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"Alright, let me try …" Chen Xiang had wanted to use it since a long time ago, but the demon seemed to know of the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques.

This demon was also very angry. When he attacked Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang quickly hid under the table, unable to attack.

Everything in this hall seemed to be enveloped by a terrifying magic. No matter how one fought, it would not rot. No wonder it was still preserved until now.

Chen Xiang jumped up and down under the table, memorized the entire thing, then rushed towards the demon, and activated his G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques.

The demon suddenly sensed Chen Xiang's terrifying G.o.d-killing sword and was shocked. He had sensed that Chen Xiang had a G.o.d-killing sword on him before, but it was still extremely weak, so he did not have any qualms. However, the G.o.d-killing sword that Chen Xiang had suddenly erupted with was extremely terrifying.

The demons immediately reacted, instantly getting their dozens of rattan-like arms to wrap around themselves.

After Chen Xiang saw it, he immediately sheathed his sword and rushed towards the door. Because he knew that the monster's arm was extremely powerful and hard to break through, he seized the opportunity to escape.

"This guy is a bit faster than me, so I had to prepare my defense in advance. That way, I wouldn't be able to attack him in that instant." Chen Xiang secretly sighed, if the demons did not defend in time, he might be able to kill them.

After Chen Xiang entered the door, he was slightly surprised, because there was actually a forest garden inside. There were many tall trees, and all sorts of strange plants,. Even though it was dark inside, the leaves all emitted green light, and all sorts of flowers and plants could also release multicolored light.

"There's even starlight inside. What's going on?" Chen Xiang rushed into the forest. Through the gaps between the dense leaves, he could see the stars shining in the sky.

"There's also the power of the stars. They should be real stars." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang tried it out, but he was still unable to use the spatial laws.

"Brat, you came here to seek death. There are even more people more frightening than me here." The monster cried out, and his shrill voice frightened the flowers in the forest into gathering together.

Chen Xiang did not care about all that, he just kept on running. On the map he got when he first came in, there was no place like this, which confused him a lot.

He thought about it and believed that the map that he had a.s.similated into it when he was refining the Chaos Fire Token and that there must have been some change inside the Nine Heaven Devil Palace after so long, which was why it was different from the map that he had obtained.

Chen Xiang who was running frantically, suddenly felt that his two legs were entangled by something, and then was hung up, hanging his head down in the air.

When he looked up, he found that his feet were bound by the same old rattan arm, but this was not the same monster as before, because the monster's arm was green, and this one was blue.

"Junior brother, thank you for the snacks." A devilish voice laughed.

Chen Xiang secretly groaned in his heart. He had actually fallen into the hands of another monster, who was even more powerful than the previous one.

At this time, Chen Xiang's hands and body were tightly held by the blue Tree vine veteran and he was unable to move. Furthermore, there was a wave of energy seeping into his body, causing his body to feel numb.

"Senior brother, this is my snack. There are still many more left. Quickly hand it over to me, otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless." The green monster roared.

Now, Chen Xiang could see that senior brother. He was a middle-aged man with a blue skin and two eyeb.a.l.l.s in each of his eyes. His tongue was very long, like a snake's.

"How is it yours? I almost lost you when I saw you before." The blue-skinned demon laughed. "This little thing is so weak, and it could actually run away from you. You're a gatekeeper, so you can't even deal with it."

Chen Xiang guessed that this blue skinned demon was also the Fire G.o.d King's disciple, otherwise they wouldn't have called him junior brother. Moreover, the cultivation method they were using was the same, allowing them to have tens of old rattan arms.

Chen Xiang secretly activated his Seventy-two changes, transforming into a small bug, he struggled out of the old vine arm that was tying him up, and jumped towards a direction.

"Good move." The blue skinned demon cried out and immediately charged towards Chen Xiang. It instantly arrived above Chen Xiang's head and released a cage, enveloping him within.

There was even a layer of light blue light outside the cage, even if Chen Xiang became a little insect, he would still be unable to escape from it.

"Six Swallowing Strikes." Chen Xiang secretly activated the engulfing technique inside the Six Realms magic kungfu, combining it with the Six Realms mirrors and grabbed the cage with both of his hands.

Just as the blue-skinned monster was about to proudly show off to its junior brother, it suddenly cried out in alarm and fiercely withdrew the cage. This cage was weaved with many arms, but just now, he felt its power drain at an extremely fast rate.

Chen Xiang escaped and immediately escaped, facing a monster that was already unbearable. Now that there was such a strong demon, he was extremely nervous, and almost fell into their hands.

"This fellow has an incredible treasure on him, hurry up and catch him." The blue skinned demon screamed, the big trees all around suddenly moved, the tree vines weaved together to form a huge net that emitted a blue light, enveloping Chen Xiang within.

"To be able to escape from my hands twice, you can be considered very capable." The blue skinned demon rushed over and punched Chen Xiang in the chest, causing Chen Xiang to scream in pain.

These demons could actually control the big trees here! Chen Xiang groaned in his heart, he actually came to this kind of d.a.m.ned place.

"Quickly hand over the treasures on your body." The blue skinned demon screamed and stepped on Chen Xiang fiercely, but was suddenly repelled by the Fierce Sun Heavenly Elephant that appeared from Chen Xiang's body.

The green-skinned demon that had just arrived shouted in shock: "It's the Heavenly spirit kunfu, that's the Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant! This brat also knows the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques and Six Realms magic kungfu, and now he has the Heavenly spirit kunfu, he's worthy to be able to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace!"

"We will join hands and use the soul-searching technique on him. I'm worried that my strength will be insufficient and he will devour me. That way, we can obtain the divine technique from him as well." The blue-skinned demon said.

"Alright." The green-skinned monster immediately agreed and hurried over.

Chen Xiang was extremely shocked, he only saw the two demon beasts' hands floating above his head, and then, his head started to hurt.

Just as Chen Xiang was feeling that his head was in pain, he suddenly saw a cut on the heads of the two demons in front of him.

The net that was wrapped around Chen Xiang also disappeared. He looked at the two heads on the ground, which were still floating, but just as they were about to float, they were pierced through by two swords. An incomparably charming woman dressed in black appeared, and stepped on the two heads.

This was actually the Younger Nine Girl.

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