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Chen Xiang had gained quite a lot from the start, so he wanted Chen Xiang to be responsible for purchasing items in the future.

"Brat, how about you go and buy the divine medicine in the future? No matter what, you don't need to go there every day. Normally, you would go there once every month or two. You won't even need that much time." Luo Tianjun chuckled: "If you can purchase good things, you'll get plenty of benefits."

Of course, Chen Xiang was very willing, because the divine medicine that he had bought, by copying it on the way, would be equivalent to his. He didn't even need to use his own Shen Yuan stone, which was very cost-effective.

"No problem." Chen Xiang immediately agreed, and said: "Hall Master, I want to refine some divine pellets, do you have any methods that are suitable for me?"

Chen Xiang had the divine pill formulas, and Feng Yujie had pa.s.sed them down to him, but he didn't have the divine medicines for the divine formulas. Even if he had them, he didn't want to refine them in this Supreme Divine Palace, so he was worried that the old divine pills G.o.ds here would see through him.

Using the Supreme Divine Palace's divine medicinal formula was good for a lot of things, but there would definitely be divine medicines. As long as Chen Xiang could obtain the divine medicines and the divine formulas, he was confident that he would be able to refine the divine pills.

When Luo Tianjun asked about the divine pill formulas, Luo Tianjun was troubled: "Brat, although I think highly of you, but you may not know the rules of the Supreme Divine Palace regarding the divine pill formulas. Although I have the pill formulas, and even created my own divine pill formulas, I cannot pa.s.s them down to you."

Indeed, Chen Xiang did not know that the Supreme Divine Palace had also controlled this area so strictly. Luo Tianjun was a very powerful Pill G.o.d and he had even grasped a few divine pill formulas, but the majority of them came from the Supreme Divine Palace.

"So what?" Chen Xiang was already able to refine Shangpin holy Dan s, he was going to start refining a Divine Pellet, he urgently needed to refine it easier, and he also needed to refine a Divine Pellet that had enough Divine Medicines.

Luo Tianjun laughed: "Don't worry, even though I can't directly pa.s.s you the divine pill's formula, I can give you the Shangpin holy Dan's formula."

Chen Xiang felt that the Shangpin holy Dan was useless to him and he did not really need it. Just as he was about to reject, Luo Tianjun laughed again: "I gave you the Shangpin holy Dan's pill formula so that you could obtain the divine pill formula. Don't be impatient to reject me.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up as he sat down. From what Luo Tianjun had said just now, he had a very high chance of obtaining the divine pill formula.

"There is a Dan Heart Pavilion in Supreme Divine Palace. You only need to go there once to pa.s.s the examination, and you will get the chance to enter the Dan Heart Pavilion once to search for the divine pill formula." Luo Tianjun said: "But you can only take one type of divine pill's formula when you enter, and that will depend on your luck, whether or not you can get the more common divine medicine's formulas."

Chen Xiang nodded, he was rather interested in that test.

Luo Tianjun said: "That examination should be very easy for you, as long as you can refine the Shangpin holy Dan he specified, and I can give you the pill formula for that kind of Shangpin holy Dan."

"Actually, this rule is to prevent Alchemist from refining more divine pills. This is because the method to obtain a pill formula depends on luck, and there are many divine pill formulas inside, although there are some duplicates, it is very rare to get the same pill formula. This way, many outstanding Alchemist s will have different pill formulas."

was secretly excited. He then asked: "After I pa.s.s the examination, I can only get one pill formula. Then, what about the second method?"

"Then you have to give Dan Heart Pavilion some benefits. When the time comes, he will specify how many divine pellets you refine or ask you to do one thing for him. That way, he will give you another chance." Luo Tianjun laughed: "You have just joined our Dan Hall, don't be in such a rush to think about those things. First, you have to obtain the Xiaping Dan's pill formula and successfully refine it."

Chen Xiang understood and asked again: "What if I want the divine medicine? It couldn't be that I went out to look for it myself, right?"

Luo Tianjun pressed his finger against the center of Chen Xiang's brows: "You will know after pa.s.sing the examination. I will first give you the concentrated Shangpin holy Dan's medicinal formula, you can refine it yourself. When you have pa.s.sed the examination, you will naturally know how to find the divine medicine within the divine medicine formula, and you will have to rely on yourself to do this step by step."

Chen Xiang had obtained a few of the Shangpin holy Dan's pill formulas, and Luo Tianjun had also given him some high grade Holy Medicines, which were all not very valuable, as Luo Tianjun had quite a few of them himself.

"You should refine it yourself. Your pill refining methods are very different from mine, so I can't teach you how to use my hands." Luo Tianjun warned again, "Don't tell anyone else about the Spirit Lotus yet, just wait until I grow more of it."

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded, then happily returned to his room.

Inside his room, there was a staircase leading to the underground. Underground, there was a very quiet secret room. This was the training room.

After Chen Xiang entered the room and closed the door, he took out the G.o.d Slaying Lotus that he had copied out first, and carefully looked at it for a while before putting it away. If he wanted to copy it, he could very quickly create a large pile of it.

"There are a total of four saint pills. Each of them is made up of three high-rank saint medicines and two mid-rank saint medicines. The difficulty is not high at all."

Chen Xiang could even figure out the pill formula by himself, but in his eyes, the Purple profound Dan was far more difficult to obtain than these Holy Pellets.

He immediately started refining using the Original source refining. In just a night's time, he had successfully refined these four Shangpin holy Dan, and each furnace could refine three or four pills. Of course, if he was to go for the a.s.sessment, he only needed to fulfill the requirements.

The second day, Chen Xiang came out of the training room and actually saw Yi Bidong. This elder of the Supreme Divine Palace, had not come to this place after taking Huang Jintian away.

"Elder." Chen Xiang greeted him. He did not expect Yi Bidong to appear in his room.

Yi Bidong nodded, as his expression turned serious, "Your master has already left the Supreme Divine Palace. When he learned that the Supreme Divine Palace is in the Divine Realm, he couldn't help but want to go out and take a walk."

Chen Xiang didn't feel anything, Huang Jintian was just like that, it would be weird if he would obediently stay in the Supreme Divine Palace.

"Chen Xiang, I need to leave for a while. I don't want to leave either, but there seems to be a force pulling me away." Yi Bidong said in a deep voice, "During the time that I'm away, you must be careful because a Divine Nations is urgently calling for me. I want to make a trip to that Divine Nations."

Chen Xiang frowned and nodded his head. It was impossible for those Divine Nations s to not know about his summoning, and now that he had come out and even came to the Supreme Divine Palace, they would definitely ask Yi Bidong about it.

"Don't worry, if those Divine Nations really want to make a move on you, I will do everything I can to protect you and bring you out of the Supreme Divine Palace."

Yi Bidong patted Chen Xiang's shoulder as he left with a heavy heart.

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