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When Chen Xiang saw that his opponent was not lightly injured and had rushed over while wielding a sword, the dark-skinned man was enraged. Seeing Chen Xiang charging over with his life on the line to kill him, he felt that it was both infuriating and funny.

Chen Xiang was extremely weak in his eyes, and actually wanted to kill him. However, he had indeed been severely injured by Chen Xiang, and his divine soul had been damaged.

"I'm not playing with you anymore, go die." The black skinned man's forehead was bleeding. Seeing Chen Xiang rushing towards him, he thrusted his spear at Chen Xiang, giving off a wave of spear shadows. It was as if he could make multiple b.l.o.o.d.y holes on Chen Xiang's body.

However, Chen Xiang did not dodge, but rushed over, and his body had been stabbed over a hundred times. He was completely fine though, after he used the profoundwu clothing to counter the black skinned man's attack, he brandished the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword and unleashed the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques.

In that instant, within his domain, everything became extremely slow. He could clearly see the shocked expression on the dark-skinned man's face.

When the black skinned man saw that his move had been dissolved, he wanted to use his second move, but Chen Xiang had already unleashed his G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, he could also feel that G.o.d-killing sword had suddenly erupted, so he was extremely shocked.

In merely an instant, Chen Xiang slashed out tens of times within his own G.o.d Slaughtering Domain, slicing the dark-skinned man into eight pieces and even took out five Divine Deity s from his body.

"This guy's Divine Deity is much higher than Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d's." Chen Xiang looked at the five Upper Heavenly G.o.d's Divine Deity in his hands, and was extremely excited.

Adding these five, he would already have nine pills. If he refined them into Heavenly G.o.d Pellets, then that would be able to increase his cultivation by leaps and bounds.

"Yao Xiao." Ah Feng who was fighting with the Younger Nine Girl suddenly shouted in anger, he did not expect that the Xiao Xiao who was stronger than him was actually killed, furthermore it was such an inconspicuous, weak guy.

Younger Nine Girl was even more surprised. Previously, when Chen Xiang met that Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d, he was scared out of his wits, but that Ah Xiao was someone who was much stronger than him.

Chen Xiang himself was surprised, if not for the profoundwu clothing suddenly becoming so powerful, he would not have obtained such rewards.

Ah Feng really wanted to run over and kill Chen Xiang, but he was entangled by the Younger Nine Girl, he had been distracted, and almost chopped off his arm.

Chen Xiang had already ran over, but Younger Nine Girl knew that he wanted to help, so he did not stop him, and even gave him a chance.

After watching the battle for more than an hour, Younger Nine Girl suddenly made a mistake. found an opening and slashed his blade over, in order to avoid the attack, Younger Nine Girl had no choice but to dodge to the distance to avoid the powerful blade force.

It was also at this time that Chen Xiang rushed towards Ah Feng.

Ah Feng was pleasantly surprised, because in his opinion, Chen Xiang rushing over would be suicide, and Younger Nine Girl was also surprised. What was Chen Xiang rushing over for, he was obviously rushing to his death.

Chen Xiang anxiously transmitted to the Younger Nine Girl: "When he cuts me down, come over and sneak attack him, do not worry about me, I have profoundwu clothing, he will not be able to harm me."

Ah Feng rushed towards Chen Xiang, condensed all of his energy, and slashed at the top of Chen Xiang's head. What he did not expect was, when his blade chopped down, not only did Chen Xiang not dodge, he even extended both his hands out.

His blade landed on top of Chen Xiang's head, but it did not slash Chen Xiang's blade into two as he had imagined, while Chen Xiang had actually extended both his hands out to wrap around his blade, he had only reacted at this time, but it was already too late, his head had already been chopped off by the Younger Nine Girl.

When the Younger Nine Girl found out that Chen Xiang had the profoundwu clothing, she understood how Chen Xiang killed Ah Xiao. However, she still didn't quite understand, since Chen Xiang had the profoundwu clothing, he wouldn't have been tormented by the two demons to such an extent.

After Ah Feng's head was chopped off by the Younger Nine Girl, Chen Xiang anxiously added a few more blows before quickly taking out his Divine Deity. He only took out four Divine Deity.

"I didn't expect that I would still have some use." Chen Xiang laughed and withdrew his Divine Deity.

Younger Nine Girl had originally thought that she would have to work hard, but when Chen Xiang had cooperated with her just now, she had easily taken care of Ah Feng.

"What's going on with the profoundwu clothing on you?" Younger Nine Girl asked.

"I don't know either. Coming to this place is the only way. I was being tormented by the blue and green skins before." Chen Xiang spread his hands.

Younger Nine Girl frowned and thought for a while, then said: "Do you have Divine Deity above your profoundwu clothing?"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, I want to find Divine Deity s and divine soul s for the profoundwu clothing, but I don't know how to find them."

Younger Nine Girl said, "Don't even think about it. Aside from Heavenly Divine Lord, no one else is able to find the appropriate Divine Deity and divine soul for a profoundwu clothing."

Chen Xiang asked in shock, "Heavenly Divine Lord is Nine Divine Kings's father huh?

Younger Nine Girl nodded his head: "He is very powerful, but Nine Divine Kings said that he died, but I do not believe that such a person would not die … Let's not talk about that, for your profoundwu clothing to be able to unleash its power here means that it possesses the Divine Deity of a profoundwu clothing. "

Chen Xiang asked: "Aren't the Divine Deity of these divine tools dissipating on their own?"

Younger Nine Girl began to search all over the place, and said: "The other divine tools are indeed like this, but the Four Symbols Divine Weapons s are different. The Divine Deity will never disappear, and it should be inside this garden."

Chen Xiang also looked around and said: "Little Nine Sis, if there is the Divine Deity of a profoundwu clothing here, then the profoundwu clothing should be connected to that Divine Deity and I should be able to feel it as well.

The Younger Nine Girl stopped searching and said: "Then you must communicate with the profoundwu clothing well, and see if you can get any sort of response from it."

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he closed his eyes and tried to sense the profoundwu clothing, after a while, he suddenly opened his eyes and laughed: "I found it, over there."

There were many fake mountains in the garden, so Chen Xiang immediately ran towards one of them. After arriving there, Chen Xiang wanted to smash the fake mountain into pieces, but there was no movement from the fake mountain at all.

"The things here are indestructible, don't you see how intense our battle was just now, but the flowers and gra.s.s here are still completely undamaged, this palace was also forged by the Emperor of the Nine Heavens, Nine Divine Kings has improved after, they treat everything here as treasures." The Younger Nine Girl said.

Chen Xiang thought about the tables and chairs in the hall earlier, they were basically not damaged at all.

Chen Xiang and Younger Nine Girl searched for an hour on top of the fake mountain before finally finding the Divine Deity. It actually looked like a normal little stone.

"It's this thing. I almost threw him far away just now." If Chen Xiang had not tried to sense the profoundwu clothing once more, he would not have known that this ordinary stone was the Divine Deity.

"Drop blood. After you drip blood, if your Divine Deity has a spirit, it will automatically fuse with you, and finally a.s.similate into the profoundwu clothing." Younger Nine Girl said: "This profoundwu clothing never had a master before, and even Nine Divine Kings and the rest are reluctant to use it, so you got lucky."

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