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Chen Xiang felt that he wouldn't be able to create this Shen Yuan stone because he didn't have a Mysterious power.

"Alright, I'll go tomorrow." There was a map in his mind. Tomorrow, he would leave the Supreme Divine Palace and go out to investigate. He would ask the villagers on the map to see if they had managed to get any divine medicines.

"The growth rate of the divine medicine inside the Sovereign G.o.d Realm is still very fast. Sometimes, it's just like a mushroom that these villagers are unable to cultivate. Usually, they rely on harvesting the divine medicine and selling it to us in exchange for Shen Yuan stone to extend their lifespan." oldest Gu said: "You should be a bit more polite when you go. Don't be like these guys, who are always ferocious, or else the next time you go, they won't sell it to you."

Luo Tianjun added: "Other than the twenty Dan Hall s, other Sword Hall s, Boxing Hall s and Soul Hall s will also frequently be bought, so sometimes, even if you go out for a trip, you won't be able to obtain much. If you have a good relationship with the villagers, they will leave it for you and won't sell it to anyone else."

Chen Xiang was extremely happy in his heart. The fact that the divine medicine within the Sovereign G.o.d Realm could grow so quickly was a heavenly blessing to him.

"The villagers do not have much strength. If they were to go harvest these divine medicines, wouldn't they encounter danger? Here, the number of Zhongpin medicine are not many." Chen Xiang had already memorized the map, at that time he would have to go to three villages and visit over ten families. These three villages were all near the Supreme Divine Palace, perhaps because he had just arrived, he did not plan for him to go to any further places.

Luo Tianjun said: "Only those Zhongpin medicine s who are harvested are in danger, those divine beasts usually do not care about the low grade divine medicine, and we will sometimes buy clues about the middle grade or Shangpin medicine from the villagers, you do not need to do this right now."

"We've just concocted a batch of pills, we're going to take a break. We still have to deal with the rest of the people in the other halls tomorrow. We have to get up our spirits tonight and scold them to death tomorrow." oldest Gu yawned and went back to his room.

After the Three Gu Brothers left, Luo Tianjun smiled and said, "Tomorrow, they will actually go to discuss about the Dao of alchemy with the other Dan Hall s, but they will generally all turn into scolding battles. It has been like this for so many years, go and rest, you will have to go through a lot of trouble tomorrow."

Chen Xiang nodded and returned to his room to rest.

He took out the Shen Yuan stone. He felt that those Divine Nations should be constructed in a s.p.a.ce that was cut off from the G.o.ds Realm just like the Sovereign G.o.d Realm.

… ….

On the second day, Chen Xiang left the Supreme Divine Palace very early. When he was about to leave, the Supreme Divine Palace gave him a plate, upon his return, he needed to return the plate to prove his ident.i.ty.

The Supreme Divine Palace was built in the middle of the forest. The moment he walked out of the Supreme Divine Palace's gate, he saw a large road that led straight to the forest in front of him. On both sides of the road, there were green trees and birds chirping on them, adding to the tranquility of the morning.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath of the morning air, and with a cheerful heart, he sprinted towards the first village.

Even though this village was close to the Supreme Divine Palace, it took Chen Xiang at least an hour to sprint. If it was an ordinary person walking, it would take at least two to three days.

The village had a few thousand people and it was not considered small. Furthermore, there was a small market in the village, and it was also the busiest time in the morning. Here, Chen Xiang saw extremely ordinary mortals, and they were not even immortals.

However, they lived a very long life because they had harvested divine medicine in exchange for Shen Yuan stone s. This allowed them to have a lifespan of over a thousand years, or even over ten thousand years.

Chen Xiang arrived at the first house on the map, but there was no one at home. He waited for less than an hour before deciding to head to the next house.

When he came to this house, he was told that they had already sold the things he had stepped on the previous day. Luo Tianjun had already told him of this earlier, so he was mentally prepared as he continued to move on to the next house.

Very quickly, he pa.s.sed by several households in this small village, but failed to find anything. He could only go to the next village.

When it came to the second village, they also didn't find anything.

When he arrived at the third village, he had only asked the first household for good news. The old man told him to wait a bit longer. His son had already left and was going to return very soon.

Not long later, Chen Xiang saw a young man returning in high spirits. When he saw the aura coming off Chen Xiang's body, he knew that he was from Supreme Divine Palace.

"This is called the Purple Spirit Gra.s.s. Look at the root of this plant, it has already formed a Purple Spirit Fruit so it can be used to refine pills. I must have matured this morning, so I went to pick it early in the morning." The young man smiled and showed the Purple Yuan Divine Gra.s.s to Chen Xiang.

These villagers were relatively familiar with the divine medicine, which surprised Chen Xiang. He nodded: "Five thousand Shen Yuan stone."

Very quickly, Chen Xiang made a deal. He did not come here for nothing today, after all, his Storage bag still had 45,000 Shen Yuan stone left, so he had to find the remaining families. He had come to the village anyway.

Chen Xiang came to the fence of a wooden house. Inside the fence, there was a cute seven or eight year old little girl farming the vegetable fields, and when she saw Chen Xiang, she could also tell that Chen Xiang was from Supreme Divine Palace.

"Big brother, are you here to buy some divine medicine?" The little girl used her clear and melodious voice to shout. It was extremely pleasant to hear.

"Yes, does your family have one?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

The little girl opened the gate of the fence and invited Chen Xiang in very politely. This well-behaved and sensible little girl was very charming, Chen Xiang took out a fruit and gave it to her.

"Eat, it's just an ordinary fruit." Chen Xiang saw that the little girl wanted to refuse and immediately laughed: "Where is your master?"

The little girl smelled the fragrance from the fruit and couldn't help but to say, "Thank you big brother, my grandma went out to buy things for me to eat, she will be back soon."

At this time, it was already noon, and she had been busy the whole morning's farming work. The little girl was also extremely hungry, as she held the fruit that Chen Xiang had given her and nibbled on it, while smiling and saying that it was very sweet.

The little girl's skin was somewhat dark, and she looked to be extremely healthy. She was dressed very simply, and as she helped braid a long braid, it fell onto her chest, and her little face was round and cute. At this moment, as she ate the fruit, she looked at Chen Xiang with her beautiful eyes that carried a sweet smile, as if thanking him for giving her such a delicious fruit.

Just as the little girl was eating sweetly, a few people suddenly came from outside the fence. The little girl was extremely scared and quickly hid behind Chen Xiang, exposing her head.

When Chen Xiang saw these people, he was slightly shocked, because he recognized them, and one of them was Song Peng. Other than this, there was also the Sword Hall's Hall Master that he had provoked previously.

The little girl clearly disliked them, and she was also a bit scared, so she didn't sell them the medicine. They must have done something bad to the family of the little girl, or else this simple and sensible little girl wouldn't have such a reaction.

Chen Xiang's heart was immediately set ablaze. The villagers here were all simple and honest people, but in order to obtain the divine medicine, these people must have secretly intimidated the villagers, which made him extremely angry.

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