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Great Divine Lord said, "Don't worry, Yunhui is still a child, there's no need to worry about her."

Jiu Hanrou was very worried, "But … "The one outside is too G.o.dly. Yun Hui is not their match, and there will be more in the future."

Great Divine Lord laughed. "Silly child, do you really think that those corpses buried in those short mountains are the punishment? Do you really think that they are only in seclusion, and that when they wake up after so many years, they will always look at this Yun Hui kid.

Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou were shocked, it turned out that it was not a group of tombs, but a large number of training rooms.

After knowing the truth, Chen Xiang's heart was even more afraid.

Jiu Hanrou finally understood now that the fall of the Nine Heaven Divine Palace was a trap set up by them.

"I was just surprised that when someone opened the array disc, I could actually see the Younger Nine Girl."

Great Divine Lord looked at Chen Xiang with a benevolent smile on his face, but Chen Xiang felt very uncomfortable in his heart. Even though this Great Divine Lord was only in the state of Divine Sense, he was extremely formidable, and had already seen through him thoroughly.

Jiu Hanrou stuck out her tongue, "Great Divine Lord, the Chaos Fire Token that you left behind was obtained by this little demon, and both big sister and I know this little demon."

The Great Divine Lord said: "I left my Chaos Fire Token for fated people, he has worked hard to gather them, and has even come here, this has already proven his ability, and you and the Elder Nine girl are both friends with him, that's for the best. But I didn't expect that even the Supreme G.o.d bone I originally left for you, would all be obtained by him … Oh, and the profoundwu clothing was also on him, it's a pretty good kid. "

Chen Xiang laughed and asked: "Great Divine Lord, where are you now?"

Great Divine Lord sighed: "We also want to come out now, but we were sealed. Luckily you all came here, otherwise our plans might have been delayed for many years, and we might even have to start from a new plan."

"At that time, our Ninth Heaven's Divine Nations was destroyed, but a portion of it was preserved by our royal father and was refined into this Nine Heaven Divine Palace. In order to protect the foundation of the Divine Nations, royal father refined this Nine Heaven Divine Palace very firmly, but he was still worried. Even royal father is at the ninth level. "

Jiu Hanrou and Chen Xiang were both shocked that Heavenly Divine Lord was not dead yet, not only that, he was still alive!

Back then, when the two Divine Lord s joined forces, they were only able to change the structure and layout of the divine hall, and even added a few traps, with the intention of trapping us in here to death. "Feng Xue'er said." The Great Divine Lord continued, "Right now, the only way to contact the outside world is through this formation plate."

Nine Divine Kings could not come out now, which showed how scary this Ninefold s.p.a.ce was.

"After royal father suffered a great defeat, he was severely injured, in order to preserve his foundation, he ignored the injuries on his body and refined a Ninefold s.p.a.ce so that we could avoid all the other Divine Nations s and kill them. At this time, royal father is still asleep, and we were forced into a corner by the other Divine Nations, so we had no choice but to enter this final safe zone and wait for royal father to wake up.

Hearing Nine Divine Kings's words, Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou both understood that if Nine Divine Kings wanted to come out of the first Ninefold s.p.a.ce, only Heavenly Divine Lord would be able to do it.

"Great Divine Lord, are you saying that we help you all out?" Jiu Hanrou was a little confused. Even the Nine Divine Kings couldn't come out, how could they?

Great Divine Lord shook his head: "No, he's the one who came in and brought us out."

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched. How powerful were the nine Divine Kings? They couldn't even come out, so how could he possibly bring them out?

I mean, you should go find the other three divine weapons first, and then come here. When you enter again, with the help of the fifth divine weapon that I gave you, we will be able to open the gate to the first level of s.p.a.ce, and then we can leave. "

There was actually a fifth divine weapon, but in the hands of the Great Divine Lord, these were all refined by the Heavenly Divine Lord, and could be used as keys at critical moments.

"When the time comes, I will give you the Fifth G.o.dly Weapon as compensation." The Great Divine Lord said.

Chen Xiang immediately agreed, if not Jiu Hanrou would never end this. He had obtained Jiu Hanrou's Supreme G.o.d bone, he should shoulder this responsibility and help the Nine Divine Kings, he had been waiting for this kind of thing to happen, if not he would feel guilty.

Jiu Hanrou asked: "Great Divine Lord, how do we leave this shrine? The shrine is currently sealed by a wave of energy, so we can only enter and not exit. Only the people from Divine Nations would know how to leave."

Nine Divine Kings looked at the formation plate below him: "You can teleport out using this formation plate or you can teleport in at any time. But you can only teleport in the vicinity of the shrine.

Chen Xiang nodded, and said: "After I go out, there might be some trouble, because I have pa.s.sed Supreme Divine Palace's trial, Supreme Divine Palace wants me to join."

Great Divine Lord was very surprised: "So powerful, your current strength actually pa.s.sed Supreme Divine Palace's suicidal trial, this is not a problem, when you join Supreme Divine Palace first, after your strength rises to a certain level, you can then pa.s.s through their other trial and leave Supreme Divine Palace, you should be able to do it."

Jiu Hanrou patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and said: "Great Divine Lord, I pretended to rely on them at that time and was arranged to be under Highest Old Devil's command. They told me to look for Six Realms mirrors, what use do they have of Six Realms mirrors?"

Hearing that, Great Divine Lord's face changed, and asked anxiously: "Did they find it, this Six Realms mirrors must not fall into their hands."

Jiu Hanrou glanced at Chen Xiang, "They have already found the Six Realms mirrors, but when it was being repaired in h.e.l.l, it was taken away by this little demon."

Chen Xiang laughed. He still had yet to figure out the main uses of Six Realms mirrors, but it had brought him great benefits.

Great Divine Lord also laughed, "Now that's good, let's put the matter of the six Divine Lord s being saved onto your shoulders. At that time, maybe we, Jiu Xiao and the six s can join hands and come out to fight against the other nine Divine Nations s."

Chen Xiang laughed, "Alright, I will do my best. Who asked me to obtain these treasures."

Great Divine Lord laughed out loud: "But you have to get us out first, and then we will settle the matters regarding the Six Paths, in short, after you leave, try your best not to reveal your whereabouts, even if Nine G.o.ds Nation knows that you have Six Realms mirrors, the Supreme Divine Palace will try his best to protect you, the Supreme Divine Palace has the power of us Jiu Xiao and the Six Paths Formation."

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