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When Younger Nine Girl was being chased by Highest Old Devil, she was sent to Divine Prison to seek refuge. Now that Divine Prison was in trouble, Penalty Heavenly G.o.d had released her long ago.

"It's you, have mercy." The blue skinned demon screamed. Seeing that the Younger Nine Girl had suddenly appeared here, the two demons were also surprised.

Younger Nine Girl's charming face revealed a cold smile. Her legs released a berserk power and stepped on the two heads under her feet forcefully.

"Follow me." Younger Nine Girl grabbed Chen Xiang's clothes and flew into the depths of the forest with a swoosh. She seemed to be extremely familiar with this place and did not rush forward continuously but turned regularly, as if she was avoiding something.

She came to the side of a big tree. This big tree looked no different from any other tree, but Younger Nine Girl took Chen Xiang and rushed straight into the big tree, and in the blink of an eye, they entered into the big tree.

In a flash before Chen Xiang's eyes, they arrived at a narrow s.p.a.ce and found themselves right inside the trunk of a huge tree.

"Thank you for saving me." Chen Xiang hurriedly expressed his grat.i.tude. Since Younger Nine Girl was going to save him, it meant that he no longer hated him, because he had a little misunderstanding with him.

"You're welcome, we're even." The last time Highest Old Devil suddenly appeared, Chen Xiang took her away, so it could be considered as saving her life.

To be able to meet an acquaintance of his in this deadly Nine Heaven Devil Palace, Chen Xiang was definitely very happy. Furthermore, it was this Younger Nine Girl.

"When did you come in, I just summoned the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, and I was the first one to enter, so even if you left the Divine Prison, you shouldn't have entered the Nine Heaven Devil Palace that quickly." Chen Xiang said.

The Younger Nine Girl replied: "I've been in here for a month. Although I don't have any Chaos Fire Token, I know where this Nine Heaven Devil Palace is, so I came in here very early."

"Then did you go and find Feng Yujie? She's worried about you right now." Chen Xiang asked. Last time when he mentioned the Younger Nine Girl to Feng Yujie, it made her feel extremely pained, because she had misunderstood him for all these years.

Younger Nine Girl's eyes were also filled with longing, it was obvious that she also missed Feng Yujie, she shook her head: "No, my path is different from hers."

Chen Xiang sat down. There were a lot of level of weeds here, it was very comfortable to sit on.

"What are you doing in the Nine Heaven Devil Palace? Feng Yujie kept on reminding me to not come in. Are you really unable to come out?"

Now that Chen Xiang had entered, he had almost become a demon's snack. It was indeed very dangerous.

Younger Nine Girl hugged his knees and leaned against the wall as he sat down, and said in a low voice: "I just don't think I have anywhere to go. Highest Old Devil is right inside Divine Prison, if it wasn't for Penalty Heavenly G.o.d informing me in advance and letting me out, I would have been captured by him already."

Chen Xiang felt a little guilty, because he had something to do with it, because the Six Realms mirrors was in his hands, but the Highest Old Devil thought that he had it in his hands.

Part of the reason I came in was to take refuge, because in the future, there will be more and more people searching for Six Realms mirrors. When Highest Old Devil enters the Divine Prison, he will definitely leak out the news, and the other thing is, I came here to find the Nine Divine Kings, and I know that they are right here. "

Chen Xiang sighed and said, "Big Sister Xiao Jiu, to be honest, the Supreme G.o.d bone Nine Divine Kings originally gave to you had been accidentally obtained by me and had already been merged by me. I'm so sorry. "

Younger Nine Girl shook his head, and said: "You don't need to apologize to me, it is your fortune that you can obtain it. At that time, I chose to give up, and furthermore, I have cultivated a Supreme G.o.d bone, I only want to find Nine Divine Kings now, and I want to apologize to them. Back then, they gave me so much hope, but I betrayed them."

Chen Xiang took out the seven Chaos Fire Token s and said: "When I merged with all these Chaos Fire Token, a map appeared in my mind, and there were also many Spirit grain. I originally thought that we could go to the marked place by following the map, but I didn't know that those paths were too deceptive."

After knowing that Chen Xiang had a map, Younger Nine Girl's heart moved, and said: "Can you give me a rough idea about the location? Maybe there is a clue there, Nine Divine Kings might not be dead, but is instead trapped in here."

Chen Xiang drew out the approximate location of the mark on the map. When Younger Nine Girl saw it, his face turned serious: "This is the core of the array that was activated in the Nine Heaven Divine Palace back then.

"We can only find out after going to take a look. Right, what happened with those fellows outside just now? That green-skinned fellow claimed that he was the Fire G.o.d King's disciple, is that true?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this place, because there were no markings on the map here.

"They were all disciples of the Fire G.o.d King. At that time, the Nine Divine Kings had three thousand disciples, but most of them betrayed the Nine Divine Kings and a few loyal people went missing with the Nine Divine Kings." The Younger Nine Girl said: "They betrayed the Nine Divine Kings and sided with the Nine Divine Kings's enemies, but in the end, when they attacked the Nine Heaven Divine Palace s, they were trapped inside. They are the more dangerous ones in here, you have to be careful, the ones you met were just small fries, if you met those G.o.ds, you would have died long ago."

Chen Xiang nodded. "Sister Xiao Jiu, then you and I will go look for this place. With your current strength, with you accompanying me, I will be safer."

Younger Nine Girl nodded in agreement. She left her hiding place with Chen Xiang and ran in a certain direction.

"This is a small world inside the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, so it does not appear on the map. As long as you are a disciple of the Nine Divine Kings, you will know how to enter this place. After the Nine Heaven Divine Palace became a Nine Heaven Devil Palace, it became very strange outside, and many paths have been renovated. The Younger Nine Girl brought Chen Xiang and quickly arrived at a stone mountain. On top of the stone mountain, there was a door.

After the Younger Nine Girl opened the door, he nodded towards Chen Xiang: "Let's go in, you have to follow me closely later, I'll bring you to that place as much as possible."

After opening the door, Younger Nine Girl and Chen Xiang entered together. They arrived at a dark stone room, but there were other people inside.

"It's Chen Xiang." The one who had shouted was the Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d of the War G.o.d Shrine.

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