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There were also many beautiful women in the Supreme Divine Palace, but there were the least in the Dan Hall and there were a lot of other halls, especially the Sword Hall, where the most beautiful women were located.

After Feng Yujie entered the Supreme Divine Palace, she had restrained herself quite a bit. Right now, she could already control her kind of mysterious and enticing power, and at the same time, dress herself up simply, so she was not too eye-catching in the Supreme Hall, because there were a lot of beautiful women dressed up here.

After Chen Xiang entered, he came to the counter. He saw a few men mumbling to themselves, saying that the old man was very black-hearted and something like that.

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood why there were so many people in Supreme Hall, but why there were so few people who came to the counter to question him.

"Old sir, I am from Dan Hall Tianjun." Chen Xiang immediately reported his background, in case he was scammed later on.

The old man at the counter was tall and thin. He had a head of short white hair and a small goatee. His skin was very white and tender without any wrinkles. He looked very energetic.

"Show me your jade tablet. If you pretend to be one of Camel's men, then you'll be out of luck." The old man laughed sinisterly, causing Chen Xiang's heart to tremble. He quickly took out his ident.i.ty plate and handed it over.

After the old man read it, he returned it with a smile. "As expected, it's just like what Old Luo said, a young fellow. Why did you look for me? I won't take your Shen Yuan stone."

"Then, I will thank Senior first. I want to find a person who has entered the Supreme Divine Palace in these past few decades. He is bald, and he is … I came in after pa.s.sing the trial. " Chen Xiang lowered his voice and said, "Can you find it?"

The old man immediately said, "There is one baldy, but he didn't pa.s.s the trial to come here … So far, only you have pa.s.sed the trial to come in. You are sure that your friend has pa.s.sed the trial. "

Chen Xiang was immediately suspicious. Could it be that Xiao Chou had not pa.s.sed, but he had sought Feng Yujie out after the deadline? If he had not gone for the trial, he would have died, he would not have been able to find Feng Yujie.

"Are there any portraits of that baldy?" Chen Xiang asked again. After entering the Supreme Divine Palace, he had never met a baldy, so he looked around with the only hope in hand.

The old man took out a piece of paper from the Storage magic treasure and gave it to Chen Xiang.

He has been in the Soul Hall for decades, and has gone out with their hall master. He has already been out for a few months, and should be back very soon, so he should be the first hall of the Supreme Soul Hall Divine Hall. This bald head is very outstanding, and might become the first hall master. The old man said.

Chen Xiang couldn't understand why Xiao Chou didn't go through any trials, but still went into the Supreme Divine Palace, and did it so well.

He had originally guessed that Xiao Chou was going to the Boxing Hall, but he hadn't thought that it would be the Soul Hall. This was also pretty good, when he needed beast divine soul in the future, he could go and find Xiao Chou.

Chen Xiang thanked the old man once again and strolled around Supreme Hall. He quickly found Feng Yujie, who was currently looking for a place to post her purchase notice.

"Sister Feng." Chen Xiang patted Feng Yujie's shoulder and laughed.

Feng Yujie turned his head and saw Chen Xiang approaching, he smiled: "It's great that you're here, help me find a good place."

The notices that were posted in the Supreme Hall were all bought from the counters, and were valid for ten days. After ten days, they could be torn down, and if they did not expire, the counters would know, that if they caught one, they would be punished by many Shen Yuan stone.

In the lower right corner of the announcement, there was a countdown, such as seven days, six days, five days … If it was not displayed, it meant that time was up. The spirit energy on the notice paper had also disappeared, and tearing it down would not result in any punishment.

Chen Xiang released many divine soul s, and quickly found over twenty outdated announcements, which he could tear.

"I found more than 20 locations. How many pieces of paper do you have?" Chen Xiang asked.

"One … Every piece of paper is worth two hundred Shen Yuan stone, it can only be used for ten days. That old man is very evil, buying twenty of them would cost more than four thousand and it would be done in ten days. Last time I went to ask him something, and he actually charged me a thousand Shen Yuan stone. " When he talked about the black-hearted old man at the counter, Feng Yujie got angry.

Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh, then pulled Feng Yujie's hand and walked away.

"Brat, where are you going?" Feng Yujie asked.

"Take out the notice paper, you only need to paste one. It's hard to find." Chen Xiang said: "You have to post more, or else who knows how long you will have to buy it for."

"How could I have so many Shen Yuan stone s? Buying twenty of them at once would only take ten days, and if we were to split them up, it would take two hundred days. It would be more worthwhile, since I have the time." Although Feng Yujie did a good job in the G.o.ds Realm, with a lot of good money, but in this place, money was useless as sc.r.a.p metal, so she was very thrifty right now.

Chen Xiang had already pulled Feng Yujie to the counter. Feng Yujie did not want to come here, because she felt a shadow over the black-hearted old man.

"Old mister, I want to buy some notice paper, can it be cheaper?" Chen Xiang said to the old man.

When Feng Yujie heard this, he thought to himself, "If you know how to be cheap, then I'm dead. The old man from the Supreme Hall is the number one bandit in the Supreme Divine Palace."

When the old man saw that it was Chen Xiang, he immediately took out a stack of paper and laughed: Take it.

Feng Yujie was immediately stunned, this made her feel like what she was seeing was an illusion. This black-hearted old man actually gave Chen Xiang so many pieces of paper for free, there seemed to be at least fifty of them, and he even told Chen Xiang to use them before taking them.

Chen Xiang hurriedly thanked her, then pulled Feng Yujie to a place where they could stick some more, and stuffed the stack of papers back to Feng Yujie: "Take it."

Feng Yujie was still in a state of shock. After taking the medicine, after confirming that it was usable, he took a deep breath and asked: "What relationship do you have with him?

"Nothing, because I'm from the tenth hall. Oh right, do you want to transfer halls? My hall master said he can let you transfer there." Chen Xiang laughed proudly.

"It's really possible, of course I want to go over. I have long heard that many Alchemist want to transfer over, but he doesn't accept them." Just with the advantage of being able to take the notice paper for free, how could it not move Feng Yujie's heart?

With Chen Xiang's help, Feng Yujie had quickly put up fifty pieces. When the two of them returned, pa.s.sing by the counter, they saw a few middle-aged men dressed in Sword Hall attire talking to the old man with a serious expression.

"Zhang Zhuo is dead. Also, Song Peng, and the three hall masters who were on good terms with Zhang Zhuo are all dead. Help me release a message and search for relevant clues."

Chen Xiang was holding onto Feng Yujie's jade hand as he walked out. When he heard these words, he was shocked but at the same time, he couldn't help but increase his strength by a little. Feng Yujie could clearly feel it and was also shocked in his heart.

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