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Those who joined the Supreme Divine Palace were usually the old geezers from the Sword Hall. After obtaining enough resources, they were also interested in refining pills, so they started to learn alchemy and joined the Dan Hall.

That was why people like Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie, who looked very young, would normally not have much ability in the eyes of these old fellows, unless they were the children and elders of the Supreme Divine Palace.

The oldest Gu was immediately angered. He knew that Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie both had decent foundations, Chen Xiang had already pa.s.sed the Dan Heart Pavilion's a.s.sessment, and Feng Yujie's Yuxin Dan that was still able to refine Xiaping Dan was already considered to be very good for youngsters.

Seeing the old man say this, Luo Tianjun felt a little displeasure in his heart, and said to Feng Yujie: "Little girl, didn't you say that you want to register to partic.i.p.ate in the group of Zhongpin Dan's compet.i.tion? Before partic.i.p.ating, you would have to undergo the examination in the Dan Heart Pavilion, and pa.s.s the Dan Heart Pavilion's certification.

Even the Three Gu Brothers didn't know about this, because Feng Yujie had only told Luo Tianjun about it not too long ago.

After the elders from the other Dan Hall s present heard this, they all felt that it was impossible, because even the most outstanding youths from the Dan Hall s did not attempt to undergo the G.o.d's a.s.sessment. This kind of a.s.sessment was not easy, and for the young Alchemist, refining a Zhongpin Dan was still very difficult.

Feng Yujie had already went through two examinations in the Dan Heart Pavilion before, the first of which was the Holy Pellet exam, and then she had obtained the Yuxin Dan's medicinal formula.

"Hall Master, I have yet to take the Xiaping Dan's test." Feng Yujie said. If she pa.s.sed the Xiaping Dan examination, then she would have the chance to choose the Zhongpin Dan's recipe. If she pa.s.sed the Zhongpin Dan's a.s.sessment, then she could choose the Shangpin dan's recipe.

Luo Tianjun laughed: "Just directly take the Zhongpin Dan examination. This way, you can pick the Zhongpin Dan s and their pill formulas, and you can directly skip the Xiaping Dan's examination."

Since he was already here, of course Feng Yujie would not decline. He took out his ident.i.ty jade tablet and walked into the Dan Heart Pavilion.

oldest Gu laughed out loud: "Did you see that? Our little ghost is going to take the G.o.d's Pill G.o.d's a.s.sessment. As for your little ghost, for the sake of not bullying others in the lower G.o.d of Pills' group, none of you dare to take the G.o.d's a.s.sessment, you are just a bunch of cowards."

was a little worried that Feng Yujie would not have enough medicinal ingredients to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion after he finishes his examination.

"Don't worry about her, she has been in the Supreme Divine Palace for a period of time, and has some knowledge about the rules here, she should be well-prepared." Luo Tianjun said: "When the time comes, she'll need help. I can help her gather enough Zhongpin medicine."

There were only three months until the Dan Hall's compet.i.tion, which should be enough for Feng Yujie.

Feng Yujie had refined Zhongpin Dan before, and he had even given that pellet to Xiao Chou's wife, Zhu Siqing. Therefore, Chen Xiang was very confident in Feng Yujie, and was sure to pa.s.s the examination.

"I want to see if she can really pa.s.s it. Refining Zhongpin Dan s is not child's play, if she can refine it, I will use ten times the Shen Yuan stone to buy it." The old man still did not believe that Feng Yujie could refine a Zhongpin Dan.

"Hehe, just don't go back on your word when the time comes. The worst Zhongpin Dan would cost at least five hundred thousand, and you would need at least five million to use ten times the price. Can you even get that many Shen Yuan stone from a turtle's head that you've shrunk for hundreds of years?" The oldest Gu said with a smile.

"I was in closed-door training and was never afraid of any challenges." The old man said angrily, "It's only five million, I can still afford it. As long as she can refine it."

Luo Tianjun patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, and asked: "Brat, what about you? You have been obtaining the Xiaping Dan's pill formula for a while, how is your progress?"

There was no longer any pressure for Chen Xiang to be able to refine a Yuxin Dan. If he was going to carry out an a.s.sessment, then no one would be able to refine a Xiaping Dan before the a.s.sessment. Now that Feng Yujie was going to refine a Zhongpin Dan, he could use the Yuxin Dan to conduct an examination.

"I want to take the test too." This way, the two young men who had just joined the tenth hall were considered to be Pill G.o.ds. Although they were not powerful in their eyes for the time being, they were still good seedlings. If they were to cultivate well, they would definitely become outstanding Pill G.o.ds in the future.

Chen Xiang also had the Yuxin Dan's medicinal ingredients on him, which were copied out by him and Feng Yujie using Spirit Orbs. If he pa.s.sed the examination, he could choose the Zhongpin Dan's pill formula.

Using the Chaos Divine Eye, he would be able to see the pill formulas inside the secret jade plates. At that time, he would definitely be satisfied.

"Then go." Luo Tianjun pushed Chen Xiang and let him enter the Dan Heart Pavilion.

The oldest Gu laughed: We are all bored anyway, let's just wait here for the results to come out, you guys can personally witness the kids in our tenth hall pa.s.sing the examination, that's a good thing, I heard that when the other little ghosts from the other Dan Hall came to take the examination, they chased away everyone nearby, worried that they would disturb us, haha …

"Hmph." The old man who was arguing with the oldest Gu was indeed jealous. He had to admit, even though the Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie in the tenth hall were young Alchemist, they did not become arrogant because of it.

When Chen Xiang entered the Dan Heart Pavilion, the old man was currently entering the secret room with Feng Yujie.

"Elder, I want to take the test as well." Chen Xiang anxiously shouted.

"Oh, give me the jade token. You have to wait for her to finish before proceeding. You two can stay together in a pill refining room, and then I will supervise." The old man was not unfamiliar with Chen Xiang at all. He was the first one to know that Chen Xiang had obtained the Bone level Dan's pill formula, and Luo Tianjun had informed him before to not spread the news. It could be seen that Luo Tianjun's relationship with him was not bad.

"I'll take it with her." Chen Xiang smiled at Feng Yujie and handed over the jade tablet to the old man.

In order to carry out the Xiaping Dan's examination, he had to prepare the medicinal ingredients himself. Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie had already prepared all the necessary preparations.

Although the relationship between the old man and Luo Tianjun was very good, he was very strict with the examination as he carefully examined Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie's medicinal ingredients.

Just like last time, the pill furnaces used were all placed in this secret room, so it was nothing to Chen Xiang.

As for Feng Yujie, she was a bit nervous, because she was going to use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills, and this was the first time she was using the Heavenly Alchemy.

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