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Seeing that it was so quiet outside, Chen Xiang knew that they were in a truce. If they continued to curse for days and nights, it would be very tiring.

Therefore, she had already pa.s.sed the examination. Chen Xiang also took out a jade tablet, it was an Inferior Grade Pill G.o.d.

"Haha, it's really over. Old Turtle, don't you dare go back on your words." oldest Gu laughed.

Gu Lao Er said to Feng Yujie, "Little girl, what kind of Zhongpin Dan did you refine? Take it out, that guy said as long as you can refine it, you can buy it for ten times the price."

The elder who was in charge of managing the Dan Heart Pavilion walked over and chuckled: "So that means he's about to vomit blood. The Zhongpin Dan that this little girl refined is a Regeneration Dan, it's worth at least a million Shen Yuan stone."

Some ordinary Xiaping Dan would cost over a hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone and Zhongpin Dan were six or seven times more valuable than Xiaping Dan. Moreover, the healing effect of Regeneration Dan was very good; they could treat the injuries on their body and divine soul at the same time.

"It's the Regeneration Dan." oldest Gu said in shock: "Doesn't that mean the old turtle has to take out tens of millions of Shen Yuan stone?"

This was a huge number, and normally, only hall masters could afford it. It would not be easy for a supreme dan G.o.d like oldest Gu to take it out all of a sudden.

Feng Yujie chuckled: "This is my first time refining a high quality Regeneration Dan, so I don't plan to sell it. Sorry."

Although Feng Yujie needed Shen Yuan stone, she did not want to make things difficult for others. In the eyes of these elders, she and Chen Xiang were juniors, they were not like the oldest Gu who liked to fight.

Luo Tianjun laughed: "The two of you are tired too, go back and rest. Don't look at the old fellows here, they have rested for half a day and are about to start a war again."

Feng Yujie's words were undoubtedly like a stepping stone for the old man, causing the old man to feel extremely touched. This was because the young genius of his Dan Hall, the Pill Refiner was extremely arrogant, and did not like him at all.

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie followed Luo Tianjun and left. This group of old men would continue to cause a ruckus later on, this was also their special method of "reminiscing".

Returning to the Dan Hall, Luo Tianjun asked: "Have you all registered yet in the Dan Heart Pavilion?"

"I've registered." Chen Xiang nodded, the old man from the Dan Heart Pavilion had already reminded them to register.

A few days ago, Chen Xiang wanted to enter the underground chamber to concoct pills, but he and Feng Yujie were suddenly summoned by Luo Tianjun to the Dan Heart Pavilion, and they even went through the examination.

"Then go rest." Luo Tianjun waved his hand: "Don't call me over during this period of time, I have to prepare."

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie nodded, then returned back to their rooms to shower and sleep.

Previously, Chen Xiang had used up a lot of spirit pearls, but now, he and Feng Yujie stayed in the house for a few days and brought out 20 or so pills.

"I'm going to sell the Yuxin Dan you refined and buy my ingredients. The Zhongpin Dan I refined is still lacking a bit." Feng Yujie lightly patted Chen Xiang's handsome face, and then pulled away Chen Xiang's bad hand that was still rubbing her chest.

When Feng Yujie saw Chen Xiang looking at her with his fiery eyes, she humphed and quickly tidied up her clothes, so that Chen Xiang wouldn't be unable to resist and take her down on the spot.

Seeing Feng Yujie leave, Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, then ran into the underground room and started concocting pills.

Right now, what he wanted to refine was the modified version of the pellet, which was a pellet of Yuxin Dan s. If he succeeded in refining the pellet, among the healing type of Xiaping Dan, the effect would be very good and he could sell it for a lot of Shen Yuan stone s.

Chen Xiang felt that there were no Xiaping Dan suitable for him to raise his strength, and only Bone level Dan s existed. It was just that they were not easy to refine, and required a large amount of Shangpin holy Dan as materials.

As for the Spirit Orb that he and Feng Yujie kissed and cultivated with, the copy speed was not bad. It could quickly refine a Xiaping Dan, so to quickly earn a Shen Yuan stone, the best method would be to refine a Xiaping Dan.

"If I were to successfully refine this kind of pellet, then I would have access to the Bone level Dan's ingredients in the future." Chen Xiang threw a pile of medicinal ingredients into it.

He was already very familiar with the Yuxin Dan's medicine, but now that he had joined the Zhenyang gold ginseng, under the influence of the Zhenyang gold ginseng, the characteristics of the other herbs would fluctuate, so he had to be careful, so as to avoid an explosion, the Zhenyang gold ginseng required two spirit pearls to replicate.

Chen Xiang was already very familiar with how the other Yuxin Dan s would appear if they were to burn the other Yuxin Dan s' medicinal herbs. All he needed to do now was to carefully pay attention to their appearances.

… ….

After and Feng Yujie pa.s.sed the examination, as outstanding young Alchemist who had just joined the Dan Hall, they received great attention. Especially Feng Yujie, as a woman, not only did she have a Medial Grade Pill G.o.d, she was even able to refine Regeneration Dan.

Many old pill G.o.ds had heard of this, but there were no pill formulas, and the pill formulas were also relatively old. Only the Divine Nations had this kind of divine pill, but no one had heard of it.

Originally, she could have sold a Regeneration Dan for millions of Shen Yuan stone, but she did not do so. This caused others to secretly praise her, because in their impression of Feng Yujie, outstanding young people were usually extremely arrogant.

Of course, the ones who were paying the most attention to Feng Yujie were the young Alchemist s of the other Dan Hall, because they had already heard some unhappy words.

As a result, the youths of the other Dan Hall s who had originally only planned to partic.i.p.ate in the group of Inferior Pill G.o.ds, all went to the Dan Heart Pavilion to undergo the examination of a middle stage Pill G.o.d. This was because they wanted to be in the same group as Feng Yujie, wanted to defeat Feng Yujie, prove that they were stronger than Feng Yujie, and make the group of old Pill G.o.ds, who were praising Feng Yujie, shut up.

"What's going on, this Zhenyang gold ginseng does not have a Spirit blood."

Chen Xiang was secretly anxious, because the Zhenyang gold ginseng was about to melt, and it had not appeared yet. If it still did not appear, and the Spirit blood could not catch the Zhenyang gold ginseng and fuse with the blood of the other medicinal herbs, then this furnace would be considered a failure.

An hour had pa.s.sed and the Zhenyang gold ginseng had already been refined into Medicine aura s and medicinal powders, which were golden and floated inside the pill furnace. However, Chen Xiang still had not found the Spirit blood.

Ever since he had created the Original source refining, he had never encountered this kind of problem, nor was there any way to resolve it.

"I can only go deeper and search for the Spirit blood. When I'm burning them, my speed is already slow enough and I haven't even burned the Spirit blood out yet. Don't tell me I'm still going to continue." Chen Xiang guessed in his heart as he continued to use fire to refine those Medicine aura.

After he had burned for two hours, the group of Medicine aura suddenly underwent a bizarre change.

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