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Seeing Chen Xiang bringing Bai Ziqian out, all the Rankers were extremely shocked. Bai Ziqian had obtained the inheritance of the Ancient Poison G.o.d King, and he held a grudge against them. This meant that he had a much greater potential threat than Chen Xiang.

This time, other than the Pill G.o.d who did not attack Chen Xiang, the other G.o.ds and profound G.o.d all released a powerful force that entered into the formation plate and released a spatial seal that enveloped Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang and Bai Ziqian could not leave.

"I want to stay with you, don't let me go alone." Bai Ziqian hugged Chen Xiang because she could already tell what kind of major decision Chen Xiang was about to make.

"You must leave, you must take revenge." Chen Xiang had already expected that this group of experts would immediately seal him, and the strength on his body was only enough to allow one person to walk far.

If two people were to enter, the distance would be very short. Even if the two of them were to leave together, they would very quickly be caught up, because Chen Xiang was going to exhaust all the Six Realms' Power in the Divine Sense Sea.

Earlier, when he removed Bai Ziqian from the seal above the stage, he had expended a lot of Six Realms' Power.

If there was only one person pa.s.sing through the spatial pa.s.sageway, it would be further away and Bai Ziqian would be safer.

"Let's go." When the Six Realms' Power in Chen Xiang's body surged, the Bai Ziqian in his arms was also sucked into the spatial pa.s.sageway.

Bai Ziqian's purple eyes were teardrops, but they were also filled with incomparable hatred.

Her venomous voice echoed in the air, causing the elderly Empyrean G.o.ds to tremble. This was the successor of the Ancient Poison G.o.d, yet he had actually escaped. If he were to become a Supreme G.o.d in the future, they would definitely die.

"You can kill Feng Shen, but you can't kill me." At this time, the Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d did not dare to attack alone. The hall master of the War G.o.d Shrine charged up with him, but they did not enter the barrier.

Because even going in and out of the barrier that sealed Chen Xiang was impossible. If he opened the barrier, Chen Xiang might be able to escape.

In the air, the G.o.d of Fortune and the ice dragon were engaged in a great battle. The ice dragon had yet to completely absorb the energy gained from the awakening, but it was still on par with the G.o.d of Fortune.

Chen Xiang sat on the ground. Both his and Long Xueyi's energy had been exhausted.

As long as Chen Xiang fused with seven Chaos Fire Token s, he would be able to summon that terrifying Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

"It's the Chaos Fire Token! Run!" An old man from the Ice and Snow Palace screamed. His voice was filled with fear.

Chen Xiang did not start to fuse with the rest of the Chaos Fire Token. He was still safe now as the barrier that sealed him was very strong and it was impossible to attack him from the outside and he could not go out either.

If he wanted to prevent Chen Xiang from fusing with the Chaos Fire Token, he would have to open the barrier first. However, once the barrier was opened, Chen Xiang might just slip away again.

Some of the elderly G.o.ds present had long known that Chen Xiang possessed a Chaos Fire Token, but they had forgotten about it, because Chen Xiang rarely used it anyway.

Chen Xiang had always been curious about the legendary Nine Heaven Devil Palace. Even though he took out seven Chaos Fire Token s and was about to fuse with the rest, he did not want to, as many seniors had repeatedly reminded him that without sufficient strength, he could not summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace out.

Summoning the Nine Heaven Devil Palace out, as the summoner, he would definitely be sucked in.

The group of G.o.ds knew the Nine Heaven Devil Palace much better than Chen Xiang. Seeing the seven terrifying Chaos Fire Token s, they scattered like a swarm of bees, and even the G.o.d of Fortune, who was fighting with the ice dragon in the air, had no choice but to stop and flee.

Chen Xiang, who was sitting on the platform let out a breath of relief. He put away the seven Chaos Fire Token s and laid on his back, then said weakly: "That was close, I almost walked onto this path."

A white light fell from the sky as the ice dragon appeared on top of the platform. He had already broken free from the G.o.d of Fortune's clutches, and was now in a very spirited state. He looked young and handsome.

"I didn't expect so many things to happen." The ice dragon looked at the marks left after the fierce battle in its surroundings and sighed, then looked at Chen Xiang who was lying on the ground.

Chen Xiang had already used up a lot of energy, he never thought that the group of G.o.ds would actually be so afraid of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace. He had already prepared to die, who knew that the moment he took out the Chaos Fire Token, the G.o.ds would run faster than anyone else.

"Hurry up and bring me away, I'm worried that those guys will run back with their lives on the line." Chen Xiang said to the ice dragon, then told the ice dragon the location he wanted to teleport Bai Ziqian to.

The ice dragon brought Chen Xiang and quickly left. They were still in the Super G.o.d Restricted Area because Chen Xiang was still here searching for his friends.

Not long after Chen Xiang left, the group of divine G.o.ds returned as expected, adding another strong divine G.o.d like them, who was also h.e.l.l Devil Emperor.

The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor saw that the platform was empty, and snorted coldly: "You guys missed a chance to run, Chen Xiang has Chaos Fire Token and is unable to summon him out, because he doesn't have the Supreme G.o.d bone that Nine Divine Kings refined, and the only one that does have the Supreme G.o.d bone is Feng Yujie, but the Chaos Fire Token has most likely already been merged by Chen Xiang, so the Nine Heaven Devil Palace won't appear again."

"Who knows? If they knew, Chen Xiang would have died long ago. I never thought that he would mess with me." The G.o.d of Fortune was extremely furious, because Feng Shen, one of his four great disciples, had actually been killed by Chen Xiang.

Of course he would not be sad. He only felt that it was very embarra.s.sing. The disciple that he painstakingly nurtured was actually so useless.

"Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d will arrive shortly, so it would be best for us to find Chen Xiang before he arrives. He should still be here." The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor actually did not continue their fight, he had rushed over just in time to capture Chen Xiang.

"It was the ice dragon that took him away. We can feel its aura right now. Chase after it." The G.o.d of Fortune said as he looked in a direction.

The Fire G.o.d shook his head, "Don't go that way. Chen Xiang is very cunning, he wouldn't leave behind such an obvious aura."

The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor who had come into contact with Chen Xiang agreed quickly and nodded: "But we still have to go take a look. Let's split up and chase them from different directions; who will be in charge of this direction with the aura of the ice dragon."

When h.e.l.l Devil Emperor asked this question, it proved that he would not walk in this direction. He believed that Chen Xiang and the ice dragon had left these questions behind to confuse them.

"Allow me." G.o.ddess Palace Leader walked out and said coldly.

h.e.l.l Devil Emperor nodded at her. From his eyes, she could tell that he knew this G.o.ddess Palace Leader.

The path that G.o.ddess Palace Leader had taken right now was the path that the ice dragon had taken with Chen Xiang. The ice dragon was indeed not cautious enough, and even the exhausted Chen Xiang did not notice.

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