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The compet.i.tion at Dan Hall was going to start soon. If he was going to create a brand-new divine medicine formula, it would take a long time. Chen Xiang would definitely not make it in time, so he planned to use the old method.

It was to see through other people's divine pellets and then refine it yourself. With the help of the Original source refining, a divine pellet that had a similar effect but was even better than the original recipe would be created.

When the time came, he would just be competing in refining the supreme dan beads and not competing in its effectiveness. Therefore, he planned to improve some of the rare divine pills.

There were many disciples walking around Supreme Hall, and in this huge hall, there were many stone walls. On the walls were many pieces of paper stuck to the walls, and on them were many notices that asked to be bought or sold. Usually, it required a very high price to attract attention.

One of them was a Xiaping Dan seller called "Yuxin Dan", and was a type of divine healing pellet. After consuming it, one's internal organs would be quickly healed, and the medicinal strength would then be released through their internal organs to achieve the purpose of healing the body.

There were many kinds of healing panacea, but their effects were almost the same. Most were because there were many panaceas, and the backlash was not public. Therefore, many alchemy G.o.ds started to concoct a lot of healing panaceas.

Therefore, Chen Xiang decided to purchase the Yuxin Dan and improve it.

He still had two hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone on him, but this Yuxin Dan wanted a hundred and fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone.

Normally, Xiaping Dan s would pay such a price, so Chen Xiang did not plan to bargain, he recorded the details on the paper, and then went to find the person who released the information.

The other notices that he was paying attention to were all for the sale of Xiaping Dan, and he was more satisfied with this Yuxin Dan.

"From the ninth hall of Dan Hall." Chen Xiang thought in his heart as he left the Supreme Hall for the ninth hall.

Although he was from the Tenth Dan Hall, he was a distance away from the Ninth Hall.

After finding the Ninth Hall, Chen Xiang stood outside the door of it. It was the same as the Tenth Hall, a single courtyard with a few rooms and a large hall inside.

After knocking a few times, someone quickly opened the door.

"Is something the matter?" The one who opened the door was an old man, with a medicinal scent on his body, it was a Alchemist.

"I want to buy Yuxin Dan, the notice did not leave any name, it only mentioned the ninth hall." Chen Xiang politely smiled and said.

The old man opened the door wide and said, "The pill G.o.d of our ninth hall is on sale. Come in."

Chen Xiang followed the old man to the hall, where the old man went to knock on the doors of the rooms, to call the Alchemist who was selling the Yuxin Dan.

Chen Xiang sat in the hall and drank his tea. Seeing the Alchemist walk in, he almost spat out his tea.

Feng Yujie was not surprised to see Chen Xiang, because she already knew that Chen Xiang would come, but Chen Xiang did not know that she would be here.

Previously, Huang Jintian had told him that Feng Yujie and Lv Qilian had appeared after he had summoned the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

"Pretend you don't know me." Feng Yujie anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang.

The old man who opened the door for Chen Xiang walked in, and Chen Xiang also calmed down.

"Junior sister, this is the person who said he wanted to buy your Yuxin Dan." After speaking, the old man walked out of the hall.

Feng Yujie dressed simply, a set of white dress with a tinge of yellow already appeared. Her hair was simply tied up, but was extremely neatly combed, and the special charm on her face had already been restrained. She did not have the att.i.tude of a strong female warrior from back then, and she looked just like a pretty lady.

Even if she was like this now, Chen Xiang watched with relish, because compared to her seductive temperament from before, Feng Yujie now had a different kind of charm.

"What are you looking at? Stop looking." Feng Yujie snorted softly, causing him to laugh wickedly.

"Can't you have a little less Yuxin Dan?" Chen Xiang asked, since he was someone he was familiar with, there was room for discussion, he did not have such plans previously.

"No, it's one hundred and fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone, do you want them or not?" Feng Yujie gracefully sat down and looked outside, then spoke to Chen Xiang via sound transmission: "I'm really lacking Shen Yuan stone, what do you want to do here? You have the Supreme G.o.d bone, so the use of this pill is not very useful for you, furthermore, your body's self-recovery abilities are so strong, you probably don't need it, if you really need it, I'll give it to you."

Feng Yujie had treated Chen Xiang very well, because she knew that Chen Xiang had treated her and her sister well.

"You just need to tell me what kind of medicine you used to refine it. I want to improve it." Chen Xiang said: "I want to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion at the Dan Hall. I need to refine a type of divine pill before I can join the group of Xiaping Dan."

Feng Yujie asked curiously: "With your abilities, pa.s.sing the Dan Heart Pavilion's examination won't be difficult. You lack the divine pill formulas, you can be considered careful and didn't use the divine pill formulas that I pa.s.sed down to you. If there were any divine pills that appeared, you won't be able to pa.s.s."

Chen Xiang sighed: "I pa.s.sed the Dan Heart Pavilion's a.s.sessment, but I obtained the Bone level Dan's pill formula, my hall master told me to keep it a secret, so I cannot refine this pill, I can only return to my original job."

Feng Yujie had long known that Chen Xiang had the ability to see through other people's pill formulas, but now that she knew that Chen Xiang had the Bone level Dan's formula, she was shocked.

"Sister Feng, when did you come in?" Chen Xiang asked: "I thought you were with Big Sister Qilian and the others."

"I came here as soon as you entered the Nine Heaven Devil Palace. A few days ago, I secretly went back to visit and met with the Younger Nine Girl. I already know about your situation in the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, but I didn't expect it to be so complicated." Feng Yujie sighed: "I'll leave the heavy burden of saving Nine Divine Kings to you. If I can help, I will do my best to help you."

Feng Yujie had already told Chen Xiang the medicinal ingredients that the Yuxin Dan needed.

"You already know. I don't need to say anything more. Sister Feng, how did you sneak back?" Chen Xiang also wanted to go back quietly.

"It's no longer possible now, the Nine Divine Kings's secret pa.s.sage has already been sealed. You don't have to worry, those women of yours are all fine now, don't worry." Feng Yujie kept on looking at her with that evil eyes, causing her to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang asked: "Sister Feng, can you sell your Yuxin Dan?"

Feng Yujie shook his head: "I have been dead for many days already, and only you have asked around. I have the divine pill formulas, but I need a lot of precious herbs, and I don't have any Shen Yuan stone s either.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "I'll buy your Yuxin Dan now, you should have more ingredients, give me a portion, I'll copy some and help you earn some Shen Yuan stone, I'm good at this aspect."

Chen Xiang had been training with Liu Meng'er and the other girls for so many years, she naturally already knew that they had cultivated many spirit pearls with Chen Xiang. Thinking of this, and the look Chen Xiang gave her just now, she couldn't help but spit.

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