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Chen Xiang stretched his back, washed up, and then went to find Luo Tianjun.

Luo Tianjun was originally resting, but the moment he heard Chen Xiang call for him, he immediately opened the door and walked out.

"You're up so early. What's the matter?" Luo Tianjun held a bottle gourd in her hand. This bottle gourd was emitting traces of a very strong divine soul energy.

When Chen Xiang saw the bottle gourd, he knew that it was one of Luo Tianjun's more important divine tools.

"Hall Master, I would like to ask if it is easy to acquire Zhenyang gold ginseng s here." Chen Xiang wanted to improve the Yuxin Dan, he said that the Zhenyang gold ginseng that he needed to add are Zhenyang gold ginseng.

Luo Tianjun thought for a moment, then said: "There are some, but it's not common, if you want to buy it, you have to prepare at least one hundred and fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone, or even two hundred thousand. Although this kind of divine medicine is very strong, the healing effect is very strong, and some Zhongpin Dan would even add this kind of medicine."

As long as there was it, Chen Xiang believed that as long as he bought it patiently, he would be able to get it.

Returning back to the pill refining room, Chen Xiang took out the Yuxin Dan's medicinal ingredients and used the remaining spirit liquid he had to replicate.

What surprised him was that he could only replicate two portions of the elixir. He had expected him to replicate at most one portion of the elixir.

"Eight Yuxin Dan s. If they are sold at a low price, they should be sold out very quickly." Chen Xiang took a deep breath and started concocting pills.

Although the spirit liquid was already used up, Feng Yujie was willing to cultivate Alive Slain Method with him, and would condense the blue bead. When the time came, he only needed to purchase enough ingredients, and he would be able to use this bead to replicate.

After refining two batches of Yuxin Dan, it was already afternoon. Chen Xiang walked out of the pill refining room and saw Feng Yujie sitting at a table.

Chen Xiang saw that Feng Yujie's face was filled with a sweet smile, and asked: "Is there any good news for me?"

"Those Yuxin Dan have been sold. One pellet of the eighty thousand Shen Yuan stone, we now have another three hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone." Feng Yujie laughed, "Besides, I've also acquired two of the divine medicines that I need. I'm just short three of them."

Chen Xiang laughed: I also have some good news for you.

After he finished speaking, he took out an exquisite jade box and opened it. There were a few jewel-like Yuxin Dan inside.

"Eight pills." Feng Yujie shouted.

"Today, I copied a portion of the Yuxin Dan's medicine. Oh right, when you go tomorrow, help me paste a notice that I want to purchase the Zhenyang gold ginseng. I plan to merge the Zhenyang gold ginseng into the original Yuxin Dan's medicine." Chen Xiang sealed the jade box and placed it in Feng Yujie's hands.

Feng Yujie nodded his head: "This way, we will be able to gather the required divine medicines very quickly. At that time, we can use the spirit pearl to duplicate them."

Chen Xiang laughed: "We will begin now. By tomorrow morning, we should be able to duplicate two pills."

Feng Yujie's seductive eyes lightly glanced at Chen Xiang, and chuckled: "What a naughty little brat … "Then let's start now."

… ….

On the second day, Feng Yujie indeed condensed two light blue Spirit Orbs from her small mouth, she gave them to Chen Xiang, because the first one she condensed yesterday, was left as a souvenir, so she did not use it for Chen Xiang to copy.

"Today, I'll go with you to the Supreme Hall to take a look. I don't have much to do today either." Chen Xiang said.

Feng Yujie nodded, then walked out of the room and left the courtyard hand in hand with Chen Xiang. When they were walking out, they were coincidentally seen by Luo Tianjun.

Luo Tianjun shook his head and laughed: "These two youngsters love each other so much, and even said that they are just ordinary friends.

"Hall Master, should we register them for the Sovereign Conference?" oldest Gu hurriedly ran back from outside. They had been away for the past two days so they went to prepare. As they were the main forces of the tenth hall, the compet.i.tion of the Dan Hall was about to begin.

Luo Tianjun already knew that Feng Yujie knew how to refine Yuxin Dan, and he could be considered a pill G.o.d. Although Chen Xiang had the divine pill formula, he couldn't use it for the compet.i.tion since he was a Bone level Dan, so he was not a pill G.o.d yet.

"We'll talk about it when he gets back. He definitely has to partic.i.p.ate. If he can't partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, then help him register for the sacred pills." Luo Tianjun said: "Now, I can help your junior sister register to partic.i.p.ate in the Xiaping Dan's compet.i.tion."

and Feng Yujie arrived at Supreme Hall and asked the old man at the counter for a few notices. The old man was very willing to gift them this notice to save them a lot of Shen Yuan stone s.

"Why are there so many people here today, especially at Sword Hall?" Chen Xiang said softly, with a single glance, he saw disciples dressed in Sword Hall robes.

Of the Four Great Supreme Palaces in the Supreme Divine Palace, only the Dan Hall didn't have uniform, so you could tell at a glance that they were from the Dan Hall s.

The old man behind the counter laughed: "The compet.i.tion of the Supreme Palace that occurs once every hundred years is about to begin. The outstanding disciples in the various halls have all come back one after another, because this is a great opportunity for them to come into contact with the Divine Nations, especially with those from the Heaven Realm."

Luo Tianjun had said before, as long as they could get into the top three, they would have the chance to have a meal with the members of the royal family in the Divine Nations, and even enter the imperial palace to communicate with the outstanding royalty.

Chen Xiang was still not sure what group she was going to join, and Feng Yujie was definitely going to join. She came to the Supreme Divine Palace because she wanted to find a way to contact the Divine Nations.

After Feng Yujie finished writing the contents of the notice, he and Chen Xiang went to look for a place to post. As soon as they entered the crowd of people, it attracted the attention of many.

Seeing that Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie did not have any uniform attire, and the notice that was posted was for purchasing medicinal herbs, he confirmed that they were disciples from Dan Hall.

I never thought that there would be two more young Alchemist s. I wonder where they came from, all the young faces of the Alchemist s can be counted with one hand, and they all have deep backgrounds. A man wearing a black cloak said. On the back of his black cloak was drawn a very imposing fist.

"He definitely doesn't have a backer. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come here to purchase medicinal herbs." A middle-aged man sneered.

The man from before said: "Look, the people from the first Sword Hall have gone over. This guy from the first Sword Hall always likes to cause trouble, and he also really likes to tease the female disciples who just entered the Supreme Divine Palace."

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie never thought that they would be watched by someone like that, they only felt that it was weird. After all, they were people who had experienced many things, especially Feng Yujie.

"Little girl, did you just join the Supreme Divine Palace? Which hall are you from?" A handsome man with long hair that fluttered in the wind walked over with a very annoying smile on his face.

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