him instantly. In the past, when Qi Shi did not care about appearance, he would wear shoes with one foot and not even one shoe on the other. His hair was messy like a chicken nest, and there were even times when he was so wretched.

However, the Qi Shi in front of him looked to be like a jade tree swaying in the wind, giving off a very imposing aura. Right now, even Chen Xiang suspected that this fellow was not Qi Shi, the legendary Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, but someone else instead, because he didn't seem like him at all.

"Go away, don't block the way." A Silver lion roared with a voice as loud as thunder. Although it was hoa.r.s.e, it was filled with power.

It was obvious that he had been standing here for a period of time. What was strange was that there was no movement from inside the shrine, and it did not seem to care about such a big matter. The Prince Divine Lions who was sitting in the carriage did not come out either, and had the two Silver lion s face off against Qi Shi.

Qi Shi just stood there with his blade held horizontally, without saying a word, it was obvious that he was waiting for the Prince Divine Lions s inside the carriage to come out, and because they were at the entrance of the shrine, the two Silver lion s did not dare to attack. They roared a few times, and did not dare to roar anymore.

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