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The Dan Heart Pavilion was only at the fifth floor and it was very small. It was not as grand as the shrines he saw in the G.o.ds Realm, so it was insignificant in comparison.

Chen Xiang entered the door, it was cold and lonely. In the s.p.a.cious hall, an old man sat on a table, and was currently reading a book.

There were the fewest people in the Dan Hall, so it was not surprising that the Dan Heart Pavilion was so quiet. Every year, there were only a few people who joined the Dan Hall, and that was something to be surprised about.

The old man only glanced at Chen Xiang before continuing to read the book, and said slowly: "Young man, did you walk in the wrong place, or are you here to deliver something?"

Chen Xiang walked to the side of the table and said: "I'm here to take the Pill G.o.d's a.s.sessment."

Only then did the old man focus his gaze on Chen Xiang, his expression somewhat surprised: "Really, show me the plate."

Chen Xiang handed over his plate, and then the old man said: "So it's from Old Camel's side, I did indeed hear that a disciple came here just now, but you just arrived and are about to undergo the a.s.sessment, are you ready? The Shangpin holy Dan you want to refine is not an ordinary Shangpin holy Dan, it's extremely difficult to refine."

Chen Xiang had already made sufficient preparations. Those Shangpin holy Dan s were indeed harder to refine than others, but for Chen Xiang who was using the Original source refining, it was not difficult at all.

"I'm ready. We can start now." Chen Xiang smiled confidently.

The old man immediately took out a box. He patted the box and it immediately opened. Inside were three red fruits and two red flowers.

"The Ultimate Flame Holy Pellet, take away these ingredients and then go to the secret room over there to refine them. I'll watch from the side." The old man pointed at the secret chamber.

Chen Xiang had already told him before when he took these ingredients, that he would extract one of the Shangpin holy Dan and let him refine it.

The Ultimate Fire G.o.d Pellet was mainly useful for fire attribute profound G.o.d s, as it was a very good sacred pill for fire attribute profound G.o.d s.

The old man brought Chen Xiang into the secret room and said: "You can only use the specified pill furnace. You have no objections, right?"

"No objections." Even if he did not have a pill furnace, Chen Xiang would not say anything.

The pill furnace in the secret room was not too bad, it was much better than what Chen Xiang had concocted before.

The inside of the secret room was relatively bright. After the old man entered, he sat on a chair and continued to read his book. He waved his hand, signalling Chen Xiang to start.

Chen Xiang looked at the medicinal ingredients in his hands. After a simple and quick process, he released a flame to preheat the pill furnace and at the same time, familiarized himself with the furnace, allowing him to refine the pills more easily.

These were all relatively normal steps. After doing all this, Chen Xiang threw all the medicinal ingredients into the furnace.

Even though the old man was reading a book, he had been carefully observing every step of Chen Xiang's body. When he saw that Chen Xiang had thrown all of the medicinal ingredients in right from the start, this kind of "random stewing" method was simply not suitable for concocting a Holy Pellet.

The old man quickly said, "Little guy, although these herbs aren't expensive, don't waste them. If you fail this time, you can only come back after five years."

Chen Xiang replied: "I won't fail."

Chen Xiang was using the Original source refining, so he did not need to follow the steps of the medicinal recipe. If he were to do that, he did not know when he would be able to refine the Ultimate Flame Holy Pellet.

Seeing that Chen Xiang's furnace was very stable and did not move at all, the old man immediately felt that it was strange, because the biggest reaction of this "random stewing" was to explode the furnace. If one's control was not good, then under the burning of this flame, the furnace would start to shake very quickly.

But now, this didn't happen.

The old man stopped reading and started to carefully examine Chen Xiang's pill furnace. He wanted to see what was going on inside the furnace, but he couldn't understand.

The more the old man looked at it, the more he felt that it was strange. Right now, he could already confirm that the pill refining techniques Chen Xiang used were different from the ones he was familiar with.

After burning those medicinal herbs to a certain extent, Chen Xiang immediately used his Spirit Eyes. Seeing the Spirit blood of the sacred medicine, his divine power turned into several "Spirit Claw" s, capturing those Spirit blood and then merging them together, allowing all of the Spirit blood to fuse together.

In this way, these Medicine aura that originally rejected each other slowly began to fuse together.

To not be too scary, Chen Xiang controlled his speed to a slow degree. Moreover, he had to secretly absorb some Medicine aura into his body, if not he would condense a few pellets later.

The current Chen Xiang didn't want him to get too much attention, so he tried his best to keep a low profile.

Originally, Chen Xiang had been able to quickly refine the Extreme Fire Holy Pellet, but he forcefully dragged it out until night before he started to condense the pellet.

Although there were many questions in the old man's mind, he did not disturb Chen Xiang. He patiently watched, he had always wanted to see through the pill furnace, to see what kind of strange things actually happened inside, because when the few ingredients to refine the Ultimate Flame Holy Pellet were put into the furnace to burn, even a wise Pill G.o.d would not be able to silence the furnace during the fusion.

But Chen Xiang did not have that right now, and at this time, it was about time for him to condense a pill, which meant that the stage of fusion had already pa.s.sed.

From the very beginning, Chen Xiang's pill furnace had been calm, and did not shake at all. Now that Chen Xiang had opened the furnace, there was a Supreme Fire Holy Pellet inside, its quality was extremely good, causing the old man to exclaim in admiration.

"Just what pill refining technique are you using?" The elder hurriedly asked, "This definitely wasn't taught to you by Old Luo."

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "This is called the Original source refining, you can't talk about the specifics."

"Original source refining... Original source refining... " The old man looked at the burning pill in his palm, and chewed on it repeatedly as he fell into deep thought. It was as if he could see through Chen Xiang's pill refining skills from just these words alone.

"Senior, did I pa.s.s the test?" Chen Xiang waited for a moment, and asked softly.

"Of course I pa.s.sed." The old man came back to reality and anxiously said, his face revealing a smile, he wanted to ask about the Original source refining's specific refining technique, but this technique was not pa.s.sed down to him, he could not ask about it, it was taboo.

The old man brought Chen Xiang to another room, and there were many jade tokens hanging there. The old man said: "These are all Xiaping Dan's pill formulas, pick any one yourself, and once you have chosen a drop of blood, you will be able to see the contents."

The recipe for the divine pill required a certain amount of luck, because if you didn't pick the right pill, it would be hard to find, or if you didn't use it often, then there was no point in refining it.

The old man smiled, "Don't think that you can see through the divine pill recipes inside. These jade plates were made by experts."

Chen Xiang had indeed planned for this, he had already secretly unleashed the Chaos Divine Eye. In the beginning, he did not see anything, but as the Six Realms' Power continued to pour into his eyes, he could barely make out a few words on these jade plates, which made him feel extremely happy.

Even though he was unable to see the specific pill formulas, he was already very satisfied with the descriptions of the divine pills. At the very least, he wouldn't be able to get his hands on the inferior pill formulas.

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