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She only had the few Shen Yuan stone that Chen Xiang had given her. If she were to buy this portion, she wouldn't have much left …

"Buy his tomorrow, and sell these four Yuxin Dan as well." Chen Xiang said: "Since you have learnt the Alive Slain Method, you should be able to condense more spirit liquid in the next few days."

Feng Yujie suddenly felt that it was somewhat useless. She was stronger than Chen Xiang, and had even inherited the Nine Divine Kings's legacy, and now that she urgently needed the Shen Yuan stone, since she felt so powerless, she couldn't wait to let Chen Xiang help her.

"Brat, I heard Qilian say that … You can condense Spiritual Beads just by kissing, right? " Feng Yujie suddenly asked with a voice as soft as a mosquito's. It was obvious that he was shy.

After Chen Xiang heard this, he did not immediately reply, but sunk into silence, while his heart thumped rapidly. Feng Yujie obviously had this kind of plan, for him, asking this question was way too unexpected.

"Yes." Chen Xiang was silent for a moment, before calming himself down and saying indifferently: "I've heard that this method of condensing Spirit Orbs has a pretty good effect. After all, the two of us are both powerful G.o.ds."

Feng Yujie grabbed onto his blanket tightly and bit his lower lip lightly. He was carefully considering whether or not he should do that.

Just like this, the room sank into an extremely emotional atmosphere and was silent the entire time. Only after an entire hour had pa.s.sed did Feng Yujie finally call out in a low voice: "Come over here."

"So it's like this … Is it really okay? " Chen Xiang did not go over immediately, which made Feng Yujie a little angry. She did not want to discuss this matter so much, so she hoped that Chen Xiang could hurry up and finish this matter quickly by kissing her.

"If you don't want to, then forget it." Feng Yujie scoffed.

"You don't know the process. We'll be going on for a long time." Chen Xiang kindly reminded him. It was not that he did not want to, it was just that he was worried that Feng Yujie would feel awkward in the future and distance himself from him.

"d.a.m.n brat, if you don't come over, I'll ignore you." Feng Yujie scolded. The moment she finished speaking, Chen Xiang appeared on his bed.

Feng Yujie had still wrapped himself in the blanket, tightly and only his head was exposed.

Chen Xiang lit up the Night Illumination Pearl above and chuckled, "Is this how it starts?"

Feng Yujie pouted. "Then what do you want?

Seeing Feng Yujie's red face, Chen Xiang also didn't know how to make his move. He smiled and replied: "Indeed I want you to just take the blanket away, it will feel better if you hug me like that. I won't lie to you, after all, we need to continue doing this until dawn."

Feng Yujie had already decided to throw caution to the wind. After kicking away the blanket, he acted as though he was "at your mercy". He gently pouted, "d.a.m.n brat, hurry up!

This was the first time she had played this game. Although she had teased Chen Xiang before, she really felt that it was too childish to let such a thing happen. She did not want such a thing to really happen to her.

"Sister Feng, you are Sister You You You and sister Meiyao's mother, do you think that's good?" Chen Xiang laid beside Feng Yujie, using his fingers to caress her white and tender earlobes, laughing wickedly next to her ear: "You should already know that sister Meiyao is dead set on me, she's already my woman, and she's your G.o.ddaughter."

Feng Yujie really wanted to roll over and give Chen Xiang a fierce slap. These words at such a critical juncture was clearly meant to tease her.

"Stinking brat, stop pretending with me." Feng Yujie flipped his body and pressed Chen Xiang down backwards, then directly put his own sandalwood mouth under Chen Xiang's body. That fragrant tongue had already entered Chen Xiang's mouth and was moving around randomly, a little crazily at that.

In that moment, Chen Xiang's mind was blank. He never thought that Feng Yujie would suddenly be so intrepid, forcefully kissing him, this was the first time he had experienced this.

At that time, Chen Xiang was just a little brat that she could do whatever she wanted, while she was the empress that could not. Thinking back how soft she had been to Chen Xiang just now, even she felt ashamed of herself. Now that she had the upper hand, she felt really happy in her heart, because she had recovered the confidence that she had in front of Chen Xiang in the past.

Chen Xiang did not allow himself to be outdone, and fiercely embraced her. With a flip, he pressed her down below.

Just like this, the two of them turned and turned, both of them wanting to be on top, but their lips were tightly pressed together to kiss, and they did not start cultivating the Alive Slain Method. It was obvious that they had already been captivated by this wonderful feeling and were unable to extricate themselves, and were deeply intoxicated in it.

The two who were kissing each other unknowingly released the feelings they had hidden deep within their hearts. At this moment, they realized that they liked each other quite a bit, but they hadn't said it out loud in the past.

The reason why they had such a deep attraction towards each other, was because they thought that after coming to this place far away from the G.o.ds Realm, they would rush over here even more thoroughly. This was because they had left their familiar environment and came to this unfamiliar and helpless place.

Of course, they did not know that because they had entered each other's Divine Sense Sea before, and to let others enter their own Divine Sense Sea, it meant that they had an incomparable trust in that person. Faintly, this trust also strengthened the feelings in their hearts.

At first, the two were very arrogant, but as time went on, they gradually became entangled, and soon after, they also entered the state of cultivating Alive Slain Method with great tacit understanding.

… ….

In the morning, Feng Yujie woke up and sat up. He spat out a light blue Spirit Race pellet, which was different from the color that Chen Xiang had condensed when he had kissed Lv Qilian.

Chen Xiang giggled as he looked at the snow-white b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were exposed on the side of Feng Yujie's body.

Feng Yujie spat lightly, rolled his eyes, and pulled off his clothes. Although they had done something very intimate, they had not broken through the last line of defense yet, because Chen Xiang could feel that Feng Yujie was still unwilling. He was very experienced with this feeling.

"I want to keep it." Feng Yujie laid on Chen Xiang's chest and said softly and sweetly, "Let's come back tonight. We can still condense a lot more."

"It's up to you. You formed it anyway." Chen Xiang caressed her long black hair and laughed: "Sister Yu Jie, you are so beautiful."

"Brat." Feng Yujie laughed and pinched his face: "Give me those Yuxin Dan, I'll go sell them."

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the Yuxin Dan to Feng Yujie, and after Feng Yujie received it, he tidied up his clothes and combed his hair, then rushed to Supreme Hall to issue the notice.

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