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Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou entered the large cemetery of the short mountains. After pa.s.sing through many small hills, they could all see some stone tablets erected in front of the short mountains, and some names of these tombs were written on them.

"Why is this place always shrouded in darkness? Is it the same as before?" Chen Xiang looked at the thick clouds in the sky. It should be full of sunlight now, but because of the thick clouds, the sunlight was not shining down.

Jiu Hanrou nodded: "It used to be like this. I heard one of the Divine Kings say that although they were executed and buried here, they can still be revived, but after they are revived they will live in a different form, different from normal people."

"In order to give them a chance to revive, this place has to be built with extremely dense yin qi. Even so, there are very few who can be revived. I've stayed in the shrine for many years but I've never heard of anyone reviving."

Chen Xiang asked in a low voice: "Will there suddenly be a group revival? If these guys revive, will you be able to deal with them?"

Jiu Hanrou stopped in front of a stone tablet and said: "Look at this, this is the Supreme G.o.d's tomb. When I was killed, I had twelve Divine Deity, do you think I can handle it?"

Chen Xiang was very surprised with this matter. Before, he had seen many stone tablets, but the majority of them were for Divine Deity s. Now that he had seen twelve for Divine Deity s, it made him very surprised.

"The ones buried here are not only the Nine Divine Kings's erroneous subordinates, but also the subordinates of the Heavenly Divine Lord back then. Therefore, these tombs are not simple at all. Jiu Hanrou sighed lightly, "It's a pity that the Ninth Heaven's Divine Nations is destroyed and can never be restored. The Nine Divine Kings is so powerful, but even trying to return to their country is hindered to such an extent."

Jiu Hanrou's faint sigh resounded within the silent mausoleum. Chen Xiang had already learned that the Divine Nations that the other nine nations had jointly annihilated was called the Nine Nether Divine Nations and that the Nine Divine Kings was the Nine Nether Emperor's Ninth Son of the Nine Nether Divine Nations.

"Traitor, do you still have the face to say that you've come here recklessly? Are you trying to steal the divine hall's treasure?"

An angry and delicate shout came out. Chen Xiang was shocked, if someone were to suddenly speak in the graveyard, they would at least be frightened.

On the other hand, Jiu Hanrou was very calm. She said to Chen Xiang in a low voice: "Don't worry, this is the one in charge of guarding the tomb, he didn't come out from the grave."

Seeing Jiu Hanrou being so calm, Chen Xiang was relieved, but at the same time, he saw a red figure floating over, the guard of the tomb was actually a beautiful woman.

"Chu Yunhui, you want to hear my explanation?" Just as Jiu Hanrou shouted, a sword already pierced forward, without enough time for Jiu Hanrou to say anything, he immediately summoned his two swords to counterattack.

"I'm too lazy to listen to your explanation. I don't believe a word you say." Chu Yunhui said coldly. Although she looked pretty and gentle, she was angry at the moment and her words were accompanied by waves of killing intent.

Jiu Hanrou frowned her eyebrows, she waved her twin swords and resisted continuously, she did not attack, but did not seem to have some concerns, because there was a misunderstanding between her and Chu Yunhui, as long as the misunderstanding was resolved, they would still be good friends, and if she were to hurt Chu Yunhui now, the misunderstanding would only get bigger.

Chen Xiang watched on from the side, secretly feeling anxious in her heart. Jiu Hanrou was not weak, but in order to not hurt Chu Yunhui, she had suppressed her own strength, and had only dodged and blocked without retaliating. If this continued, Jiu Hanrou himself would definitely be injured first.

Although Chu Yunhui was furious, she did not give it her all right now. Because this was a cemetery, as a gravekeeper, she could not create too much noise. Although the tombs here were st.u.r.dy and hard to destroy, she was very dedicated.

"What should we do? If this goes on, the Younger Nine Girl will be injured." Chen Xiang wanted to intervene, but his strength was limited, he was merely a lower G.o.d, and Jiu Hanrou and Chu Yunhui were both Upper Heavenly G.o.d with many Divine Deity s.

Long Xueyi said: "Don't you have profoundwu clothing s with you, help Younger Nine Girl to relieve some of the pressure, and give her a chance to explain."

Chen Xiang immediately ran over, and at the same time, Chu Yunhui also increased his strength. The long sword in his hand shone with a red light, infused with extremely strong divine power, crazily thrusting towards Jiu Hanrou, and Jiu Hanrou could only clench his teeth and dodge, he did not dare resist, because the power Chu Yunhui was using was getting stronger and stronger.

"Yunhui, listen to me. Right now, I have hope of finding the Nine Divine Kings. When the time comes, I will be able to explain everything. Jiu Hanrou gritted his teeth: "Calm down and listen to my explanation. If I were really a traitor, I wouldn't be giving way to you at all costs."

Chu Yunhui shouted, "I won't listen to you. Back then, you chose to collude with outsiders to destroy the divine hall.

The red colored sword aura enveloped the entire grave area. In that moment, Jiu Hanrou no longer dodged, but closed her eyes instead. She was willing to accept this sword attack, because she was indeed in the wrong at the time.

When Chu Yunhui saw that Jiu Hanrou gave up resisting and did not dodge, her heart inexplicably softened. The pair of eyes that were filled with hatred had already become beautiful and gentle, but also filled with regret, because she could not keep her sword any longer. At that time, she did not believe that Jiu Hanrou would betray the Nine Divine Kings either.

Just at this critical moment, Chen Xiang suddenly jumped out, and hugged Jiu Hanrou, and allowed the sword to pierce his back.


Chen Xiang screamed in pain, he felt as though his spine was being pierced, he hugged Jiu Hanrou, and was sent flying by the force, crashing into a small mountain.

"profoundwu clothing." Chu Yunhui shouted in shock, and secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. She was a very gentle and kind woman, but because of the hatred she had acc.u.mulated over the years, she had become very angry and fierce. After all, Jiu Hanrou suddenly betraying the Nine Divine Kings back then had dealt her too big of a blow.

And because she trusted Jiu Hanrou very much, and because her relationship with him was very deep, it was hard for her to accept it at that moment. Later on, after she accepted it, she hated Jiu Hanrou a lot, but deep in her heart, she had always hoped that Jiu Hanrou hadn't betrayed her Nine Divine Kings, and had always been waiting for Jiu Hanrou's explanation.

"Little Nona." Chu Yunhui anxiously flew over, seeing that Chen Xiang had pressed him down, he was enraged and wanted to kick him away.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was in a grave, he would definitely have kissed it. He made contact with Jiu Hanrou's gaze, and immediately turned over, allowing Jiu Hanrou to stand up.

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