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, who was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fighting spirit, hastily entered the secret room. Seems like she was serious, Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed, then he headed towards the Soul Hall to look for Xiao Chou.

Feng Yujie told him to go tomorrow, but she was going to the Earth Room immediately to refine pills. Tonight, she was not going to train with Chen Xiang in the Alive Slain Method's Spirit Refinement Pellet, Chen Xiang had nothing else to do, so she went to find Xiao Chou ahead of time.

Xiao Chou's name was extremely resounding in the Soul Hall. He came to the First Hall of the Soul Hall, and said that he was looking for Xiao Chou, and someone immediately went to report to him.

Chen Xiang sat in the great hall of the First Hall of the Soul Hall. The great hall gave him a feeling of extravagance, and this hall was much larger than the Tenth Hall of their Dan Hall. It was equivalent to a small plaza, and there were many luxurious tables and chairs.

The number of Soul Hall s were more than the number of Dan Hall s, and the number of elites in the first Soul Hall s were also more than the number of people in each hall.

Let alone the first Soul Hall, even the profound G.o.d of Zhang Zhuo, who was killed by Chen Xiang, was more luxurious than his tenth hall.

This did not mean that the Dan Hall was weak, it just showed that the threshold for the Dan Hall s was too high, leading to the fact that there were very few disciples in the Dan Hall s, but the effects of the Dan Hall s in the Supreme Divine Palace s still could not be underestimated. All of the Divine Pills here were provided by the Sovereign Dan Hall s who had the least number of people.

Xiao Chou quickly came. He came by himself, and that innocent wife of his did not come with him.

"Master, what's the matter?" Xiao Chou asked. She was clear that Chen Xiang must have something that brought her here, so she did not waste her breath with him.

"How many Shen Yuan stone do you have? I need around 4 to 5 million of these," Chen Xiang went straight to the point and stated his purpose for coming here.

Forget about Xiao Chou, even some of the old Alchemist s couldn't take out the four or five million Shen Yuan stone s in a short period of time. They had to sell some things in order to get it.

"Not that many, I only have five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone on me." Xiao Chou curled his lips: "Master, why do you need so many Shen Yuan stone."

"How are you so poor?" Chen Xiang never thought that Xiao Chou would be so powerful and mighty in the Soul Hall, but he was actually so poor.

"Are you very poor? I don't think so, I'm considered relatively rich. Although I can't afford some high level divine pellets, the divine pellets that are supplied to us are all given to you by our hall elders, if you perform well you will be rewarded with a divine pellet," Xiao Chou said, surprised: "Among the Dan Hall s, there aren't many who can take out four to five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone at any time, especially ones with strength like mine. If it's someone who's too G.o.dly, then it's a completely different story."

"Looking at the entire Supreme Divine Palace, the other young men and women of the Heavenly G.o.d level, I am considered very rich."

Xiao Chou was not convinced, and continued to explain, wanting to prove that he was not poor.

This little bit of Shen Yuan stone was nothing in his eyes. Not long after he entered the Supreme Divine Palace, he already used it a lot, much more than Xiao Chou this little bit of Shen Yuan stone.

"Master, don't tell me you think it's so easy to earn money? The Yuxin Dan that you just refined is only sixty to seventy thousand, and you can't just keep refining the divine pellets endlessly right? These divine pellets are very hard to refine, and the ingredients are extremely hard to obtain too, besides the cost, you didn't earn much, and it was very hard for you as well," Xiao Chou said as he saw Chen Xiang's smile.

Chen Xiang walked to his side and patted his head: "That's other Alchemist s, let me tell you, the Regeneration Dan that Sister Feng refined before could be sold for millions of Shen Yuan stone, but now there's a guy fighting over business with her, selling each pellet for 400,000 dollars, so she's very angry, and is preparing to make an even more powerful divine pellet."

Xiao Chou said: "I just heard about this matter, that guy who was s.n.a.t.c.hing away Master's wife's business is also a prodigal son, he does not have many Regeneration Dan and only has around ten or so of them."

"Also, not just anyone can buy his Regeneration Dan, he thinks that you're not pleasing to the eye and will not sell it to you. Although it's like that, it really does affect mistress, because this will make many people feel that the Regeneration Dan is only worth four hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, so they won't buy Mistress, unless Mistress also sells for four hundred thousand."

Chen Xiang snorted: "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, truly does not benefit himself by taking advantage of others. He obviously came to make Sister Feng sick."

Xiao Chou nodded his head: "It's an obvious thing. Mistress has painstakingly refined a Regeneration Dan, but its price dropped so much that I feel angry just thinking about it."

The Zhongpin Dan that Feng Yujie gave to her wife, Zhu Siqing, was a Regeneration Dan.

"Xiao Chou, there are a lot of missions in Supreme Hall, and all of them will receive Shen Yuan stone s after the mission is completed. You should have some understanding of this," Chen Xiang said.

"Master, are you planning to get a few million Shen Yuan stone in one go? There are indeed bounty notices for this kind of thing, but of the ten people who go and do such dangerous things, nine of them won't be able to get back. The one that can get back is also half crippled."

Chen Xiang slapped his bald head, and scolded with a smile: "If you go with me, nothing will happen. I only need a capable fighter right now, when did you become so timid … "Hehe, I understand. I don't blame you, I don't blame you …"

Now that Xiao Chou had a wife, he was no longer as free to risk his life as he used to be.

Xiao Chou laughed dryly: "There's nothing I can do. If her grandfather knew that I was going to risk my life, he would have first taken mine. I do want to go with you, how about this, I'll lend you five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone … "It's fine if you don't return it to me in the future."

In three months, it would be the compet.i.tion for all the halls in Supreme Divine Palace, and Xiao Chou was the main force of the first Soul Hall.

Chen Xiang very impolitely received Xiao Chou's five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, and then left the First Soul Hall, heading towards the Supreme Hall.

It was Feng Yujie's first time trying to improve a divine pellet for himself, and it was a very complex Zhongpin Dan as well, so he definitely couldn't do it within ten days. However, Xie Ao had said before that he needed to gather enough Shen Yuan stone within ten days, otherwise, he would sell them to others.

Those who wanted to take advantage of her would definitely come and fight her for it now. Therefore, after ten days pa.s.sed, without enough Shen Yuan stone s, the divine medicine in Xie Ao's hands would definitely be sold quickly.

There were a lot of missions in the Supreme Hall, and completing one was very difficult. It was said that even the Supreme G.o.d did not return.

"I can give this a try."

Chen Xiang suddenly saw an order, it said that they were going to the Beast G.o.d Realm to find a special stone, this kind of stone could only be found in the Beast G.o.d Realm's mountain range, the mountain range was very big, and inside the mountain range were many strong Special G.o.d beast, even the Supreme G.o.ds did not dare to casually enter.

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