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Song Peng and the hall master of the profound G.o.d remembered Chen Xiang and had a very deep impression of him, especially Song Peng who had been defeated by Chen Xiang with a single sword strike. This made him feel an inexplicable sense of fear towards Chen Xiang, and he hated him to the core because Chen Xiang had let him lose so badly.

One of them saw that the hall master and Song Peng were looking at Chen Xiang with hostility, so he asked: "Zhang Zhuo, what's wrong, do you recognize him?"

Song Peng fiercely clenched his fists, and said with a low voice: "He's the guy who pa.s.sed the trial and entered."

As Song Peng said this, the other people who came with them immediately understood. This was because they had heard the news of Song Peng's miserable defeat back then, as well as Chen Xiang's provocation of the nineteenth hall master of the profound G.o.d, all of these things had caused quite a sensation among the profound G.o.d s.

The little girl tugged on Chen Xiang's leg, her beautiful and cute big eyes had a look of disgust, she pouted her lips and said softly: "Big brother, we'll only sell you our family's divine medicine, wait for my grandmother to come back."

Zhang Zhuo walked in and used that pair of fierce eyes to look at the little girl, causing the little girl to become even more afraid.

"You're finally here." Zhang Zhuo said with a cold face: "At that time, you wanted to challenge me, you should still remember that, because of the sudden arrival of the elder, you could only give up at that time, but I have always placed this matter in my mind, of course, if you are afraid, and do not dare to compete with me, I will not blame you."

Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled: "My hall master told me to not fight in private, so it's better not to.

Zhang Zhuo's face changed, his voice filled with anger: "Looking at you, you don't seem to be afraid at all, are you looking down on me?"

Chen Xiang stopped smiling and said seriously: "Brother Zhang, I am truly afraid of death, please let me go, I do not want to cause trouble."

After he finished speaking, a smile appeared on Chen Xiang's face once again. "That look from before should be enough, right?"

Zhang Zhuo was trembling from anger, Chen Xiang was just pretending. Just now, when Chen Xiang mentioned that they should not fight in private, it was because of the strict rules in Supreme Divine Palace, if they were to offend him, the consequences would be severe.

"Grandmother is back." The little girl suddenly shouted.

Chen Xiang had already seen an old lady walking over shakily from afar while leaning on a wooden stick. This old lady was very old, looking at her walking appearance, it seemed like she could fall anytime.

Chen Xiang held onto the little girl's hand, and anxiously walked over and supported the old man.

"Grandma, someone came to buy the divine medicine. You should sell this big brother of yours. He's great." Seeing that her grandmother had returned, the little girl became bolder, pointed at Zhang Zhuo and Song Peng's group and said: "These guys are here again."

The old man looked at Chen Xiang and smiled: "Youngster, I have never seen you before. You're new, right?"

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "I came here to purchase divine medicine on the first day."

"This is for you." The old lady believed in the little girl's words, the little girl said that Chen Xiang was a good person, that Chen Xiang was a good person to her.

This flower was very red, and bloomed very beautifully. It was about the size of a palm, but what surprised Chen Xiang was that at the center of this red flower was a crystal the size of a grain of rice. Although this flower was very small, it was the same as Divine Deity.

"These are the divine soul Blood Blossom, after it matures, the flower heart can condense a very small amount of Divine Deity, and the petals can be used to replenish the vitality of the blood and strengthen the body. These are the rare Zhongpin medicine." One of the men from Song Peng's side shouted in shock, "Zhang Zhuo, you have to take him down."

When Chen Xiang saw this flower, the medicinal knowledge that Feng Yujie had imparted to him surfaced immediately. If the Divine Deity of this flower was a little stronger, it would be a Shangpin medicine, a divine medicine that could grow. If you take care of it carefully, it would not be difficult for it to grow into a Shangpin medicine.

Although the Divine Deity condensed from this flower was only as big as a grain of rice, it was incomparably precious. If it was an ordinary Zhongpin medicine, then one could obtain it with fifty thousand, but not with this divine soul and blood flower.

Chen Xiang was troubled, because he only had 45,000 Shen Yuan stone on him. Forget about these divine soul and blood flowers, he couldn't even buy normal Zhongpin medicine.

"Old granny, I only have 45,000 Shen Yuan stone, I'll give it to you first, don't sell it to others, I'll go back and get it." Chen Xiang looked at Song Peng and the others, and said embarra.s.sedly.

Sure enough, Song Peng and Zhang Zhuo started laughing out loud.

"We offer a hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone." Zhang Zhuo walked over and glanced at Chen Xiang in disdain.

The old man nodded his head: "I'll take your Shen Yuan stone first. You go back and get 105,000, I'll sell it to you for 150,000."

Zhang Zhuo panicked and said: "I'll pay two hundred thousand, it's yours now."

This divine soul and blood spending one hundred fifty thousand was simply too cheap. Zhang Zhuo and the others were very clear on the value of this flower, but this old lady actually sold it to Chen Xiang for one hundred fifty thousand.

"I've already sold it to someone else. Please leave." The other party carried Chen Xiang's Storage bag and walked into the fence, while the flower was still in Chen Xiang's hands.

Chen Xiang chased after her and said: "Old granny, take the flowers first. I will go back to get enough Shen Yuan stone.

The little girl smiled sweetly at Chen Xiang: "Big brother, take the flowers back, we trust you."

Zhang Zhuo and the others were dumbfounded, they felt extremely unresigned and shouted again, "Are you selling the three hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone?"

"Not for sale." The little girl humphed coquettishly.

Zhang Zhuo was furious and shouted ferociously: "Stupid girl, shut up. What are you trying to say when you're an adult?"

Looking at the fierce little girl Zhang Zhuo, Chen Xiang was also furious in his heart. He released the G.o.d-killing sword on his body, his eyes blazed as he said coldly: "Zhang Zhuo, the one who shut up is you."

Seeing Chen Xiang angry, Zhang Zhuo was also a little afraid, he still remembered Chen Xiang's G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques vividly.

"Hmph, let's go." Zhang Zhuo brought Song Peng and the others and left, making a move on the citizens was a huge crime, although they would occasionally say some words to the citizens, they did not dare make a move, and if Supreme Divine Palace found out, it would be a serious crime.

Chen Xiang caressed the little girl's face and said softly: "Don't be afraid, with big brother here, I won't let them bully you. Oh right, what's your name?"

"Xu Lingfei, Grandma calls me Fei Fei." The little girl had just seen Chen Xiang drink away Zhang Zhuo and the bunch of annoying people, and she had even worshipped him: "How about Big Brother you?"

"My name is Chen Xiang."

Chen Xiang smiled and took out another fruit for her to eat. This time, he realised that Xu Lingfei's grandmother was a little strange, when he released the G.o.d-killing sword, this old lady was very calm, she didn't even turn around and walked into the house.

"Young man, if you want to buy even better divine medicines, bring a few more Shen Yuan stone with you tomorrow. I still have some." The old lady said.

Chen Xiang agreed and then bid farewell to the grandfather and grandson pair. He then hurriedly returned to Supreme Divine Palace.

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