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The originally golden Medicine aura, after being burnt for a period of time, had actually become purple gold. This change was acceptable to Chen Xiang, but the following changes were completely unexpected to him.

The Zhenyang gold ginseng that was already burnt into a purple gold mist by him had suddenly shrunk back to the size of a pinky finger, which was a few times smaller than its original size.

Chen Xiang was dumbstruck. To think that such a thing would happen even after burning the herbs. It seemed as if the herbs had evolved.

"How could this be?" Chen Xiang did not understand much about Zhenyang gold ginseng s, he only knew that this type of divine medicine was extremely effective in treating the body. If he were to take it directly, he would feel as if his entire body was being burned by fire, and the serious wounds on his body would also gradually recover from the burning pain.

If it was refined with other divine medicines, the burning pain could be relieved.

Chen Xiang only understood this, he had never heard of burning Zhenyang gold ginseng causing a change.

"Could it be that there's a problem with my fire, allowing the Zhenyang gold ginseng to evolve?" A question arose in Chen Xiang's heart. If it was a normal person refining a Zhenyang gold ginseng, this situation would not have happened. According to the pill formula, the flowers that were being refined could already be refined into a pill.

Back then, when he had bought the Zhenyang gold ginseng, Luo Tianjun was also present, and did not tell him about this sort of thing.

"When Sister Feng comes back, let her try and see if it was caused by my Chuangzao fire or not." Chen Xiang could only continue to refine the Zhenyang gold ginseng that had evolved.

His good control could allow his Chuangzao fire to burn and revive some dying medicinal herbs. Different from normal flames, normal flames could be destroyed, and his flames could be regenerated.

He continued to refine the True Sun Purple Gold Ginseng, and six hours later, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the Spirit blood had appeared inside. He immediately controlled the power of the Divine Sense Sea to transform into a spirit body, and grabbed onto the Spirit blood.

He finally found the Zhenyang gold ginseng s and immediately combined them with the other Yuxin Dan's medicinal ingredients.

The fusion went smoothly. After the Spirit blood s fused with the medicinal ingredients, the next step would be to burn the Purple-Gold Pills and turn them into Medicine aura s. Then, he would remove the gaps between the various medicinal ingredients and allow the different types of mist to merge together.

"Done." Although something unexpected happened, in the end, Chen Xiang still succeeded.

Ever since he refined the Yuxin Dan, this was the second time he successfully refined a divine pill, and one that was even improved by him.

Just like before, using the Original source refining would allow him to make full use of all the medicinal ingredients, so he wouldn't waste any of it.

"It's purplish-gold in color. It seems like the entire effect is from the Purplish Golden Ginseng." Chen Xiang opened his pill furnace and saw four purplish golden pellets. He took them all out and ate one of them.

After eating it, he immediately felt that his body was warm and not burning at all. Instead, he felt that this warm current was extremely comfortable.

There were no injuries on his body, so he could not tell how strong the effects were, but he could feel that the effects were very strong, because even after he refined them, he still felt that there were quite a few medicinal effects scurrying around, as if they were looking for an injury to heal.

"Let's call it the Purple-Gold Divine Pill." Looking at the appearance of the pill that Chen Xiang had named himself, he probably wouldn't think of having a Yuxin Dan no matter what. Furthermore, the feeling he gave off when he ate it was completely different from that of a Yuxin Dan.

He felt that even an experienced old pill G.o.d would not be able to guess that a Zhenyang gold ginseng was added inside after eating it.

After concocting the furnace pills, it was already night time. Chen Xiang walked out of the secret room and saw Feng Yujie organizing the ingredients on the table.

"I've collected all of them." Seeing Chen Xiang coming out, Feng Yujie smiled sweetly and said happily.

"I succeeded too, but some strange things happened." Chen Xiang walked over, picked Feng Yujie up, and let her sit on his lap. Then, he kissed her on the cheek.

Feng Yujie playfully pouted her lips and pinched Chen Xiang's face: "What strange thing happened, show me your improved pill."

Chen Xiang took out a purple gold divine pill and handed it over to Feng Yujie's alluring sandalwood.

Feng Yujie opened her mouth and ate the Purple Gold Divine Pill that Chen Xiang placed in her mouth. After eating it, she immediately frowned: "The medicinal effect is very strong, much stronger than the Yuxin Dan, this pill is extremely good, that's right, you said something strange happened."

Chen Xiang told Feng Yujie about the strange incident of burning Zhenyang gold ginseng.

After Feng Yujie finished listening, she fell into deep thought with a somewhat serious expression. She walked down from Chen Xiang's thigh, and after walking back and forth a few times in the room, she said.

"Could it be the Zhenyang gold ginseng?" Chen Xiang asked.

This is a very strange phenomenon. There are some medicinal herbs that would have this kind of mutation, and some would even change into a new medicinal herb after fusing with other medicinal herbs. Not only does it retain the original effects, it also has other effects. Feng Yujie explained: "This kind of situation will usually appear on high level divine medicines."

Chen Xiang did not understand, but this was a good thing, because after the change, it would be better for him to refine the Zhenyang gold ginseng.

"When are you going to start purchasing your Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients?" Feng Yujie asked.

"We can start now. Also, let's hang up the Spirit Concealment Pills and the Spirit Concealment Pills as well." Chen Xiang chuckled: "Let's get some more spirit pearls first. Once we purchase some more, we can duplicate them and then refine them onto ourselves."

Feng Yujie said: "It's hard to sell Yuxin Dan now, so many disciples who have returned are all selling their pills in large quant.i.ties. The price is now very low, should we release the better high grade divine pellets for sale?"

Now, she had to sell some high grade divine pellets, which were Zhongpin Dan s. These kind of pellets which Feng Yujie had just refined could be sold for millions of Shen Yuan stone s, and she could make three of them during the previous exam. If she were to hang them up for sale now, there would definitely be people who would buy them very quickly.

These few days, her reputation was already very high. This would make her pills even easier to sell.

"How many Shen Yuan stone do we still have?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Not much, we have a lot of divine medicines to buy now, and most of them are of high level. Our little Shen Yuan stone are simply not enough, and the fastest way now is to sell my Regeneration Dan." Feng Yujie shook his head, took out a Storage bag and gave it to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang entered and found that there were indeed very few Shen Yuan stone inside.

Chen Xiang did not want Feng Yujie to sell the Regeneration Dan, because it was a very good type of Zhongpin Dan that could heal injuries.

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