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Back then, the six Divine Nations s were the first to be annihilated, and then the position of the six Divine Nations s at the peak of the Ninth Heaven was immediately destroyed as well.

Chen Xiang was still a little worried: "I heard that Supreme Divine Palace has the power of infiltration, I'm worried that I will be harmed inside."

The Great Divine Lord said, "There are other Divine Nations s in the Supreme Divine Palace, but you don't have to worry, there are also several factions within the Supreme Divine Palace. You may not know this, but after the six s and Jiu Xiao were eliminated, a new Divine Nations appeared and took over the position of the tenth Divine Nations.

So it turns out that the inside of the Supreme Divine Palace was really complicated. Hearing Great Divine Lord's words, Chen Xiang became a lot more relieved, he could peacefully stay inside the Supreme Divine Palace for a while.

"Once you enter the Supreme Divine Palace, if you have the chance to go to the tenth Divine Nations, it would be best if you could connect with that Divine Nations." The Great Divine Lord warned again, "When you enter the Supreme Divine Palace, be careful of fellows with black dragon tattoos on their faces. That is the Black Dragon Divine Nations and the main force that seals the Nine Heaven Divine Palace out."

Outside of the main entrance of the Nine Heaven Divine Palace were those two-headed black dragons.

"Alright, we'll talk about the rest when we meet in the future. Put away the array disc and leave some power to transfer out." With that, the Great Divine Lord disappeared and the array disc closed.

At the same time, Chen Xiang also had a reaction with the array disc, allowing it to activate.

"Little Jiu jie, let's go. After I get out, we'll go to Supreme Divine Palace. You go look for Sister Feng." Chen Xiang said.

Long Xueyi suddenly shouted: "I will go with her, and Ziqian is also going. You can go to Supreme Divine Palace by yourself."

Chen Xiang wanted to leave, but Chen Xiang was naturally reluctant, but he was in favor of it. Long Xueyi's strength was not bad, and being with Lv Qilian and the others, they could help each other, and going to the Supreme Divine Palace was not too dangerous.

"How is Ziqian now?"

After Bai Ziqian obtained the inheritance of the Ancient Poison G.o.d King, as long as he could control the Ancient Poison in her body properly, she would become very strong.

"It's much better now, and she can already control the ancient poison." Long Xueyi said: "Take care of yourself in the Supreme Divine Palace."

Of course Chen Xiang could take care of himself. He smiled, opened the array disc, and brought Jiu Hanrou out of Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

After he left the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, because he, who had the Chaos Fire Token, was not inside, the Nine Heaven Devil Palace immediately disappeared. As for the G.o.d of Fortune and the golden-robed man, they probably had to work a bit harder to get out.

"Little Jiu jie, protect them well." Chen Xiang warned Jiu Hanrou repeatedly because Jiu Hanrou was very powerful and Long Xueyi and Bai Ziqian were weak at the moment, especially against G.o.ds of that level of power.

Jiu Hanrou knew that Bai Ziqian had the inheritance of the Ancient Poison, and she was impressed with him as well. He actually dared to touch such a thing, and as for Long Xueyi, she was already very familiar with him, because he was also one of the Ancient Divine Beasts that had been resurrected in the Nine Divine Kings.

Just as Jiu Hanrou, Long Xueyi and the others left, Huang Jintian's Sky Spill Transmission array appeared and Huang Jintian teleported over.

"Master, you came so quickly." Chen Xiang was a little surprised.

I was using the Heaven extended method all day to calculate whether you had really died or not, but I didn't expect to find out that after you finished calculating, you actually left that d.a.m.n place, how did you get out, that's impossible, ah, I heard that after entering that place, even if you don't die, you won't be able to come out for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. Seeing Chen Xiang standing in front of him, Huang Jintian was also very happy as he laughed.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Master, it's not like you don't know that I'm not an ordinary person, so it's not strange for me to be able to come out now, right?"

Huang Jintian chuckled, "Not bad, not bad, what's there after entering?"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I didn't get anything, I almost died."

Huang Jintian curled his lips and said: "You answered it so straightforwardly, you must have lied to me. You must have gotten a lot of rewards from this, worried that I would ask for it, right?"

"Alright, there are, but only some Divine Deity. For example, that Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d's Divine Deity is in my hands, hehe." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "Even if I gave you these Divine Deity, you wouldn't dare to take it."

Huang Jintian snorted: "Of course I dare, it's just that I don't want to cause trouble, so I'll leave these Divine Deity for you to enjoy."

Chen Xiang immediately asked about the details: "After I summoned the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, did it make any big movements?"

Huang Jintian sighed: "Of course there is, it was extremely fierce, and the first was when the Divine Prison was destroyed, a large group of villains ran out, Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d and the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d teamed up to rebuild the Devil-killing Divine City, the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d did not manage the all divine palaces, but a strange thing happened to the Divine Female Palace, and their G.o.ddess Palace Leader also ran out from the Nine Heaven Devil Palace."

Speaking of the Divine Female Palace, Chen Xiang remembered that he had trapped the group of girls that the G.o.ddess Palace Leader had brought with him inside the Six Realms mirrors, and now he had let the girls out.

Chen Xiang said to the women: "Your true Hall Master should be back."

The girls did not say anything to Chen Xiang and quickly left.

Huang Jintian continued to speak: "I've already checked, after the ice and snow in the Super G.o.d Restricted Area has subsided, it really can lead to the Nine Heaven World. Right now, all the halls are getting restless, planning to divide up a bit of the Nine Heaven World's territory, but Feng Yujie and the other girls are actually in the Nine Heaven World."

"Furthermore, Feng Yujie has a special power which allows him to control the operation of the Nine Heaven World. He gathered all of his divine power in one place, which resulted in the shrines in the territory of the Nine Heaven World not having any divine power at all. The scariest thing is that many of the resources can be moved and all gathered in Feng Yujie's territory."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Feng Yujie is after all, the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess, the master of the Nine Heaven World. It seems that she has already reached a certain realm and can control the Nine Heaven World.

Huang Jintian took out his ancient book, and began to record some things in it. He recited: "Not long after Chen Xiang entered the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, he came out …."

Just as he finished recording these, a white light appeared in the sky above him, and an old man slowly descended. This was the elder that Chen Xiang met when he first entered the Supreme Divine Palace.

"Enough, it's about time to enter the Supreme Divine Palace. You can also hide inside." The white robed old man said.

After the white robed elder finished speaking, he looked at the ancient book in Huang Jintian's hands and said in shock, "Tianyan G.o.d record … "Are you really an old man who won't die?"

Huang Jintian was indeed an old fool, he said: "You also know Heaven extended method, how could you find this brat so quickly, who exactly are you, you know me."

The last time Huang Jintian and Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d were outside Super G.o.d Restricted Area, they had met the white robed old man. At that time, the white robed old man did not have such an expression.

"Of course I recognize you. Have you always carried this book with you?" The white robed elder anxiously asked, obviously Huang Jintian's ident.i.ty was extraordinary, to actually be able to cause the elder of the Supreme Divine Palace to be so surprised.

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