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Feng Yujie secretly scolded Chen Xiang. Not long after he entered, he had already killed a few Supreme Divine Palace disciples, and a few of them were of the hall master level.

Of course, she wasn't the least bit surprised that Chen Xiang would do such a thing, otherwise, it wouldn't be Chen Xiang at all. Furthermore, she knew that Chen Xiang wasn't the last resort, and definitely wouldn't kill people.

Although Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang were secretly shocked in their hearts, they calmly walked out of the Supreme Hall.

"I'll go look for my hall master first. When I transfer to another hall, I need to greet him. You just have to wait for me in the tenth hall." Feng Yujie said. She did not ask Chen Xiang about killing Zhang Zhuo and the others, because this was not a suitable place to do so.

Chen Xiang's face became gloomy, he was not afraid, he was only worried that it would be found out, he nodded, and returned.

"Kid, how is it? Have you found your friend?" Seeing that Chen Xiang had returned, Luo Tianjun shouted loudly.

"Yes, but he's already gone out with his hall master and won't be back for some time. That's why I can't see him for the time being." Chen Xiang laughed: "Hall Master, you are indeed very capable. That old man from Supreme Hall confirmed that I am from the tenth hall, and thus gave me a lot of convenience."

Luo Tianjun laughed proudly: "Of course I, Luo Tianjun, am capable. I will let you experience me more in the future."

Chen Xiang said: "My friend from the 9th hall has already agreed to come over, maybe she will come looking for me later."

Right after she finished speaking, Feng Yujie appeared at the courtyard entrance. When she saw Chen Xiang, she ran in while laughing.

"Head, this is the friend I was talking about." Chen Xiang never thought that Feng Yujie would be so fast.

"Greetings, hall master." Feng Yujie greeted politely with a sweet smile on his face.

Luo Tianjun laughed: "There's no need to be courteous, bring your plate over, I will help you change it, from now on, you are part of our tenth hall."

Feng Yujie walked up and handed over her ident.i.ty jade tablet to Luo Tianjun. After receiving it, Luo Tianjun muttered: "Feng Yujie, lowly divine pill G.o.d …"

After reading some information from Feng Yujie's jade tablet, Luo Tianjun branded the tenth hall into the jade tablet.

"Haha, before, those guys always said that no female disciples would come into our tenth hall. Let's see what they will say now." Luo Tianjun was very happy as he returned the jade token to Feng Yujie.

Luo Tianjun had always hoped that there would be an outstanding female Alchemist in the tenth hall, but the young female Alchemist s would usually choose those Dan Hall s who were ranked in the top few, and the conditions offered by those Dan Hall s were also very good.

Not only his tenth hall, but many other Dan Hall s did not have any female disciples.

"Yu Jie, wait a minute, let me see how I can expand this place. I will build a house and an underground alchemy room for you." Luo Tianjun had a headache, because he did not know that his own Dan Hall would suddenly increase by so many people, he converted many empty rooms into a huge pill refining room, the one where the Three Gu Brothers had competed together to refine pills.

Right now, he could not change the pill refining room, because the Three Gu Brothers had been competing in that place for many years. If it suddenly disappeared, they would feel very sad, and in order to make the Dan Hall harmonious, Luo Tianjun planned to expand this house.

Chen Xiang suddenly said: "No need, Sister Feng can stay in the same room as me."

Feng Yujie was startled, but of course she would not agree. She was just about to reject him, but she felt that it would be better this way, because she and Chen Xiang both had some secrets to share, so living in the same house was not bad.

"This... You've developed that relationship. " Luo Tianjun was very surprised. He stared blankly for a while, then laughed with an "I understand" expression.

Feng Yujie quickly explained, "No, we are only at the same level … We are siblings, and we used to often play together. The rooms are very big, we can separate them, I don't mind that, but this way, you won't need to trouble yourself with the hall master's work. "

Although Feng Yujie explained it this way, Luo Tianjun still laughed mischievously. "Then it's settled, or else I would have to get the approval of a few elders and hall masters for the expanded construction. It would be somewhat troublesome."

At night, Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie and Luo Tianjun were having dinner in the living room. Luo Tianjun personally cooked many delicious dishes.

"Third senior brother hasn't come back yet." Chen Xiang asked: "I haven't seen them for a day."

Luo Tianjun held onto the food and laughed: "Ignore them. Quickly eat, eat, and try out my dishes. Those three fellows probably went to look for other halls to make a bet."

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie both picked up their dishes, but just at this time, the Three Gu Brothers returned. They walked to the door of the living room, and when they saw that there was a woman there, they couldn't help but be shocked, as if they had seen something shocking.

"This... "Who is it?" The oldest Gu asked in surprise.

"This little girl Feng Yujie greets her three senior brothers." Feng Yujie immediately stood up and saluted the Three Gu Brothers gracefully.

Luo Tianjun immediately said: "Why are you being so polite to them, quickly cook, continue eating, ignore them."

Three Gu Brothers seemed to have understood that this woman was their junior sister, and one that had just joined them, but they still did not dare believe it.

"That doesn't make sense." Gu Lao Er was stunned for a long time as he spat out these words.

Yu Jie was originally in the Ninth Hall, so they knew each other since a long time ago. When they b.u.mped into each other here, they told her to turn around, and it was rude of the three of you, especially with your current appearances … Luo Tianjun shouted.

Three Gu Brothers sat down quietly with a smile on his face. This was because their tenth hall finally had a female disciple.

"That's right, where does Junior Sister live now? Why don't we destroy that large alchemy room?" oldest Gu asked.

"No need, she lives with Chen Xiang." Luo Tianjun said.

"Oh." oldest Gu was startled, and then understood.

Feng Yujie was too lazy to explain anymore, but when she saw Chen Xiang's smiling lowly appearance, she secretly stepped on Chen Xiang's leg.

"Eat, eat, eat …" We have more people now, and not long from now, we will let them see how powerful we are in the Dan Hall. " Luo Tianjun was extremely happy.

After eating, they chatted for a while before returning to their own rooms.

Chen Xiang's room was relatively large, even with two beds, it was still s.p.a.cious.

"Brat, don't mess around tonight, otherwise, you'll be out of luck." Feng Yujie pouted and warned as she entered the tight bathroom to take a bath.

There was also a bathtub in the room. After Feng Yujie entered the bathroom, he was soaking in the bathtub, snorting for a bit as he washed his body.

After Feng Yujie finished showering, he couldn't help but stamp his feet when he saw that Chen Xiang was actually washing his body in front of her.

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