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Seeing that there was no one here, h.e.l.l Devil Emperor asked: "Young n.o.ble, did they already leave?"

The golden-robed man shook his head. "They haven't left. Their auras are still here, but they've suddenly disappeared. They must have used some sort of magic treasure. If they move, I can sense them."

The G.o.d of Fortune asked, "Aren't Chen Xiang the only one among them?"

The golden-robed man's eyes were closed, but he had sensed the surroundings. He said: "No, there's still the Younger Nine Girl, I never thought that she had also entered the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, she probably came in very early, she has always known where the Nine Heaven Devil Palace is."

h.e.l.l Devil Emperor also knew about the Younger Nine Girl, and they were very familiar with each other as well. Now that the Younger Nine Girl and Chen Xiang had teamed up, he felt angry just thinking about it.

"This woman, she was the one who lost the Six Realms mirrors back then. If not for her, the Six Realms mirrors would not have fallen into Chen Xiang's hands." h.e.l.l Devil Emperor said fiercely.

The golden-robed man closed his eyes and said indifferently: "Don't be angry, the Six Realms mirrors will return to us soon. At that time, both of them will die, and we just need to find them now."

Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou could hear their words and became even more anxious. This golden-robed man was truly powerful, and was still able to remain calm even now. It was as if he was extremely confident in capturing them.

Chen Xiang was speeding up her construction of the array, she had completed a lot of the array, and although Jiu Hanrou was anxious in his heart, he did not urge her. She was worried that this would delay Chen Xiang's progress.

"Alright." Chen Xiang suddenly heaved a sigh of relief: "I can start using it now, but I wonder if it will work."

Jiu Hanrou also let out a sigh of relief in her heart, but whether or not she could succeed was one thing, so she immediately became nervous again.

Chen Xiang summoned his Six Realms mirrors, instigating it, he shot out the runes carved into it, and at that moment, the golden-robed man opened his eyes, and the fan in his hands swept out a burst of metal wind towards Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou.

Jiu Hanrou's reaction was also extremely fast and nimble. She pulled Chen Xiang and immediately jumped towards the white light emitted by the Six Realms mirrors, avoiding the golden-robed man's attack.

The golden-robed man had also seen the world within the white light and shouted out, "This is an illusory magic array! There's a place in the East Hidden Province where they've broken this illusory magic array!"

… ….

After and Jiu Hanrou deciphered the illusion array, they arrived at a patch of gra.s.s. They were lying on their backs in the gra.s.s and could see the tall green mountain in the distance.

"So dangerous, it's safe now." Chen Xiang sat up and laughed out loud: "That guy should be unable to break this illusion array, maybe this was set up by the Heavenly Divine Lord."

Jiu Hanrou also revealed a charming smile, "It must have been set up by Heavenly Divine Lord. Nine Divine Kings's method of laying out the array is not like this."

They had finally come to this mysterious place, but Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou were still worried. There was a powerful Supreme G.o.d outside, and they didn't know if they could find a way out from this place.

"First, let's see what the Nine Divine Kings is hiding here. No matter how powerful that guy outside is, without a Spirit grain that can break the formation, he won't be able to enter for a while." Jiu Hanrou had been extremely nervous just now, and she had almost been caught red-handed. The consequences were unimaginable.

Jiu Hanrou walked towards the big green mountain in the distance. There was a cave there.

As Chen Xiang followed behind her, he looked at the scenery around him. He felt that this was not just an illusion array, it could be considered a dimension, because this place seemed to be even larger than the entire Heavenly Divine Lord.

Deep inside the cave, Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou only saw a small formation plate, and there was nothing else. This formation plate was densely packed with formation patterns, and it was extremely profound and complicated.

Jiu Hanrou said: "Let me try and see if I can activate this array disc. Maybe this is the Transmission array array disc."

Whether or not they could get out depended on this small formation plate, otherwise they would be trapped here.

Jiu Hanrou placed her jade hands on the array disc, secretly activating the Mysterious power, but there was no reaction from the array disc. She gradually strengthened the Mysterious power, allowing Chen Xiang to clearly feel the Mysterious power in her body surging out crazily, and pouring into the array disc.

A moment later, Jiu Hanrou frowned her eyebrows and exclaimed: "This formation plate is actually like a bottomless pit. My Divine Sense Sea, and the powers from several Divine Deity were all channeled inside, but there's actually no reaction at all."

Chen Xiang walked over and tried injecting the Six Realms' Power into it, but there was no reaction. He frowned and said: "Could it be that a special method is required to activate this array disc?"

Chen Xiang tried to drip some blood, but there was no reaction.

"Chaos Fire Token, take out your Chaos Fire Token." Jiu Hanrou said, "After all seven Chaos Fire Token have been merged by one person, they can all be fused together."

Chen Xiang took out seven Chaos Fire Token s, and under his control, they indeed became one. The Chaos Fire Token immediately released a burst of white light, and the multicolored light shined on the array disc. A small hole appeared in the center of the array disc, just enough to fit the Chaos Fire Token inside.

Chen Xiang looked at Jiu Hanrou and nodded at him. Then, he inserted the Chaos Fire Token into that small hole.

The formation disk immediately showed a great reaction as it spat out a ray of white light. What made Jiu Hanrou excited was that within the white light appeared the silhouette of a middle-aged man. This middle-aged man had a peaceful expression, with long white hair hanging down to his waist.

When Chen Xiang was in the palace in the earth's core, he had seen people dressed in such attire, this was one of the Nine Divine Kings s.

"Great Divine Lord." Jiu Hanrou shouted in excitement.

Great Divine Lord smiled at her. "You should know how foolish your plan is right?"

Jiu Hanrou was a little hesitant: "You guys actually know about it?"

Great Divine Lord laughed out loud. "We didn't know at first, but the guy who replaced you is too stupid. She doesn't even know that we stole her memories."

Back then, when Jiu Hanrou left the Nine Heaven Divine Palace very early on, she pretended to be on Highest Devil G.o.d's side. In order to gain Highest Devil G.o.d's trust, she arranged for that fake "Mei Emperor" to follow him and look for useful information.

Furthermore, we deliberately allowed the Nine Heaven Divine Palace to become like this. After the Nine Heaven Divine Palace fell, we were also able to clearly see what those seemingly loyal disciples were thinking in their hearts. We were not surprised at all that they had betrayed us. Great Divine Lord reached out her hand that was made of light and caressed Jiu Hanrou lovingly.

Jiu Hanrou suddenly understood many things, and anxiously said: "Yunhui is still outside, could she be in danger?"

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