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Huang Jintian was very curious about the Supreme Divine Palace. He had wanted to go in to take a look a long time ago, so he said to Chen Xiang proudly: "Brat, you risked your life to enter the Supreme Divine Palace. I only needed a few words to get in.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and replied: "Master, as long as you don't continue to fail in the upcoming calamity, or else you'll have to go back and reconstruct it. But since you've come back so many times, it's not like you're lacking this time."

Huang Jintian grabbed Chen Xiang and gave him a few more blows, but they always made his hands hurt, and he had to brave all the way to catch up with Chen Xiang, the little pervert. He thought that only by pa.s.sing through the tribulation successfully would he be able to quickly surpa.s.s Chen Xiang, and only then would he be able to make Chen Xiang cry out in pain.

Seeing that Huang Jintian was able to return with him, Yi Bidong was extremely happy. He then laughed and watched as the Master and disciple played around, took out an array disc, and brought Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian to Supreme Divine Palace.

The Supreme Divine Palace was located in a different s.p.a.ce than the G.o.ds Realm. Only the array disc or someone who was familiar with the location could open the spatial tunnel and teleport here.

Huang Jintian and Chen Xiang appeared in a huge hexagonal plaza. The plaza was currently empty, with only a few pieces of broken weapons.

The gigantic plaza could hold hundreds of thousands of people, so Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian could feel quite a few remnants of powerful auras from the plaza.

The plaza was surrounded by a large number of stone buildings. There were an extremely large number of them. It was a city that could not be seen at a glance.

Chen Xiang had already seen Heavenly Divine Palace before, one that was even more shocking and grandiose than this, so he didn't feel anything, because this place was much worse than the Heavenly Divine Palace.

"Chen Xiang, go and understand the halls here first, then consider which one to join. Once you've decided on it, you can tell me, I'll arrange it for you."

Just as Yi Bidong finished speaking, Chen Xiang immediately asked: "Are there any Dan Hall s?"

He had already known that there was a Supreme Sword Hall here, he thought that the Supreme Sword Hall was probably one of the strongest halls here.

"Yes, but we need to know how to refine Shangpin holy Dan before we can join. Furthermore, everyone can only join one hall, and the number of people in Dan Hall is the fewest." Of course Yi Bidong knew that Chen Xiang had Heavenly Alchemy and knew how to refine pills.

Chen Xiang laughed: "No problem, just let me join the Dan Hall."

Yi Bidong nodded his head and took out a jade talisman to send a message. Soon enough, a hunchbacked old man came out, he was leaning on a blue walking stick, laughing as he looked at Chen Xiang: "Come with me, welcome to Dan Hall."

Chen Xiang asked with some doubt: "Do you not need to take any tests?"

The hunchbacked old man laughed: "No need, you have cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy, even if you are still unable to refine a Shangpin holy Dan, we will definitely be able to teach you how to refine it in the future."

Yi Bidong said: "He's the hall master of the Dan Hall, you should follow him."

Chen Xiang followed the hunchbacked old man and left with Yi Bidong.

"You just came to the Supreme Divine Palace, so you're not familiar with the rules here, but don't worry, the rules here aren't too complicated. First, you can't fight in private, and secondly, you can't steal the divine hall's property.

The hunchbacked old man laughed: "I am the hall master of the Dan Hall, and one of the elders of the Supreme Divine Palace. My name is Luo Tianjun, you can just call me hall master."

Chen Xiang nodded: "Hall Master."

Luo Tianjun brought Chen Xiang and entered the buildings. After walking for a while, they arrived at a large courtyard, and upon entering, Chen Xiang immediately sensed the thick smell of sultry medicine, especially that wave of pure fire energy, he could tell that there were quite a few Alchemist s refining pills.

Chen Xiang said: "Hall Master, right now, I can already refine Shangpin holy Dan s, but I can only refine a few. I have concocted the pill formulas myself, and I can only use my own method to do so."

Luo Tianjun was a little surprised, and said: "When you use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills, the method is indeed different. This way, I can only teach you a little about pill refining, because I do not know about the Heavenly Alchemy. Back then, I had the chance to learn it before, but because the beginning was too difficult, I gave up.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Hall Master only needs to provide me some pill formulas."

After arriving at the Supreme Divine Palace, Chen Xiang could concentrate on concocting pills. Shangpin holy Dan s were of little use to him, and it would be much easier for him to refine a Holy Core King like the Purple profound Dan now.

"You really can refine Shangpin holy Dan." Even though Luo Tianjun asked this, he believed completely in his heart, he just wanted to see how Chen Xiang used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine Shangpin holy Dan.

Chen Xiang had refined it many times. Back then, most of the Shangpin holy Dan in Lv Qilian's shop were refined by him, and he had become extremely familiar with them.

"Hall Master, do you want to take a look?" Chen Xiang laughed lowly: "I can refine a cauldron for you to see now."

"Alright, I believe you, don't refine it now, wait for the time when you will compete with the other halls before refining it, I will help you fight for a spot in the compet.i.tion, at that time, I will help you fight for a place in the compet.i.tion, and then you will have a good performance, and also, try your best not to speak of all the interesting things that happened outside, the little imps in Supreme Divine Palace do not know."

Luo Tianjun pointed to a room in the courtyard: "That's your residence. You can stay here and chat with the other Senior Brothers;

After the hall master left, Chen Xiang walked into a room with the thickest medicinal smell. There were three white-haired old men concocting pills inside.

Now, Chen Xiang understood why Luo Tianjun said that there was only senior brother here. So it was all here to refine pills, all of them were old men like him, and their strengths were also strong, all of them were middle or Upper Heavenly G.o.d s.

"Seniors... I'm new. " Chen Xiang shouted softly. These elderly people looked very similar to each other. Their hair was as long and as white as usual.

"You're a newcomer. Do you need to clean the floor or do you need to do some ch.o.r.es? I'll give you a few pills after we finish concocting the pills. I'm the best here." An old man said.

The other two elders immediately refused to accept this and began to argue with him. Soon, they began to argue with each other.

"Are you guys refining a divine pill?" Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, "Laughing, I haven't consumed a divine pill before, I really want to try it immediately."

They seemed to be the three brothers. The elder brother had three rings, the second brother had two, and the youngest brother only had one.

The boss replied, "I must be the fastest to refine it. I'm the fastest to refine a supreme dan bead in this hall. You guys are way too lacking compared to me."

It wasn't that Chen Xiang hadn't consumed a Divine Pellet, it was just that the Divine Pellets he had consumed before were made using Divine Deity and not this kind of traditional Divine Pellet.

He wanted to see how much effect these G.o.dly pills had on him.

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