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It was because Chen Xiang saw that the Beast Divine Palace that he could try to reach the Beast G.o.d Realm, that was why he felt that it was possible for him to go there and see if he could find Yue'er, the little kitten. It was very mysterious.

There was a number on the token. Chen Xiang remembered this number and went to the counter to look for the old man …

"Clan elder, please give me the details of the nine hundred commission order" Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

"What? Did you remember wrong? Number 900? This is very dangerous!" The old man was very surprised. He could tell that he had a very deep impression of this order.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Yes, I want to go take a look."

The old man's face was stern, "Brat, are you crazy? There's only three months left until the compet.i.tion? Even if you want to go, you have to wait until the compet.i.tion in the various halls of Supreme Divine Palace is over. You asked your hall master if he did such a dangerous thing?"

"Elder, I have a friend in the Beast Divine Palace. I'll go ask him first. He's definitely very familiar with that place. If he doesn't recommend me to come back when the time comes, I'll come back." Chen Xiang said.

The old man thought for a while and sighed. "Since you insist, I won't stop you anymore. Remember, you have to come back alive or else we'll be together forever."

"This information originally needed two hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone. I saw that you didn't have it, so I'll give it to you." The old man handed over a jade tablet to Chen Xiang.

"If you can complete it, then the person who gave this mission would be the Chief Hall Master of the Soul Hall. He went there himself and lost half his life." The old man said.

Isn't the chief hall master of the Soul Hall Xiao Chou's wife's grandfather? Chen Xiang heard Xiao Chou talk about how not only was the chief of the first Soul Hall but also an elder of the first Soul Hall. Furthermore, it was a very powerful descendant of the Herculean G.o.d Tribe.

"Asking ten million Shen Yuan stone for such a difficult task is a little too little, isn't it?" Chen Xiang casually said that ten million Shen Yuan stone was nothing to the Chief Hall Master of the Soul Hall.

"Other than the ten million Shen Yuan stone, there's also the high quality Beast G.o.d Soul that he gifted you." The old man said: "If your friend from Beast Divine Palace can help you complete it, then you'll earn a lot. You know what, even if I went to find that guy to buy the Beast G.o.d Soul, he wouldn't sell it to me."

It wasn't long before Xiao Chou possessed three divine souls to become a G.o.d of Heaven with the help of the Chief Hall Master.

When Chen Xiang received the jade tablet, he injected the divine stone into it and got a detailed explanation. The first thing he did was to instruct him on how to leave the Sovereign G.o.d Realm and enter the Beast G.o.d Realm.

"The contents are all from a long time ago, so they can only be used as a reference!" The old man said.

"I definitely won't be able to return within ten days." Chen Xiang sighed, "Going to the Beast G.o.d Realm requires a very long journey."

The old man asked: "Do you really need Shen Yuan stone? I can lend you some first, but you have to return some to me."

"Mn, I need four million Shen Yuan stone," Chen Xiang said. "Can I?"

"No problem." The old man stayed here all day and knew that Feng Yujie had already sold quite a few Yuxin Dan s previously. He had sold quite a few Shen Yuan stone s that were refined by Chen Xiang, so he was not worried that Chen Xiang would not be able to pay it back.

"Then are you still going to the Beast G.o.d Realm?" The old man could already tell that the reason Chen Xiang had accepted the dangerous mission order was to earn Shen Yuan stone.

"Go, go! I have something to do in the Beast Divine Palace, I have to go see him!" Chen Xiang laughed and continuously thanked the old man.

After borrowing the four million Shen Yuan stone, Chen Xiang immediately went to the Boxing Hall to find Xie Ao. However, he was told that Xie Ao no longer had a choice but to return to his own Dan Hall.

The Transmission array that the Supreme Divine Palace s did not have direct access to could only rely on Chen Xiang to walk as soon as he walked out of the Supreme Divine Palace.

Deep into the night, Chen Xiang did not rest and continued to run through the forest.

"Tracking me?! I didn't even use the spatial teleportation?! There were quite a lot of traces left behind!?" In order to investigate if there were any birds or beasts nearby, Chen Xiang released a very wide spatial sensing domain. However, he discovered that there were people hiding in the distance, following the traces he left behind carefully.

Chen Xiang could not understand why she would be targeted in the Supreme Divine Palace. She did not provoke anyone, so he immediately released his divine soul to check who was following him.

His soul quickly flew over, and he only saw two black-clothed men. They wore masks, so only two eyes could be seen …

"From the Sword Hall?" Chen Xiang could feel a faint sword intent at this moment. Only those with profound attainments in the way of the sword could have this kind of strength which was at least similar to that of the Heavenly G.o.d level.

Chen Xiang continued his journey. This time, he used the spatial travel technique to increase his speed. He did not want to clash with the two G.o.ds from Sword Hall.

"Don't tell me they found out that I killed Zhang Zhuo and the others?! If they found out that I did it, they would definitely make a ruckus!" Chen Xiang's heart trembled. He was indeed worried in this regard right now, "Could it be that they are following me for evidence or the people they sent out have already found Xu Lingfei and the others?"

All sorts of bad guesses suddenly popped up in Chen Xiang's mind, making him very worried.

Originally, he planned to shake off the two Sword Hall G.o.ds behind him but now, he stopped using spatial travel. It was because he wanted to know why the two of them were following him and to prevent him from thinking too much along the way.

He guessed that the two G.o.ds following him were planning to wait until he was far away from the Supreme Divine Palace before making his move, so he did not continue to use the spatial shuttle. Instead, he increased his speed and ran, leaving behind traces so that the two behind him could catch up when they were about the same distance away …

When released his Spatial Perception Domain again, he discovered that the speed of the two people behind him had increased by a lot compared to before.

After running frantically for an entire night, he was already far away from the Supreme Divine Palace. Furthermore, it was also a good opportunity to strike when he was deep in the mountains and forests.

Chen Xiang intentionally did not run over and sat there to rest, waiting for the two people to catch up …

"I know you two are from Sword Hall." Chen Xiang only waited for a short while before the two people appeared in front of him.

In response to Chen Xiang, two sharp and ice-cold longswords pierced towards him. Chen Xiang used teleportation to avoid the two swords, while the two who were following him did not pose much of a threat to him.

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