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There was definitely something wrong with this G.o.ddess Palace Leader. Everyone present could see that, and even the group of disciples and elders who came with her slightly frowned. They all suddenly felt that they did not recognize their Hall Master.

Chen Xiang's current pressure was not impossible, but he could only try his best to remain calm. The most important thing for him to do now was to defeat the Feng Shen before him, and even if he died, he would at least drag her down with him.

But he did not want to die, because if he died, he would not be able to save Bai Ziqian.

"You must die." Chen Xiang pointed his sword at Feng Shen, and said this word by word with confidence. The G.o.d Slaughtering Sword in his hand trembled slightly, and a terrifying G.o.d-killing sword roared out, transforming into a form of energy that danced around like a dragon.

This kind of terrifying G.o.d-killing sword made all the sword-wielding experts present inexplicably tremble. Many of the old G.o.ds here had come into contact with the sword G.o.d who was famous for his G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques before; they were extremely familiar with this kind of G.o.d-killing sword.

However, the G.o.d-killing sword that Chen Xiang had released was actually even more terrifying than the Sword G.o.d's.

Chen Xiang found out from Yue'er that the Divine Deity he fused with came from a Ranker called the Six Daos Divine Monarch. These Six Daos Divine Monarchs were closely related to the Six Daos Divine Kings, and they were even too powerful a G.o.d.

"If he allowed him to become a Upper Heavenly G.o.d, I'm afraid he would be even more terrifying than the Sword G.o.d back then." Dan G.o.d Ye frowned: "I wonder if he will be able to escape this calamity today. If he could, then these great shrines would definitely not have a good day in the future."

Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume sighed: "Looks like we shouldn't rely on these great halls anymore, it's not good to fight and kill all day long, implicate us in it. If the devil slayer suddenly pops up, and thinks that we are too inferior, getting beaten up by him won't be good."

Amongst the Pill G.o.ds, only the Unwearying Fighting Dan G.o.d was the most warlike, the other Pill G.o.ds spent most of their time cultivating and refining pills. Because they could refine Divine Pills, they had a high chance of becoming Supreme G.o.ds, so they rarely partic.i.p.ated in this kind of battle.

When the Feng G.o.d saw Chen Xiang becoming serious and releasing this G.o.d-killing sword that he was extremely familiar with, he could not help but feel fear in his heart. Back then, when the Sword G.o.d was proud of the G.o.d Realm, he was only a little G.o.d.

"The one who died was you." Feng Shen gave a stern shout, his eyes burning. The flames on the sword in his hand roared out like dragons.

Feng Shen's figure flashed and appeared right above Chen Xiang. The flaming sword in his hand transformed into an angry dragon that charged down like lightning, releasing a thunderous roar that resonated throughout the sky, and lingered for a long time.

When the Fire Dragon Lightning appeared, everyone did so, especially Fire Divine Palace who was extremely familiar with flames. He was dumbstruck because this was the "Divine Flame Heavenly Dragon Flash" that they were very familiar with.

"This can only be performed with four Divine Deity. Didn't Feng Shen only have three Divine Deity? Even if it was the body of the Upper Heavenly G.o.d, it would still break after being hit." An old man from the Fire Divine Palace said anxiously.

When the Fire Dragon Lightning descended, Chen Xiang actually dodged it. However, Feng Shen didn't just send one, he also continuously waved his sword, causing the Fire Dragon Lightning to rain down in a concentrated rain.

The continuous sounds shook the air, causing the crowd to hear the sound of jars ringing unceasingly. Huge pits of fire were formed on the ground as well, and the intense heat was spread all over the place. The Fire Dragon Shrine penetrated deep into the ground, causing lava to spurt out.

Chen Xiang was only able to dodge one attack, and was then struck continuously, and the resistance of his body, made all the Rankers present embarra.s.sed. Upper Heavenly G.o.d was extremely afraid of the Divine Flame Celestial Dragon Flash, but when it landed on Chen Xiang's body, it seemed to only cause him to clench his teeth, and that was all.

On a closer look, every time the fire dragon lightning descended, a layer of red would quickly surface on Chen Xiang's body, because it was also the fire dragon lightning that had struck him down at that time, so it was very hard to see clearly, but it was exactly because of this layer that he was able to use his flesh to withstand this terrifying Divine Flame Heavenly Dragon Flash.

"What's that?" Everyone had their own questions, so Chen Xiang deliberately let out his strange flame light to complement with the Divine Flame Heavenly Dragon Flash. However, most of the people present were G.o.ds, so they could be seen with a single glance.

Chen Xiang was using the Heavenly spirit kunfu, and he was currently using the Scorching Sun Celestial Phenomenon within the Celestial Phenomenon Art. The Heavenly spirit kunfu could make his body instantly become like a scorching sun, so no matter how hot the flames were, they would not be able to harm him.

Chen Xiang was initially worried about Feng Shen's crazy and fierce attacks, but now he realized that the Heavenly spirit kunfu was much more powerful than he had imagined. It could actually withstand an attack of this level with ease.

"Use the Six Realms' Power in coordination with my ice laws. Prepare to counterattack." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "I have the laws of ice, so I can use a very strong power of ice.

Chen Xiang immediately felt the profound meaning of the ice laws. This was all because he and Long Xueyi had been fusing for many years and cultivated divine soul together, allowing him to have such a perfect fusion right now, allowing him to sense the profound meaning of the other party's laws.

Chen Xiang was currently unable to use the spatial laws, because there were many strong Empyrean G.o.ds working together to set up a barrier as well as a few large formation plates surrounding him, causing his power to be greatly weakened. If he was able to use the spatial laws at will, he would basically be invincible.

Chen Xiang's arm suddenly emitted cold air, as he punched towards the attacking Divine Flame Celestial Dragon. Everyone was confused, because Chen Xiang's body could completely defend against this kind of attack, there was no need to block it.

But in the next instant, they immediately understood, but then immediately found it hard to understand.

Because the moment Chen Xiang's cold fist struck towards the Divine Flame Celestial Dragon's light, the entire lightning fire dragon that was hacking down was actually frozen solid.

The strong cold power was actually able to freeze a useless object like the Fire Dragon Lightning, and it instantly spread to the body of Feng Shen. He was instantly covered by a thick layer of ice.

"G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, Profound Truths of Time." When Chen Xiang opened his eyes, his surroundings became extremely slow in his eyes. Only he could move at a normal time, and he even increased his speed, instantly flying to the front of the frozen Feng Shen.

The surging of the Six Realms' Power allowed his physical body to wield even more power, allowing the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword in his hands to release an even more terrifying sword intent.

He stabbed forward, penetrating the layer of ice and piercing towards the forehead of Feng Shen. Unexpectedly, a flash flashed between Feng Shen's eyebrows, and a burst of intense flames erupted, shattering the layer of ice that sealed him.

"This guy actually has a Soul Protecting Talisman!" Long Xueyi snorted: "I've missed a chance."

Chen Xiang's Profound Truths of Time had disappeared, and the surrounding area had recovered. Feng Shen had also distanced himself from Chen Xiang with his fastest speed, and it had been extremely dangerous just now.

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