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The Ice Dragon increased the speed of the Frisbee, but the distance between them gradually decreased.

This G.o.ddess Palace Leader was truly worthy of being the puppet placed inside the G.o.ds Realm. He had been hiding his strength for many years, but now that it had erupted, it was actually this terrifying.

Chen Xiang said to the ice dragon: "Attack, freeze them. Don't worry about me, they can't do anything to me."

The ice dragon turned into a streak of white light and soared into the sky. It became a huge dragon, covered in ice.

The ice dragon hovered in the sky, roaring and spitting waves of ice at the group of Divine Female Palace women.

"This time, I want you to become my mount." G.o.ddess Palace Leader shouted coldly. He soared into the sky and shot out rays of blue light from his slender sword towards the ice dragon.

Only the hall master could move. She was anxious to catch Chen Xiang, but it was impossible for her to get close to Chen Xiang without taking care of the ice dragon.

Chen Xiang took the chance and used the little bit of Six Realms' Power he had recovered to teleport to the side of the girls who were sealed in ice.

After the G.o.ddess Palace Leader saw this, she suddenly started to worry, wanting to fly towards Chen Xiang's direction. However, the ice dragon would not let her succeed, she anxiously blocked it, and once again fiercely fought with her in the air.

Although the group of girls were frozen, they could still see the outside clearly from inside. When Chen Xiang got closer, they were extremely shocked, they understood Chen Xiang's methods very well.

"You all should be unhappy with your hall master as well. I'll tell you the truth, your hall master is a fake, and there's a chance that the real hall master no longer exists. There should be a few Empyrean G.o.ds amongst you who are suspicious." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to them, these girls were only following orders.

They knew that there were a few elders who were suspicious at the time, but those elders were secretly expelled from the Divine Female Palace. In the end, quite a few of them went missing.

Through the layers of ice, Chen Xiang could see the expressions of the girls and confirmed his guess. He continued, "I won't hurt you, I will only temporarily imprison you, after a while I will release you guys, I believe you all don't like this kind of fight, and even more so don't wish to become the tool of a puppet."

The purpose of Divine Female Palace was to not partic.i.p.ate in this dispute, but after cultivating in seclusion for so many years, he had become a different person.

Chen Xiang used the power within the Six Realms mirrors and temporarily sealed them within it. They were now like stones, and were easily brought inside.

Seeing the dozens of women who were frozen suddenly disappear, the fake hall master was furious, but he could do nothing about it because the ice dragon was also very strong. It could fight on par with the G.o.d of Fortune, so of course it was not easy to deal with.

Chen Xiang was still extremely weak at the moment. The number of Six Realms' Power in the Divine Sense Sea was pitifully small, and he did not have any recovery pills.

"That's the only way." Chen Xiang sat cross-legged on the ground and activated his Heavenly Alchemy, causing the surrounding land and mountains to quickly teleport over.

Right now, he no longer had any concerns, madly refining the mountains and rivers into pure energy for him to absorb, quickly recovering his Six Realms' Power.

In the past, many seniors had warned him that he could not use the Heavenly Alchemy in such a way, and that it would incur the wrath of the heavens. However, he felt that such a thing would never happen, and that the so-called Heavenly Slave s were probably just those angry Divine Nations s.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of mountains appeared in a flash and entered the gigantic Magic method furnace released by Chen Xiang. In an instant, they turned into energy and entered Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea.

In merely a few moments, thousands of tall mountains and the surrounding hundred kilometers of land were all engulfed by Chen Xiang. What was even more terrifying was that an enormous white star suddenly appeared in the sky.

This star was even larger than ten cities. Under the pressure of the sky, the surface of the star constantly flickered with gaseous flames, releasing a large amount of pure star power.

From the distance, Chen Xiang could clearly see the seed falling down, it was brought here by the use of the Heavenly Alchemy.

The Heavenly Alchemy could refine all living things in the world, but the Refining Star could obtain enormous energy the fastest.

"This kid." The ice dragon was floating in mid air and seeing countless huge, multi-colored stars falling rapidly from above, it was extremely shocked. Qi Shi had used the same technique back then, but it had brought about painful consequences.

Chen Xiang trained in the Six Realms' Power, so this was the only way to quickly replenish it.

These formed were not ordinary little stars. When they fell to the ground, the towering mountains were as small as ants compared to them.

"Heavenly Smelting Star." Chen Xiang's Magic method furnace grew even larger, enveloping the stars one by one. The terrifying thing happened, and in the blink of an eye, all of the stars, which were so large that they couldn't breathe, were enveloped by a layer of flames and turned to powder.

Then it quickly shrunk inward and entered the Core Formation stage.

The moment they were about to condense into a pill, Chen Xiang controlled the dozen or so Stellar Divine Pills to suddenly collide against each other. The explosions that occurred when they collided allowed the quality of the energy to increase to the greatest extent.

A dozen or so stars clashed into one cauldron, and after a quick contraction, it condensed into the size of a watermelon, appearing in front of Chen Xiang.

Just thinking about it made him feel scared. With over ten giant stars being compressed to such a small degree, the quality was definitely extremely shocking. They were definitely able to reach the divine pill level.

The ice dragon and G.o.ddess Palace Leader continued to fight, but the shock in their hearts was still unable to dissipate. This was the first time they had ever seen such a method of refining pills, and it was simply too shocking.

"There are countless stars in the sky. Even if I refine hundreds of billions of stars, the stars will still be so bright." Chen Xiang was not worried at all.

The Magic method furnace floating in front of him glowed with a deep blue light, and the watermelon sized cyclone contracted again, condensing into a normal sized pellet. The pellet looked as beautiful as a sapphire pellet.

After Chen Xiang ate it, he circulated the Six Realms magic kungfu and Heavenly Alchemy and quickly refined this pellet.

In the midst of his exhausted Divine Sense Sea, the Six Realms' Power gradually rose back up. The speed at which it was being restored was visible to the naked eye, causing a smile to appear on his face.

Just as Chen Xiang was smiling, the ice dragon suddenly shouted, "They are here, get ready."

Of course, the ones mentioned by the ice dragon were the G.o.d of Fortune and the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. However, this time, the Pill G.o.ds did not follow them.

Although he was not afraid of causing trouble while watching the show, if he were to be dragged into it, it could only be said that he was reaping the consequences for himself.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and saw a group of aggressive G.o.ds flying towards him from the sky. Among them, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor was the most glaring, with a black robe, his fiendish face was filled with killing intent, a wave of evil Qi surged out, no one dared to approach him, and he was also rushing to the front.

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