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With just a glance, Chen Xiang could already see the words carved into the jade plates. He was carefully reading the descriptions on each jade plate, and the details of what kind of pills the pill formulas would produce, as well as the effects of the divine pills.

In his eyes, it was a very normal thing. Every time he received a new disciple like him, he would always encounter this kind of situation, because the most important thing was to choose the signboard. Although he could not see anything, but in order to console himself, he had to carefully consider choosing the signboard.

But now, Chen Xiang was able to see part of the contents. There were many divine pill formulas here, and Chen Xiang had already read through a large portion. He could not help but curse in his heart, as the recipes of many divine pills were all very deceptive.

Now he finally understood why Luo Tianjun said that their pill formulas were all those inferior goods that the Divine Nations s did not want.

After careful consideration, Chen Xiang finally chose the "Bone level Dan" pill formula. Although it was a Xiaping Dan, Chen Xiang felt that it was very useful, because this kind of divine pill could cause the spirit inside the bones in the body to condense a "Bones", something that was similar to Divine Deity, could strengthen the body.

To condense Bones was not easy, there were no good techniques, and there were no other methods. Before the time came, he could only cultivate this using the method of tempering his body in order to try his luck.

Later on, there were people who discovered that by consuming some divine medicine, one could condense Bones or something like that. Later on, there were people who created "Bone level Dan".

Chen Xiang didn't know about the existence of Bones until he saw the "Bone level Dan," the pill knowledge and memories that Feng Yujie pa.s.sed on to him finally came up with something related.

Feng Yujie did not have any of these pill formulas either, but to be able to appear here made Chen Xiang feel that it was a little unexpected, because most of the other pill formulas were very poor, and should be entertainment created by the Pill G.o.ds in Divine Nations when they were bored.

But the use of this Bone level Dan was extremely large, it was a divine pill that surpa.s.sed the limits of the physical body.

"I want this one." After Chen Xiang took off the plate, he mixed the blood with it and immediately got the pill formulas inside. The refining method and the ingredients formulas were all clearly displayed in his mind.

"What divine pill is this?" the old man asked hurriedly.

"Bone level Dan, I wonder if the medicinal ingredients for this pill are good enough for us to find." Chen Xiang muttered. If the medicinal ingredients to be refined were too difficult to find, then he would need a very long time to make it.

The old man was shocked: "Your luck is not bad, this Bone level Dan is a type of divine pill that can evolve, there are both high, middle and low rank, and is also relatively rare in the Divine Nations."

If it was an evolution-type divine pill, then even Xiaping Dan could be more precious than other Zhongpin Dan.

This was because the weakest of these divine pellets were the low quality pellets, but the effect and usage of the low quality pellets were greater than those of the other Zhongpin Dan, so their value surpa.s.sed them.

Generally speaking, a divine pill that could be used on upper, middle, and lower quality would be more precious.

"A human's body has a total of nine parts that can condense Bones. Bones would normally fuse with a few strong beast's divine soul in order to obtain the innate abilities of those divine beasts. It might be easy to condense the first Bones, but the further one goes, the harder it becomes." The old man continued: "If it's at the same cultivation level, with Bones s and powerful beast divine soul s, one's strength would rise by a lot and in Divine Nations, Bones s are also an important criterion to judge one's strength."

Chen Xiang only knew that it could condense Bones, but did not know that it could condense nine Bones s.

"Usually, only the Supreme G.o.d would start to think about Bones, of course, it's best if you can do that right now, because Bone level Dan is not something that can be obtained immediately just by eating it. It only has a type of inducing effect, and can induce an opportunity for you to condense it yourself, but even so, Bone level Dan s are still precious." The old man was very knowledgeable about medicine pills, and he was explaining it to Chen Xiang patiently.

Chen Xiang nodded, and immediately thanked the old man for telling him so much.

"How can I find these medicinal herbs?" Chen Xiang had asked Luo Tianjun before, but he would naturally understand after Luo Tianjun told him that she had pa.s.sed the examination.

The old man brought Chen Xiang to the hall and said: "If you want to obtain the divine medicine, go to Supreme Hall and paste a piece of paper on it. On it are the herbs that you need and the conditions to purchase them.

Chen Xiang left Dan Heart Pavilion and returned to his Dan Hall. Three Gu Brothers and Luo Tianjun were waiting for him there, when they saw him return, they immediately rushed over, grabbing him and asking questions.

"What kind of Shangpin holy Dan did you refine during the examination?"

"Did you pa.s.s?"

"What pill formula did you get?"

Chen Xiang answered with a smile: "The pill I refined during the examination was Ultimate Flame Holy Pellet, and the pill formula I obtained was Bone level Dan."

After finding out that it was the Bone level Dan, Luo Tianjun's originally smiling face immediately turned serious. Then, he dragged the three brothers who were still in shock into the secret room.

"Listen, the three of you, don't say anything about Chen Xiang obtaining such a pill formula. The pavilion master of the Dan Heart Pavilion should know about it too. I'll go greet him later and have him keep it a secret." Luo Tianjun looked at Three Gu Brothers sternly, his voice extremely serious.

Three Gu Brothers also immediately understood and nodded hastily.

Chen Xiang was a little puzzled, and asked: "Why do you want to do this?"

Luo Tianjun frowned and said: "It's impossible for a pill like the Bone level Dan to be placed into the Supreme Divine Palace, I understand the Alchemist s, I think they threw the pill formula in by mistake, the moment they find out, they will definitely take it back, at that time, they might even need to use a secret technique to clear your memories."

Chen Xiang's expression changed; he never thought it would be like this.

"Then do I still need to purchase the Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients?" Chen Xiang asked: "Doesn't that mean I can't openly refine this Bone level Dan?"

Luo Tianjun nodded his head: "Unless you can create your own divine pill formula, you will only be able to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion of Shangpin holy Dan s. You have not refined your divine pill yet, so on your signboard, you are only a Superior Pill Saint."

"However, you can still purchase the medicine, because no one knows about the Bone level Dan's pill formulas, but you still have to be careful."

Chen Xiang really wanted to partic.i.p.ate in that compet.i.tion, but he couldn't use the Bone level Dan. The divine medicine that Feng Yujie had given him also couldn't be used.

"I'll go check out the Supreme Hall first." Chen Xiang could only plan to create the divine pill formula by himself now.

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