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Jiu Hanrou walked under the city gate tower, pushed open the red wooden gate and said: "The six Divine Nations s were the first to have been annihilated, and at that time, the Heavenly Divine Lord took the opportunity to quickly rise while the other nine nations were severely injured, and thus became the new tenth Divine Nations. But not long after, we will be like the six Divine Nations s."

Long Xueyi said: "Right now, there might already be a new tenth Divine Nations that has risen up, and the other Nine G.o.ds Nation are repeating what happened back then, so the Nine G.o.ds Nation does not pay attention to the G.o.ds Realm right now, and should be preparing to eliminate the new tenth nation."

When Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou walked through the city gate, they saw all sorts of buildings. However, they were empty and cold, like a ghost city.

… ….

Outside of Nine Heaven Devil Palace, a man dressed in a golden robe suddenly appeared. He held a golden folding fan in his hand, and slowly landed on the pathway that led to the main entrance, step by step, he walked towards the main entrance of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

"As expected of something created by the Heavenly Divine Lord. It has some skill. Even though it was sealed, it was still able to produce such a strong backlash." The man was walking on the road in the middle of the army of skeletons and was actually able to wave the folding fan in his hand. When Chen Xiang and the others had entered the house, they had not listened to him at all.

After the golden robed man entered the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, he quickly found the G.o.d of Fortune and the others.

Only the G.o.d of Fortune, the Fire G.o.d, the G.o.ddess Palace Leader, the War G.o.d Shrine's master, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, and the others were still alive.

"I miscalculated." The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor said to the golden-robed man: "I don't understand, why Chen Xiang can summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, only Feng Yujie should be able to."

The gold gowned man nodded his head: "I also thought it was strange, that's why I came to take a look. Let's go to the Heavenly Divine Palace, the higher ups ordered me to go there to investigate."

For the golden-robed man to be able to enter so easily while also having them be called over, he must be extremely powerful. The War G.o.d and the Fire G.o.d didn't dare to say anything. They had no choice but to follow.

The G.o.d of Fortune, the G.o.ddess Palace Leader, and the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor clearly knew who this golden-robed man was. After all, they were all puppets.

In the future, the three of you, listen to my orders. I will take over the affairs of the Highest Old Devil. The gold gowned man said: "After a while, those fellows from the Divine Prison will come out, it's time to suppress the power that this place has dug up, and those fellows from the Divine Prison are the best fighters, needless to tell them, they can suppress the power that has risen up here."

The strongest power that rose up from the G.o.ds Realm was only from the Upper Heavenly G.o.d, so it was very difficult for them to even give birth to a Supreme G.o.d. This was all because of the suppression from the Divine Nations which destroyed all the cultivation techniques to the Supreme G.o.d, and only the Supreme Divine Palace, Beast Divine Palace and Six Realms Divine Palace possessed them, but these three shrines were also infiltrated by the Nine G.o.ds Nation to such an extent that they were not pa.s.sed down to outsiders.

"The devil slayer has a very good chance of entering Super G.o.d Realm, so we must stop him. If he becomes too divine, it would be difficult to deal with him."

The golden-robed man walked in front. He was actually very familiar with this place. He didn't walk on the path of tombs, but on another path instead.

"I'll take care of it after I check this out." The golden robed man looked at the buildings in the distance and said, "We are still too late. Someone has already entered the Heavenly Divine Palace.

The G.o.d of Fortune replied, "It must be Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang this guy summoned the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, and he seems to be very familiar with the place."

… ….

After Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou entered the Heavenly Divine Palace's buildings, they went straight to the G.o.d King's Main Hall, the place where the Nine Divine Kings normally gathered the various hall masters for their meetings.

The mountain that Chu Yunhui was talking about was the garden at the back of the Divine King's Hall.

"This is that garden, why haven't I seen that mountain? Could it be that we have to break that illusion formation?" Jiu Hanrou walked in the middle of the garden and gently caressed those colorful flowers. She could smell the fragrance that the flowers released, and no matter how she looked at it, it was very real, and it was hard to imagine that this was all released by the Illusory Formation.

Chen Xiang suddenly remembered, after he had merged with all the Chaos Fire Token, other than the map that had rushed into his mind, there were also a large number of Spirit grain and Array.

"Those Spirit grain." Chen Xiang immediately told Jiu Hanrou about this.

"You should be able to break the illusion array if you use those Spirit grain s to form a formation." Jiu Hanrou asked: "Can you do it?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "No problem, I just need a bit more time."

Jiu Hanrou said: "Alright, this place is safe, you can rest a.s.sured."

However, just as she finished speaking, her expression changed. She shot to Chen Xiang's side in a single stride, grabbed hold of Chen Xiang, and then hid behind a fake mountain.

"Stop hiding, I know you are here." The golden robed man arrived quickly, bringing the G.o.d of Fortune, h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the others with him.

Someone actually appeared here, and it was someone that Jiu Hanrou was very afraid of, Chen Xiang cursed in his heart. Just as he was about to break the array and see the mountain, such a person suddenly appeared.

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Jiu Hanrou: "What is this fellow, trapped inside the Divine Palace in the first place?"

Jiu Hanrou shook his head and replied with a sound transmission: "No, he came in from the outside. Although his strength is not as strong as the Highest Old Devil's, but his status is very high, and he has the Emperor's bloodline in his body. The Highest Old Devil must listen to him."

Chen Xiang replied: "So it's a n.o.ble. How strong is he?

Jiu Hanrou did not answer but chose to think of a way to escape. However, she knew that it would be difficult to escape now: "He can't win, he is a G.o.d with more than ten Divine Deity s. To have such strength at such a young age, only the royal families of the Divine Nations can do it.

Chen Xiang said: "I will start setting up the array now, I will set up the array formation inside the Six Realms mirrors. After it is done, I will control the Six Realms mirrors to shine out."

Jiu Hanrou nodded his head: "As soon as possible, even though this guy is strong, he also wasn't able to see through the illusion array."

He released the Six Realms mirrors in the middle of the Divine Sense Sea and started to merge with Long Xueyi. Four divine soul were helping him to set up the array inside to break through the illusion array.

The golden robed man led h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the others and gradually approached the fake mountain. When they came to the rear, Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou saw them.

However, they did not see Jiu Hanrou and Chen Xiang. This was all because of the treasure in Jiu Hanrou's hands.

"gave me this treasure. It can only make us invisible for a period of time. We can't hold on for much longer, you should do it as soon as possible." Jiu Hanrou was very anxious in his heart, because once they were discovered, they would be finished.

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