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was secretly happy that they were able to choose a pill formula together. She was also happy because when she heard what method Chen Xiang used to obtain the Bone level Dan's pill formula, Chen Xiang was able to see through the seals on the jade plates.

Feng Yujie was able to obtain the Zhongpin Dan's pill formulas. Now, she and Chen Xiang would follow the old man to the second floor of the Dan Heart Pavilion to choose the Zhongpin Dan's pill formulas.

Entering a secret room that was sealed with many enchantments, Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie immediately saw many jade plates hanging on them. These were all the formulas of the Zhongpin Dan.

Chen Xiang immediately activated Chaos Divine Eye the moment he came in, and carefully examined the contents of the jade tablets.

Feng Yujie didn't have such a method, he could only pretend to look carefully and wait for the results.

The old man was already used to this sort of thing, so he could only wait patiently.

"There are a few pill formulas that look pretty good, I just read them from the introduction. I don't know much about the specifics, let me tell you, do you know about these Zhongpin Dan." Chen Xiang told Feng Yujie the names of several types of Divine Pills.

After Feng Yujie heard them, he replied: "These are all pretty good, but we can only choose between two … I'll think about which two to choose. "

After a while, Feng Yujie sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Among the few Zhongpin Dan that you mentioned, these two are of relatively special effects. The other ones are all used to raise the Mysterious power, strengthen the physical body, and heal one's injuries.

Chen Xiang understood, although Yuxin Dan s could be used to heal injuries, their effects were not as good as other pill formulas.

Among the divine pills, regardless of the grade, there were all kinds of healing, strengthening divine powers, strengthening the physical body, etc. Most of them were of average efficacy. Only a few of them had very strong effects, but the pill formulas were all in the hands of a small number of alchemy G.o.ds.

Feng Yujie had this kind of pill formula, her previous Regeneration Dan was an extremely good healing pill formula.

Chen Xiang told Feng Yujie the location of the "Spirit Connecting Pill" jade tablet, and told her to go get it while he took out the "Spirit Absorbing Pill".

Even the mind pellet was a kind of magical pellet, not to enhance one's strength or cure the poison, but to make two pellets, and then both of them would drip their own blood on these two pellets. Afterwards, the two of them would have a heart-to-heart feeling, and could communicate with each other at an extremely fast speed.

Even if there was a very strong s.p.a.ce ban, it still wouldn't be able to contain the mind pill. The drawback was that after consuming the mind pill, the duration of the pill would be limited and not permanent.

Eating this kind of pellet would allow one to become transparent, and would even be able to hide away one's aura for a period of time. Feng Yujie was interested in the Divine Concealment Pellet, which could evolve into a pellet that even Upper Heavenly G.o.d with nine Divine Deity would find hard to swallow, so if he ate a high quality Concealment Pellet, even a small part of him would find it hard to discover.

The drawback of this Spirit Concealment Pill was that one could not use too much power while invisible, otherwise it would destroy the medicinal energy flowing through the body. However, it could also be considered a type of divine pill with a special ability.

Chen Xiang waited for a while after Feng Yujie took the jade tablet from him before he took it out. They couldn't take it out at the same time, in case the old man discovered something.

"What kind of pills are these?" The old man asked in curiosity. Last time, Chen Xiang's luck was not bad, although he could not refine the Bone level Dan now, but with this recipe, he would definitely have a chance to refine it in the future.

"What I have is the Divine Concealment Pill." Chen Xiang dripped a drop of blood on the jade tablet and frowned: "I wonder if the ingredients for this kind of divine pill are good enough to purchase."

Feng Yujie said: "What I have is a Mind Altering Pellet, it looks to be about the same as your Divine Concealment Pellet, they are all magical pellets with a strange function."

The old man said, "I've heard about these two types of pills, and they are indeed rare, weird magical pills. The old man said," I've heard about these two types of pills, and they are indeed rare, weird magical pills, and the herbs shouldn't be hard to buy.

Feng Yujie was satisfied with these two pills. Although she had the Zhongpin Dan's pill formulas, those medicinal ingredients were extremely difficult to find. After all, her pill formulas were all very ancient, and she did not know if the medicinal ingredients for those pill formulas could be pa.s.sed down from that time.

"Now you can go and choose the Shangpin dan's recipe." The old man said.

"Elder, I want to take a look as well." Chen Xiang laughed: "I want to accompany her and increase her luck."

"No problem." The old man laughed and immediately agreed. He felt that since Chen Xiang could not take away the jade plates, it was fine if he let him go.

Although the secret room where the Shangpin dan's pill formula was stored was very large, there weren't many jade plates hanging on it. After all, it wasn't easy to create the Shangpin dan's pill formula.

Just like before, Chen Xiang secretly opened the Eye of Primal Chaos the moment he entered and carefully checked the jade tablets.

He only had more than two hundred jade plates in total, and Chen Xiang would report one to Feng Yujie just by looking at them. She would decide for herself, because he didn't really understand these pills too well.

"It seems like all the good recipes have been chosen over the years. There is only one that is better, the Divine Sense Sea Pill's recipe." Feng Yujie thought for a moment, then asked Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang told Feng Yujie where it was located and immediately went to get it. After dripping blood, he got the recipe for the Divine Sense Sea Pellet.

"It's the Divine Sense Sea Pill." Feng Yujie said, and without the old man asking, she said it out loud.

"Oh, it's not bad. A high-grade Divine Sense Sea Pill is capable of absorbing the power of one of the Divine Sense Sea's powers." The old man nodded his head: "The main purpose of this pill is to store the energy in the entire Divine Sense Sea. After the energy in the Divine Sense Sea is used up, eating a pill can instantly restore it to full."

Feng Yujie said: "The bad thing is that I need to store my power inside."

The old man laughed: "This is nothing, if there is nothing important, just pour half of the Divine Sense Sea's power in, or at least drink at the third level, and you can recover in one night. This way, after a few days, you can fill up a pellet completely, and after the Divine Sense Sea's power runs out and needs to recover in a hurry, the effect of this Divine Sense Sea Pellet will not be comparable to any other pellet."

Chen Xiang had experienced the drying up of the Divine Sense Sea last time. At that time, he hardened his heart and used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine a few stars before he could barely recover. If he had this pill, he could have instantly recovered back then.

Heavenly G.o.ds with nine Divine Deity could instantly recover their strength, which showed that this Divine Sense Sea Pellet was still very precious. It had to be known that Heavenly G.o.ds with nine Divine Deity had very huge Divine Sense Sea s, and the quality of their Mysterious power was also very high. Once it was exhausted, it would be very difficult to quickly recover.

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie both pa.s.sed the examination. They walked out of Dan Heart Pavilion and saw that there were a lot of elders waiting for them outside.

"What's the result?" When the oldest Gu saw Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie walking out, his originally somewhat listless expression immediately became lively like a dragon and a tiger.

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