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In the past, Long Xueyi had said that Huang Jintian's ident.i.ty was extremely special and mysterious, because that ancient book of his had recorded many important matters from a long time ago.

And now, the elder of the Supreme Divine Palace had revealed the name of this ancient book, Tianyan G.o.d record.

However, Huang Jintian seemed to have lost his memories. There were some things that he couldn't remember at all, and had to use that Tianyan G.o.d record book to recall some things.

The white robed old man came to Huang Jintian's side, but Huang Jintian quickly kept his Tianyan G.o.d record.

"I don't even know you, how did you know me?" Huang Jintian continued to ask: "Are you trying to deceive my Tianyan G.o.d record?"

The old man looked at the blue sky, his eyes full of memories, "The first time I saw you, you were still a young man. I was very young then, and you are also one of my most respected warriors."

Chen Xiang was secretly surprised. The white robed elder was an important elder in the Supreme Divine Palace, his power must be very strong, and he must have reached an age where he could easily respect Huang Jintian. The origins of this Huang Jintian had already exceeded Chen Xiang's expectations.

Back then when he met Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian was merely a strong, old madman who had an unlimited lifespan. At that time, no one knew where he came from.

Huang Jintian frowned: "How come I don't have an impression? Was I really that awesome in the past? My amnesia was actually that serious."

The white robed old man laughed, "Senior, you are not losing your memories right now, it is only the curse of your clan. Every so often, your clan will encounter a calamity, and if you fail to pa.s.s this calamity, your memories will be lost, and even your cultivation will be scattered. However, the Tianyan G.o.d record and Heaven extended method will always remain in your mind."

"So long has pa.s.sed, according to your current strength, after at least ten more trials and tribulations, Undead Race will never die, and his divine soul will not disperse. Even if his body is destroyed, his divine soul will self-activate the Heaven extended method to recreate his body and then rebirth."

Huang Jintian was surprised: "You're right, I thought that only I knew about this kind of thing. I was very excited before, because I thought that I would be facing my first tribulation, but I didn't expect that I had already experienced it more than ten times."

The old man in white said doubtfully, "That's not right. I remember back then when you didn't go through the tribulation, you were close to the G.o.d King. At that time, I guessed that you started your tribulation at the realm of the G.o.d King and you are now just a G.o.d."

Chen Xiang thought as if he were looking at Huang Jintian. He never thought that this crazy master of his would actually be a Divine King, and have experienced the kind of tribulation that would force him to go back to his original world more than ten times.

Huang Jintian saw Chen Xiang's look of despise and looked over, and shook his head: "That's impossible, how could I not get over it ten times in a row, I'm not that bad, you must have recognized the wrong person, don't call me senior."

The white robed old man said anxiously, "I will not be wrong. You are the only one left in Undead Race, but Undead Race cannot reproduce. At that time, there were only five of you, and the other four are already dead."

Huang Jintian laughed: "I already said that the Undead Race was eternal and indestructible, and now that I said that the other four are all dead, what nonsense are you spouting?"

Huang Jintian found it hard to accept his failure over ten times in a row, especially in front of Chen Xiang, his disciple. Although he would usually do many shameless things, he was extremely shameless when it came to this matter.

The white robed old man shook his head and sighed: "Senior, although the people of the Undead Race are immortal, there is a prerequisite, that is, when the Undead Race is only one person, because only the Undead Race can use the Heaven extended method to kill the Undead Race."

Chen Xiang immediately thought of something extremely cruel, his heart jumped as he anxiously asked: "Are you saying that I killed the other four clansmen?"

The white robed old man shook his head: "No, you only killed one. Because one of the five Undead Race s suddenly went crazy and planned to kill all four of you so that he would never die. So he first killed the other three, then found you, and then you killed him."

Huang Jintian was still able to accept such a result, and nodded: "This feeling is really bad, my past is actually being told to me by someone else, sigh."

The white robed old man laughed, "Senior, I heard my master say that if Undead Race fails multiple times during tribulation and there is a chance for it to succeed, then all the memories and a portion of the power would return. Furthermore, there won't be another tribulation like this in the future."

Chen Xiang patted Huang Jintian's shoulder, and laughed: "Master, you're so weak, you can't even pa.s.s over ten times. Serves you right for coming back so many times, hahaha …"

Huang Jintian's face immediately darkened as he angrily knocked on Chen Xiang's head. However, he discovered that Chen Xiang's head was actually extremely hard, to the point that his hands were hurting: "Brat, I'm about to pa.s.s my tribulation. Once I pa.s.s it, you'll know how powerful I am.

"Younger generation, how should I address you? Were we familiar with you in the past?" Huang Jintian had already accepted his ident.i.ty. Although he was not as strong as the white robed elder in front of him, he could only reluctantly admit it since the other party had already called him senior.

"Junior Yi Bidong, I wonder what senior's name is?" This Yi Bidong actually still didn't know Huang Jintian's name.

Huang Jintian asked: "Did you not know my name in the past? What was my previous name?"

Yi Bidong shook his head: "I don't know, you were always so secretive before, we all called you the Old Immortal."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Old Undying Senior, that's a good t.i.tle."

Huang Jintian immediately glared at him, causing Chen Xiang to laugh and say: "My master's name is Huang Jintian, he is nicknamed Old Madman. It looks like he is often crazy because of the confusion in his memories."

Yi Bidong said to Chen Xiang: "You and I have an agreement to stay in Supreme Divine Palace. Right now, it's about time, come back with me."

The fact that Chen Xiang possessed a Six Realms mirrors was already known by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, and it quickly spread to the Highest Old Devil.

"Alright, let's go now." Chen Xiang could no longer wait to go to the Supreme Divine Palace.

Yi Bidong looked at Huang Jintian and asked: "Senior, do you want to go to Supreme Divine Palace for a seat? I can make the decision to let you stay there for a while."

Huang Jintian laughed: "Since you have kindly invited me, I will not refuse. Let's go."

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