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The outside of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace was like a maze, and every path was extremely st.u.r.dy, making it difficult to use energy to break through. There were a lot of doors inside, but the thing that troubled Chen Xiang the most was that these doors would all move randomly, without any pattern.

Although he had the Nine Heaven Devil Palace's map and the route and the end mark on the map, the door moving randomly here made him lose his mind. Fortunately, he still knew where he was on the map.

When h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the rest entered, they wanted to follow Chen Xiang, but the door was very complicated and they lost it very quickly.

Chen Xiang arrived at the end of a path, there were three doors in front of him. Just as he was about to open them, the three doors suddenly moved, changing locations.

"And it's like this again. When will I be able to reach that place?" Chen Xiang could only casually open a door and walk in. After walking in, the door behind him immediately closed and disappeared.

All the places he had been to before were pa.s.sages, but now he was in a large hall lit by white light.

Many beautiful and exquisite fluorescent stones hung from the ceiling of the hall. The floor was covered with a red carpet, and there were many jade tables and chairs carved with carvings.

"This place looks pretty good." Chen Xiang walked to a chair and sat down. Previously, he had been shuttling through the pa.s.sages which emitted a green light, but now that he had arrived at such a comfortable hall, he was extremely surprised.

He thought back to the map in his mind but did not find any information about the location of the hall. This immediately made him worried.


Suddenly, Chen Xiang heard some voices, and jumped up from his chair, looking towards the direction of the voices, there was actually a door, and the door seemed to have been broken through and installed, because there were still many broken bricks on the floor.

The sound came from behind this door, and this door was the only door in the hall.

"There shouldn't be anything inside, right?" Chen Xiang used the Chaos Divine Eye, but was unable to see through it.

The sound came again, and this time it was even louder than before. It sounded like something crashed into the black metal door, causing a loud bang.

If he wanted to leave the hall, he had to go through the door. Even if there was something scary inside, Chen Xiang could only go in to open it, or else he would not be able to leave.

Chen Xiang walked over and pulled the door open, then quickly retreated, only to see a tall and skinny white clothed man walking out.

This man's eyes had a purple eye shadow, and there were actually two eyeb.a.l.l.s inside his eyes, which looked very frightening.

In this Nine Heaven Devil Palace, Chen Xiang was unable to use the power of the spatial laws, so he needed to be extra careful.

"Nine Heaven Devil Palace was summoned by you." The man in white asked. Although his eyes looked scary, he was still quite handsome. He looked weak, and he didn't have any powerful aura. His body was very thin, like it could be blown down by a gust of wind.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. To be able to meet someone who could speak in Nine Heaven Devil Palace, he felt a sense of familiarity towards them. At least, he had not met anyone who looked like a weird-looking demon.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I am the disciple of the Fire G.o.d King. I am glad that you were able to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace out. The man suddenly laughed sinisterly, using his long and sharp tongue to lick his lips, it made Chen Xiang's hair stand on end.

The disciple of the Fire G.o.d King should be very powerful, and when he said those words, it was definitely not something good. The Fire G.o.d King should be one of the Nine Divine Kings, but he actually had such a disciple.

"How can I leave Nine Heaven Devil Palace?" Chen Xiang calmed himself down and asked.

"You don't need to leave, you're my snack." The man in white laughed sinisterly. His handsome face suddenly turned long and his chin became very sharp. His eyes turned dark green and there were two protruding lumps of flesh on his head. He looked even more sinister and scary.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps, he never thought that after transforming, the fellow in front of him would become so powerful, his strength should be at the Upper Heavenly G.o.d's level.

"Xue Yi, are you ready?" Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi. He needed to integrate with Long Xueyi, otherwise it would be dangerous.

"Alright, let's begin now." Long Xueyi said.

Long Xueyi's strength had already surged into his body. He could feel that he possessed two Divine Sense Sea s and four strands of divine soul.

"You used the Six Realms' Power." This monster was somewhat surprised. Its dark green eyes began to emit an even brighter light. Green saliva dripped from its mouth, as if it was a hungry ghost that had seen the delicacies of the sea and the mountains.

Chen Xiang did not bother with him, waving his sword he rushed forward. The G.o.d-killing sword on his body suddenly surged out, surprising the monster in front of him.

Chen Xiang also felt that it was strange, if he could recognize this demon, then he should have seen it before.

This means that, in the past, there were people who had cultivated the Six Realms magic kungfu and the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, and it was very likely that they were the people who cultivated in the Nine Divine Kings.

"Are you really the Fire G.o.d King's disciple? No matter how I look at it, it doesn't look like it." Chen Xiang did not sense any aura of flames from her body, which was extremely dense.

"Of course I am, it's just that I was expelled from the sect by him, haha …" The monster suddenly laughed out wildly. "It was because he chased me away that I became so powerful. My little snacks, obediently enter my mouth."

Both of its arms suddenly swelled up, and then exploded, shooting out dozens of green arms that were thin and shriveled, flying straight towards Chen Xiang.

"So that's how it is. No wonder you were driven away. You are quite evil." Chen Xiang waved his sword a few times and instantly cut off all the arms.

Hearing the two words "Evil Being", the demon suddenly roared as if he had been stabbed in the heart. It seemed that this was the reason why he was chased away by the Fire G.o.d King back then.

"It's my good fortune that I fell for evil, because that's how I get stronger." The severed arm of the demon grew back and became thicker.

Dozens of long, dark green arms that looked like old vines once again flew towards Chen Xiang.

The other party's regeneration ability was very strong, making it difficult for Chen Xiang to kill him in a short time, but he still had to first chop off the arm that was attacking him.

However, this time, his G.o.d Slaughtering Sword was not able to break through it. It only left a scratch on its surface.

"This guy is really strong, there might be five or six Divine Deity in his body, we are no match for him." Long Xueyi said.

At the same time that Chen Xiang dodged, he discovered something strange. When the strange demon's whip-like arms. .h.i.t the table and chairs, it actually could not break them.

Realizing this, Chen Xiang hurriedly dodged back and forth between the tables and chairs, easily dodging the countless of terrifying attacks.

"Quickly use the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques." Long Xueyi said.

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