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Chen Xiang also needed some Shen Yuan stone s to buy some medicinal ingredients. In this Super G.o.d Realm, there were a lot of high level divine medicines, so it was a good opportunity to buy them.

Feng Yujie herself also planned to sell the pellet for medicine in exchange for a few Shen Yuan stone s, and then purchase a large amount of divine medicines. However, it was not that easy for her to do it herself, because she did not have the ability to replicate those heaven defying medicines.

"This is the Yuxin Dan's medicine, the Yuxin Dan was the divine medicine I got from pa.s.sing the Dan Heart Pavilion's a.s.sessment. The difference is so great that no one bought it for me." Feng Yujie did not think highly of the Yuxin Dan, because among the healing Xiaping Dan, it was much better than the Yuxin Dan, and the price was only slightly higher than the Yuxin Dan.

Chen Xiang received the medicinal ingredients Feng Yujie gave him, and of them, two were enough for him to refine. He also gave Feng Yujie a hundred and fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone.

Feng Yujie said: "When I buy the ingredients for my divine pellet and sell it, I will return the Shen Yuan stone to you."

Feng Yujie did not dare to use the pill formula that she gave to him previously because she was afraid that it would attract attention. Feng Yujie also said just now that the Divine King's pill formulas were all unique, and would easily attract attention.

"You want to use the G.o.dking's pill formula?" Chen Xiang was extremely suspicious of this, he clearly said that it could not be used.

"Of course not, this pill formula is not the G.o.d King's, but the Dan G.o.d Ye's. I have to admit that this guy has some ability, he created a pretty good pill formula himself, if I can successfully refine it, it would be very easy to sell." Feng Yujie said.

That Dan G.o.d Ye did not make things difficult for the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the others back then, so she gave Chen Xiang a good impression.

"Sister Feng, how did you sneak into the Supreme Divine Palace? In order to enter the Supreme Divine Palace, I went through a very cruel trial." Chen Xiang asked, and he did not know Feng Yujie's purpose for coming here.

Feng Yujie laughed: "I have a Supreme G.o.d bone and because of the G.o.d King, I came in. I first entered the Super G.o.d Realm, then Elder Yi called me in. It was this easy."

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something important, and that was Xiao Chou.

Xiao Chou was the same as him, he was also qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the trial. He hadn't asked Huang Jintian before, and Yi Bidong also didn't mention anything about Xiao Chou to him.

"I almost forgot about that bald kid." Chen Xiang patted his head, he was extremely worried at the moment, if he did not see Xiao Chou here in Supreme Divine Palace, then Xiao Chou would be in danger.

Feng Yujie asked: "You said that he is your bald disciple from Great Strength Race."

Chen Xiang hurriedly nodded: "That's him, do you have his whereabouts?"

"He came to see me once during the seventy to eighty years you were missing. He asked me if I had seen you, and I haven't seen him since." Feng Yujie frowned slightly. "He and the bald-headed brat were very strong back then, seems like they were much stronger than you."

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, this meant that Xiao Chou had already pa.s.sed the trial, and was most likely inside the Supreme Divine Palace, maybe even earlier than him by a lot, because he had lost seventy years of time during the trial.

"What are you doing in the Supreme Divine Palace? Just with your relationship with the Nine Divine Kings, if those Divine Nations find out, you would be in danger." Chen Xiang said.

"I'm here to inquire about some news from the Divine Nations. This will be beneficial to me in the future." Feng Yujie said: "Now, Lv Qilian is secretly developing, with Xiang Yue and Qianqian refining the pills, they can quickly become stronger, but G.o.ds Realm is extremely lacking high level medicines, so I had planned to come here to gather some, but who would have known that the pa.s.sage back to G.o.ds Realm was suddenly blocked."

Chen Xiang sighed: "I also want to go back to take a look. I wonder how G.o.ds Realm is doing now."

Feng Yujie said: "It's best that you don't go back, since there are already three Divine Nations s who sent guards to investigate the affairs of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, and they already know that you are the one who did it, and they also know that you have the Six Realms mirrors on you, they are looking for you, and most importantly, they are trying to steal your Six Realms mirrors."

"Looks like I have to hurry up and become stronger. Alright, I'll go back first. If there's anything else, I'll come find you." Chen Xiang finished his cup of tea and stood up to tidy up his clothes.

"How many halls are you in?" Feng Yujie asked.

"Tenth Hall, you are welcome at any time." Chen Xiang chuckled, "The hall masters and senior brothers are all very well."

Feng Yujie stuck his tongue out at him and urged him to leave quickly.

When Chen Xiang left the ninth hall, he immediately went to look for Luo Tianjun.

Luo Tianjun had no other matters, he would always be in his room, the moment Chen Xiang entered the courtyard he would immediately shout "Hall Master".

Hearing Chen Xiang's shout, as long as Luo Tianjun wasn't in closed door cultivation, he would immediately open the door and walk out.

"Brat, has something good happened?" Luo Tianjun asked with a smile.

"Good things don't happen every day." Chen Xiang laughed: "I want to ask you, I want to find a friend here, how do I find him? He also came here through a trial, and he entered much earlier than me."

Luo Tianjun said: "You go to the Supreme Hall to find the old man sitting at the counter. You said that he is from Sky Sovereign Dan Hall, then he can help you search for the records of the new disciples. If that friend of yours came in, you should be able to find him."

"Hall Master, you're really amazing. Even the old man and the manager of the Dan Heart Pavilion have such good relations with you." Chen Xiang had an expression of worship on his face, as he nonchalantly flattered Yue Yang.

Luo Tianjun laughed: "Of course, of all the Dan Hall s, I am the most popular one. Other people might not know the Hall Master's name if you were to go out and talk about the Ninth Hall and the Seventh Hall, but if you were to report the name of the Tenth Hall, everyone would know that it's mine, so my Tenth Hall also has a nickname, called Sky Average Dan Hall."

If Yi Bidong did not let you join us, I would not have accepted you back then. Now, many Alchemist s want to come over to my side.

Luo Tianjun said in a smug voice, "So you little rascal, to be able to enter my Dan Hall is a great honor, and something that you should cherish well."

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, and he asked: "Hall Master, if a friend of mine wants to transfer halls here, is it okay? She is also an alchemist, and her level is extremely high."

Luo Tianjun asked curiously: "You even know the other Dan Hall s, you just entered not long ago, if your relationship with that guy is good and is trustworthy, I would agree to let him in, so you have to be sure of the character of your friend."

Chen Xiang did want Feng Yujie to come over, so they could have a companion. He smiled: "My friend is a woman …"

Luo Tianjun immediately opened his eyes wide, interrupting Chen Xiang: "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you already knew Alchemist as soon as you came in, you little brat, don't you know that there are a lot of Alchemist who are single."

Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed: "She and I have known each other for a long time. I will talk to her about it later to see if she is willing to turn around."

He did not go to the Ninth Hall immediately, because he knew that Feng Yujie was definitely not in there. He should be going to the Supreme Hall to purchase some sort of divine medicine.

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