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The entire Ice Snow G.o.d Hall felt that the Icy cold power that could directly freeze fire and lightning was extremely inconceivable. They immediately thought of the Ice Law, and only by grasping the mysteries of the Ice Law would they be able to do so.

"Continue. Although this fellow uses fire, my Ice Laws are able to restrain him now. He doesn't have the Fire Laws, so he can't do anything to my Ice Laws." Long Xueyi said: "Use a large area of the mysteries of ice."

That was in order to prevent something like that from happening. If not for this item, Chen Xiang might have already killed Feng Shen.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had changed the situation. The G.o.d of Fortune frowned, and suddenly became worried, Chen Xiang was already a G.o.d of Heaven, but he was still just a lower G.o.d. Because he was able to wield the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, he was able to unleash that terrifying sword which almost killed the Feng G.o.d.

The ground was filled with craters filled with flowing lava. It should have been extremely hot, but at this moment, a chilly wind blew past. Everyone in the barrier felt a strange and strange cold sensation, it was emitted from Chen Xiang's body.

A burst of pale-white flames suddenly emerged from Chen Xiang's body, and a thin layer of frost also surfaced on the outside of his body.

This was the battlefield where Long Xueyi had fallen in the past, and now, Chen Xiang definitely could not let her fall once again. He actually had to carve a path out for himself no matter what, and bring Bai Ziqian along to leave this place alive.

The originally blue sky was suddenly covered by thick clouds and cold wind. Waves of cold air came from who knows where, and the ground was dyed white in an instant.

The Super G.o.d Restricted Area which had been melted by the snow seemed to return to its original state. This confused the experts.

Some of the older Empyrean G.o.ds seemed to have noticed something. The young man's face suddenly changed as he cried out, "Not good!"

Just as the G.o.d of Fortune was about to rush out, a dragon's roar thundered in his ears. The originally dull ice dragon suddenly roared and turned into a huge white ice dragon. It continuously roared furiously as it floated in the air.

"Old Bing, this is your Supreme Dragon blood. Take it." Long Xueyi's voice reverberated between heaven and earth.

The ice dragon's Supreme Dragon blood had always been in Long Xueyi's hands. Back then, when it was taken away by a group of old dragons, it was difficult for the ice dragon to improve in the G.o.ds Realm.

And just now, Chen Xiang had used a miraculous method to release the ice dragon's Supreme Dragon blood, because he knew that the ice dragon was a member of the Beast Divine Palace back then, and would definitely be like Long Xueyi, who was also a G.o.d.

When the ice dragon felt the Supreme Dragon blood, his sealed power disappeared. Because he was enslaved, in order to prevent himself from living in pain everyday, he chose to temporarily seal his own memories to make himself look as if he didn't have a soul.

And now, he had been awakened by the Supreme Dragon blood. At the same time that he undid the seal, he had also awakened the memories of the Supreme G.o.d's era.

As the Ice Dragons danced in the air, the cold energy that had formed between heaven and earth gradually disappeared, being completely absorbed by the ice dragons.

"Kill!" Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi agreed as they shouted softly. He did not need to worry about anyone stopping him now, as all of this was blocked by the ice dragon.

Although Feng Shen was shocked, he was not afraid. He immediately released a flame domain, but the moment this flame domain appeared, it was immediately sealed and shattered by the ice magic Chen Xiang had released.

"I am now a member of the Four divine soul." Chen Xiang sneered, and his body transformed into a gust of wind and snow, enveloping Feng Shen.

Feng Shen's body was once again frozen.

"Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d, quickly make your move." The G.o.d of Fortune looked at the incomparably furious ice dragon in the sky and charged forward. At this critical moment, his concern was actually not about the Divine Aura, but about catching the fleeing "mount" instead.

"Too late." After Chen Xiang had frozen the Feng G.o.d, the Profound Truths of Time immediately appeared. The G.o.d Slaughtering Sword was already right in front of the center of the Feng G.o.d's brows.

Chen Xiang currently did indeed have four extremely powerful divine soul, which was equivalent to four Divine Deity from a G.o.d, and was much stronger than the three Divine Deity Upper Heavenly G.o.d s.

Especially now, when he could perfectly fuse with Long Xueyi, and also use his own Six Realms' Power to complement Long Xueyi's ice laws, he was incomparably terrifying.

After using it for a while, Chen Xiang got used to Long Xueyi's power inside the Divine Sense Sea and became familiar with her two divine soul s.

Once the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques was unleashed, it was as if time had come to a standstill and only Chen Xiang was allowed to move.

If the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword could be channelled into the Six Realms' Power, then it would be even more terrifying, but it was enough to kill Feng Shen right now.

Chen Xiang's G.o.d Slaughtering Sword pierced through the center of the Phoenix G.o.d's brows. This time, it went extremely smoothly without any obstructions.

"Don't take his Divine Deity, kill him is more important, don't waste any time." Long Xueyi was worried that something might happen, and quickly warned Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang understood what he meant as an endless stream of Six Realms' Power flowed out of the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword and poured into the divine Divine Sense Sea. Like a surging torrent, it brought along a burst of heaven refined energy, and fell onto the divine Divine Sense Sea like a blazing sun descending to the ground.


Amongst the Divine Sense Sea of the Feng Shen Clan, the sea of divine power was attacked so fiercely and fearfully that even the three divine soul s were unable to escape, as they were all enveloped by Chen Xiang's G.o.d-killing sword.

The Divine Sea power and the boundless divine power contained in the Divine Deity were ignited by Chen Xiang, causing a very intense explosion.

A layer of the heavenly body's ice and snow constellation instantly appeared around Chen Xiang's body, causing his body to become extremely stiff.

The G.o.d of Fortune who had just flown into the air was stunned as he saw the tragic explosion below and the disappearance of the life force of the Feng Shen.

Everyone present were stunned. Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d who was rushing over had no choice but to retreat in order to avoid the explosion.

Feng Shen was dead, and was killed by Chen Xiang, which was extremely shocking.

In the beginning, everyone believed that Chen Xiang would be crippled by Feng Shen, but now, he was the one who died. He died such a miserable death that even his divine soul had dissipated.

Right now, everyone was even more afraid of the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, because Chen Xiang, a lowly G.o.d, had relied on this sword technique to kill past the two stages of apocalypse.

"Chen Xiang." Even though he knew that Feng Shen was at a disadvantage, he never thought that Feng Shen would be killed by Chen Xiang. The moment he arrived here, he was already very sure that Chen Xiang didn't have the chance to turn the situation around.

Chen Xiang had fused with Long Xueyi, obtaining a powerful strength after the ice dragon's awakening. This was something that no one present present had expected.

The violent explosion actually shattered the barrier. Upper Heavenly G.o.d's body exploding was actually so terrifying, after all, those were four Divine Deity s and a sea of divine power.

After the barrier shattered, Chen Xiang immediately flashed to the side of the stage and called upon the Six Realms' Power inside the Six Realms mirrors. He instantly extracted most of the Six Realms' Power on his body and used a spatial teleportation technique to force Bai Ziqian, who was sealed inside, out.

Bai Ziqian's entire body was filled with wounds, his entire body was filled with poison, and at the moment, he no longer had the strength to fight. Chen Xiang carried her in his embrace and said gently: "Relax, everything is alright.

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